Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2021 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Keith Collantine

    Discussion area for people going to the 2021 British Grand Prix. Will you be part of what is expected to be Silverstone’s first full house since the pandemic? What do you want to know about going to this race?

    If you’ve been to this race before then please share your experiences here: Where did you watch? Where did you stay and how did you get to the track? Can you share any other tips on attending this race?

    You can find more information from fans who’ve been to previous British Grands Prix here:



    Hi people. We’re excited to go to the british Grand Prix this weekend. We’re unable to go today (Friday), but we’re going on Saturday and Sunday.

    We’re watching from Stowe A, hoping to be able to see the cars coming down the hangar straight, into one of the fastest corners on the circuit, and a great overtaking spot! I think we should have a big screen across from us, and should be able to see cars going into the Vale chicane, or diving into the pits.

    If you’re going for the first time, it is great if you have a spot with a big screen as it helps you to follow action around the other parts of the circuit. The radios are useful too, well worth the money. A power bank to help recharge your phone is useful, I think you can actually rent them at the circuit, from memory.

    We’ve sat at different places over the years. I’ve particularly enjoyed watching at Abbey, as you can see the cars charging towards you at race start, then if you position yourself correctly, you can see the cars going through the first 3 corners, briefly out of view and then see them start down the Wellington straight.

    One area that I would like to try out in future, would be the left side of Woodcote A, because it looks as though it would be possible to see the cars coming down the full length of the Wellington straight, into one of the main overtaking spots on the circuit, Brooklands, all the way around the slow speed, Luffield corner, and then start their way up the National Pit Straight. It sounds like a cracking place to watch from.

    Traffic is always awful if leaving straight after the race, so it’s well worth staying for the post-race entertainment, and having a far smoother journey home later on

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