Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Take a bicycle to Silverstone?

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    I know the dust has only just settled on 2017 but I’m already thinking about Silverstone 2018! This would be my first GP (apart from Friday Practice at Silverstone in 2003) although I’ve been to Silverstone a few times in past years as I only live 15 miles away. Due to my proximity, and in an attempt to avoid parking charges and the inevitable queues to leave I’m toying with the idea of cycling there (i.e 15 miles, or parking at a friend’s a bit nearer and riding 6 miles).

    My question is: Would I be able to bring my bicycle in to the venue (past the turnstiles) during the Grand Prix weekend? It would certainly help getting around to various vantage points during the day(s) as I’d like to watch from different places.


    Yes Phil deffo!
    My friend and I will probably do that for next year too.
    You can take your bike right to where your seat is and chain it up there, great for riding about once inside as Silverstone is like a little Town, it is huge!


    Interesting post, thank you. What a great idea for exploring the circuit.

    When you say you can chain it near to the seat, do you mean at the back of the stands or actually within sight? I could bring my Brompton folding bike, but I’m always worried about it being nicked. Or I could bring my battered old hybrid, then it wouldn’t matter if it was stolen.

    Steven Smith

    As long as it doesn’t obstruct other spectators you can chain your bike virtually where you want. I have done for 15 years. There’s a Forestry Commission track about half a mile outside Silverstone on the left side of the road towards Abthorpe. I parked there for years before starting to camp at Hamilton Fields where a bike is also quite handy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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