Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2016 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    On the Silverstone website it says that the General Admission ticket includes “Roving on Friday”. Does this mean I have a generic non-grandstand ticket for the friday practices etc? I go to the UTC anyway and so have the friday off and was thinking about buying friday tickets separately from my Sunday tickets but I want to be sure what they mean before I do anything.


    Your general admission ticket for Friday I believe will allow you to access most of the grandstands except Club Silverstone. Might be worth a quick call to them to double check


    So the Friday ticket is free with the Sunday one?

    I will probably call them as well.


    Tickets arrived today!! 3 day race tickets and Woodlands Camping – time to start getting excited!


    Hey all!
    First time visiting Silverstone, what is the best way to get to the track. We’re looking at an AirBnB in and around the silverstone area. Is there parking available with your ticket? is it extra? is there bussing available?


    Mhairi Nisbet

    Hi everyone!

    I’m going to Silverstone for the second time this year but we are making our own way there.
    I was wondering if anyone can help explain the bus situation? Silverstone say there are local services and will supply the timetables? But when?!
    Are these reliable or am I better getting the megabus?
    Thanks! Mhairi

    Alianora La Canta

    There is a regular bus from Northampton to Silverstone (#88) on every day except Sunday on regular weeks. However, the traffic situation on Grand Prix weeks means this will have a different route. There may also be #88 buses laid on for that specific Sunday, but I cannot guarantee this.

    I would recommend Megabus, if only because that will definitely run on Sunday and definitely stop at a convenient point near the track. It may even be cheaper – the #88 bus is £5.75 each way…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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