Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2014 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Discussion area for fans going to the 2014 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.


    Yep i will be there again no.40!, tickets all booked same seats as last year Village A. Cant wait as usual.


    This is my first year NOT doing General Admission, No longer do I have to get up at ridiculous hours to get a space, my Godmother has bought me a Grandstand ticket for Club Silverstone at Maggots/Becketts…Anyone know what time I should arrive to get a spot in the Main Pits Straight Grandstand for Saturday Qualifying?


    I’m going! It was a 21st birthday/Christmas present from my fiancee. So excited, as it will be my first F1 race :D. Been to testing a couple of times, but I’m sure the actual race is going to be a spectacular experience. Any tips or things for parking etc would be greatly appreciated :)


    @jamiefranklinf1 I arrived a Silverstone last year when I went and arrived just after GP3 started, there were no queues at all getting in and the major tarmac car park was pretty much empty, so that was easy. Do buy a parking pass before hand though (it is hassle buying one on the day.) Overall, you should have a great day, but I think it depends on the ticket partially. We were lucky enough to know people who know Bernie so we were given the best tickets and paddock for free :) (with no parking though). I imagine you’ll have a great time.

    Caroline Miles


    We have done Club Silverstone for last 5 years and use these seats for the full weekend. Some friends of ours last year chose to take advantage of other grandstands for Friday and qualifying and found that they were having to arrive very early, eg 7.30 am on Saturday to get a decent seat so you will need
    to be early.


    Really depends what tickets you have. All I can say is that Silverstone is still my all time favourite race (I have been very lucky and been to a lot of other races) the atmosphere is awesome. Enjoy!


    Aaaaah Silverstone….love it !!!! We’ve used the Park and Ride from Sixfields (Northampton) for the last 2 years and will again. Very, very well organised will little or no waiting and not too much problem with traffic. We stay in a nearby Travelodge or similar.

    I’ve watched the race from Woodcote, Farm Curve and booked Club Corner this year, but there are so many great vantage points around the circuit, it’s a job to know what to recommend.

    One other thing (among many) that is great about Silverstone, is the catering facilities, which are second to NONE, compared with other European Grand Prix. Hope anyone going for the first time enjoys it as much as I do….it truly is a great British day out….great racing, great atmosphere and great organisation :-)



    Been bought a general admission ticket including park & ride for my 40th, this will be my first gp and really looking forward to the day, and was wondering if people had any advice, or suggestions on essential things to bring with me, places to try get a spot etc?

    Are there any things we can’t take in, such as bottles etc? I suspect that given that it’s a general admission ticket that I will need to get there very early indeed to get a decent vantage point?


    I will advise you having done General Admission Twice 2012, 2013, get there early on Sunday if you want a good spot, when I say spots fill up Quickly, I mean it! I would get to the gate of your chosen area no later than half 5 in the morning. We have gone to Woodcote/Luffield both years, we have had a fondness for the concrete tiered general admission area, because it provides ample space for your fold up chair and on a tiered platform so you can see, plus its also next to a big screen!
    Saturday you don’t really need to get there before 7AM, but still to get a good spot keep your spot! (Once your there you can’t really move until after the F1 has stopped!
    Take a Fold Up Chair, they allow almost anything in the Silverstone, I would advise taking a pair of binoculars each, and money, you will need a lot of that.
    But no you should have a good weekend. Friday is a good day with a roving grandstand, do make it a priority to see from the pits, but get there for P1 but make sure you are there very early again soon after gates open (within the hour of gates open)

    Jane Smith

    Don’t take glass bottles in. Against other circuits around the world, food is good, reasonably priced too. But for GA you do really need to stick to a pot. Shame you didn’t go for a grandstand as you really don’t want to miss the opportunity of walking the whole circuit to take in the sights. Maybe use Friday as a take it all in day? :) I like to take my photos on Friday as you are not trying to focus too much on times etc. If you can, bring a small radio, or better still an iPod nano. Tune in to Radio Silverstone and keep one earpiece in. Us McLaren lot all meet up behind Abbey on Friday and Saturday for chats and beers :)


    Unfortunately, I only have a ticket for the Sunday – given the race is the week before my wedding, I consider myself lucky to be getting away with even the Sunday!

    I’d have loved a grandstand seat, but apparently the prices were just too steep and I would have got a three day GA ticket if i could have got away with vanishing off for the entire weekend – maybe next year.

    So – Radio, Foldable Seat, Waterproof, grub, cash, binoculars or slr with a decent lens, spare battery(s) for my phone, earplugs(or maybe not if the v6’s are quieter?). I’ll be heading down on my own, so suspect I’ll have to find a spot and stick to it for the day unless i hook up with a group once down there?


    I’m going to Silverstone just for the Friday as can’t afford the race this year but was wondering if anyone knows when the event timetables are released so I can plan in advance?


    I am taking my son to his first F1 for his 21st birthday, I have booked 2 seats in Woodcote A but I was automatically placed in row U. I have contacted Silverstone and they say I can change the seats for a small charge. Which seats would you say are the best? High enough to see over the railings or as close to the front as possible ?
    Thanks in advance

    Michael Hassell

    Hi all,

    I am going to be visiting the British Grand Prix with a General Admission ticket this year, I cannot wait. I know it is better having a seat in one of the grandstands but unfortunately this wasn’t financially viable, it was a short notice kind of thing. I am camping for the entire weekend, going down on Thursday afternoon through to Sunday night. Going on my own because we couldn’t justify the extra money for my missus to join me due to only have a semi-interest in the sport. Anyway, just thought I’d introduce myself on here and share the great news. I am stupidly excited (think 5 year old at Christmas) to be visiting Silverstone for the first time for the F1 and looking forward to hearing the new power units in action!!

    Maybe see some of you there!!


    I went to Silverstone last year for the Sunday with free tickets. This year I would like to go again but I can’t afford it. So, I was wondering if any of you knew roughly what time you have to get the track on Friday to get a seat in a grandstand, if the track is open on Thursday and any other info or if the test after the race is open to the public :)

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