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Weather information for fans from Silverstone

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    Silverstone have issued a press release warning fans to take extra care owing to the “unprecedented recent wet weather”:

    We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend, full of exciting racing and entertainment at the most popular Formula 1™ Grand Prix in the world. Despite the recent deluges of rain, the track is in great shape for the weekend’s action and has passed the FIA’s inspection with flying colours.

    Current weather conditions

    The unprecedented recent wet weather is having an adverse impact on our car parks and on campsites in the area. By working together with the fans we can ensure everyone will be able to enjoy this year’s event safely and with the minimum amount of disruption.

    A number of Blue Ribband events have been seriously affected by the wet weather conditions. We are planning to avoid a similar situation.

    Car Parking and traffic

    Each year Silverstone invests over £1 million pounds preparing and managing our car parks and traffic. Silverstone has the top traffic management experts in the business on site advising on our wet weather plans. They have vast experience from other large UK events and festivals.

    In the weeks and months running up to this weekend we have taken pre-emptive actions, including:
    • An extra mile of filter drainage has been put in
    • 2 x 4,000 gallon tankers have been brought in to aid with water removal
    • 1,100 tonnes of hardcore has been brought in
    • A fleet of plant and machinery and teams of workmen have been working around the clock on roadways

    We have prepared the site to cope with the weather as best we can. Despite our efforts, some of the grass car parks are very wet and there is currently an amber weather warning in force in our region.

    Fans have been kept informed of the developing situation via emails and social media channels. Key messages include:

    1) Car parks open at 6.00a.m. We advise fans to arrive early as it will take longer to park vehicles safely this year.
    2) Be prepared to take instruction from marshals.
    3) We will be working to get all vehicles parked as quickly as possible. We appreciate it may be frustrating but please be patient – we will be doing our best to ensure everyone arrives safely in time to enjoy the action.
    4) We recommend tuning in to Silverstone Radio (87.7FM) for regular updates.


    Silverstone Woodlands, the circuit’s official campsite, has implemented its wet weather contingency plan. Cars and tents are currently accessing the site and setting up without any problems, however, caravans and motorhomes are taking slightly longer to site, due to the wet ground. We ask fans to remain patient.

    Be prepared

    Fans are advised to wear appropriate footwear. We have done a considerable amount of work to improve the walking surfaces at the circuit but some of the grassed areas will be wet and muddy.

    Silverstone is a large site and we can sometimes have different weather conditions at one end of the circuit to the other. While we strongly recommend fans bring their waterproofs, they may still need sun cream, glasses and hats!

    Bumper to Bumper Parking

    We hope we won’t need to implement the following measures, but this is preferable to people getting stuck in car parks and potential safety risks.

    If conditions worsen we may have to park cars bumper to bumper in our hard standing car parks to maximise capacity. If this happens your co-operation will be greatly appreciated. Signage will advise you the time you need to return to your cars to enable everyone to exit with the minimum amount of delay. This is particularly important if you are at the front of a line so we (and your fellow fans) greatly appreciate your co-operation.
    We are consulting with Formula One Management who are cooperating with us on our plans.

    By working together this year’s Formula 1™ Santander Grand Prix will be a fantastic and memorable event!


    See here for more information if you’re camping:

    Silverstone warns campers over rain at this weekend’s race

    Mark O’Donnell

    Nightmare – glad I’m parking at http://www.silverstoneschoolsparking.co.uk


    Sounds like an absolute nightmare. Looking to arrive at Woodlands for 8 to 8:30am tomorrow…!

    It’s my first F1 and I’m still looking forward to it immensely.


    Does anyone know if there are any covered stands within the circuit this year??

    Mark O’Donnell

    Only if you are paying for a Platinum – not sure about Gold

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