Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

‘Popping the question’ at the race

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    Greg Austin

    Hi all,

    I could do with a little bit of help/info My girlfriend and I are heading to silverstone for the GP this year. First time at this circuit. We’ve been together for a 4 years now so I’m planing on doing the decent thing (At Last) and asking her to marry me. I was planning on trying to make it a bit special by asking her at the race, but I don’t know where would be a good place to do so.

    Could anyone pass on some suggestions of where would be good? I did have a slight mad idea of trying to do it around the start finish line but think we’ve got a snowball chance in hell of getting close to it.

    Please help me. . .




    First of all, is she a F1 fan? I know she is going to the race with you, but we need some more info here mister. If she is just going to be with you and have a good time, great, but proposing there???


    If they allow fans onto the track after the race again then that’s your one chance to get on the start/finish line. One suggestion, take a big umbrella; no one wants to say “I do” (hopefully!) soaking wet.
    And good luck!


    I don’t know, but good luck!

    Greg Austin

    Hi, cheers for the replies. Don’t worry she’s definitely an F1 fan. If she catches site of certain people there (Kimi, Grosjean or Whitmarsh) I could end up with the wrong answer ;-)

    umbrellas will most definitely be on stand by if last year is anything to go by.

    So can you get on to the track after the races?

    Are there any other good places to try to get too?


    find the PA announcer and ask her over it. I’m sure they wont mind as long as the race isnt in progress


    I second sato113’s suggestion -i’m assuming your partner is not an F1Fanatic reader…..?

    My partner bought me F1 tickets once and I thought she was a keeper and i’m pleased to say that my wedding is only a few weeks away! (actually 1 hour after Quali @silverstone) She really gets into F1 because its a passion of mine, but I certanly wouldn’t have gotten any Kudos doing it at the track. As long as she is a massive fan, and i’m sure she is as otherwise you wouldn’t be planning it anyway, then go for it. perhaps ring Silverstone now and see if you can speak to someone about it, you never know they might really try and help you out.

    Go for it and update us!

    Chris H

    Yes, you can get onto the track after the race! I’ve done it for the past 2 years :)

    You will need to be near the gate on the pit-straight at the end of the race. They opened it just as the drivers were going onto the podium, but the crowds are quite large (be prepared for a squeeze).

    Last year I was down at Wellington Straight, with 10 laps to go we moved round and got there with 2 laps to go (annoyingly, we missed Webber overtaking Alonso for the lead which was right in front of where we had pitched!). Did the same the year before with 10 laps to go when we were at Stowe.
    You could actually set up near the gate that I mentioned, but get there early. Both years I’ve gone, it was full before 7.30am…

    To give you an idea, the gate is right on the exit of Club corner where Lewis/Massa had their wheel banging the other year.

    We were allowed to go down to the Club Corner (but no further) and as far as Abbey. By getting onto the track in the right locations, you will get to see the TV teams and possibly a driver at the fence.
    Both years we’ve been part of the “Eddie Jordan” chants below the podium, and came close to getting an autograph from Rosberg and Jenson when they come up to the fence outside the garages.

    Not bad for a GA ticket :)

    Good luck!

    Oh, and heres some pictures from when we went, for the gate and crowds to give you a better idea:
    2011 – At the Gate (you can just see the large metal fence on the far left side, halfway down)
    2011 – Nico Rosberg
    2011 – Jake Humphrey
    2011 – Crowds on the pit-straight after the podium
    2012 – Looking back on the pitlane
    2012 – Jenson Button
    2012 – Pit Straight Crowds
    2012 – Podium
    2011 – And a flukey shot of Trulli retiring…

    Edited for the image links, but also, looking at timtoo’s comment, if Silverstone were willing to help you out, you could actually get onto the stage at the Aftershow party where they interview drivers etc (BBC’s F1 Forum was filmed live on it last year). Just a thought :)

    Greg Austin

    Hi all, thanks again for your replies, stato113 I like that idea but with it being a rather public event is like to ask her personally :-)

    Also good idea to try Silverstone themselves I’ll give them a call tomorrow.

    Chris h. Thank you for that really good info I need to get on to my laptop to check things out further. We’ve got tickets for copse a so will need to see how long it takes to get back to the gate.

    Garns I’ve accepted your request and am looking forward to your suggestions



    Best of luck, man.


    Helicopter ride over the circuit would be different.the view is awesome.


    Not sure if I’d ask her on the start/finish line after the race, you’d probably get down on one knee and get knocked over by the crowd. It’s seriously mayhem down there after the race. I agree with of contacting Silverstone for any suggestions / help in arranging something. I like the helicopter idea, I did that (the flight not proposing) some years ago and it was great.
    Keep us posted as to how you’ve got on.


    My advice is: don’t do it in a public place unless you are absolutely, completely, 100% sure that she will say yes. Otherwise you could end up feeling like this guy.

    Greg Austin

    Steve, that would be a good one but I’ve a feeling the rides will be a little out of my pocket unfortunately,

    Mick Looking at the pics linked earlier I’m thinking you could be right there unfortunately.

    I’ve email silverstone and they’ve said that if they open up the track after the race then yes I could get the start finish line, but as above looks like it’s going to be a bit busy, they only other suggestion they’ve come back with is that there are a number of champagne bars around the site which might provide a nice location.

    Estesark, Don’t worry I’m 100% she’ll say yes, I’m just trying to find a good way of surprising her.

    Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.


    Aish Heydrich

    I don’t know dude, I wanted to do the same thing with my lady as we came to witness Le Man 24 Hrs 2013 and somebody just died. Alan Simonsen, may he rest in peace, my plans are aborted for the time being to show respect to the departed.

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