Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Going to the 2022 Britain Grand Prix at Silverstone

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2022 Britain Grand Prix. What do you want to know about going to this race?

    If you’ve been to this race before then please share your experiences here: Where did you watch? Where did you stay and how did you get to the track? Can you share any other tips on attending this race?

    You can find more information from fans who’ve been to previous races at this track here:



    Going to my first Grand Prix with my father this, we’re going for the whole 3 days and have tickets in the Stowe grandstand, I can’t wait!

    We’re having breakfast and dinner at our hotel but I was just wondering if we were able to bring our own drinks and food into the circuit with us?


    You can take food and drink with you. You’re just not allowed to take glass bottles. You can take alcohol in too as long as the amount you take isn’t “excessive “


    I’m going this weekend too. Got weekend grandstand tickets, sitting in Woodcote A. It’s a great spot with view down Wellington straight into Brooklands, around Luffield & up the National pit straight into copse, best view that I’ve come across at Silverstone so far and there’s a big screen across the track too. Can’t wait 😃!

    I’m not fussed about the lack of sprint race @keithcollantine. I love the current qualifying format and really look forward to that on Saturday

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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