Going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Wheelchair platform on International Pits Straight

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    I’m taking my 8 year old (Formula 1 obsessed) disabled son to his first Grand Prix at Silverstone this year.
    We are staying at the Towcester Travelodge and have bought Disabled parking and 3 day passes with allocated seating on the wheelchair platform at IPS (A23 & B46) for the Sunday.
    He is a huge Lewis Hamilton fan (with a small obsession for Rob Smedley too for some reason??) and im hoping he’ll get a great view of the start etc
    Any idea where the wheelchair platform is and what he might see easily?


    I believe from seeing it in the past that it is bolted on to the front of international pits straight stand but at a slightly lower level, and looks directly over the start line and/or grid. You will have a perfect view of the start I think :)

    Rachel Clarke

    Silverstone gives pretty good information.

    http://www.silverstone.co.uk/about/disabled-information/Viewing-Areas/grandstands-viewing-areas/ gives a general overview of the views you get from the disabled viewing platforms

    And this http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2013-Formula-1-British-Grand-Prix/?tab=2013_bgp give the view from that level of seat, at the bottom of the stand (I’m assuming it’s Band 3 seats)


    Not really sure what Band of seats it is to be honest as i think the Wheelchair platform is numbered differently, my sons wheelchair is in a space (A23) and im directly behind him in a seat (B46) but im not really sure where the platform is in relation to the grandstand other than its infront of it and not covered altho the Silverstone ticket lady said he’d have a great view


    Im hoping like NickV says that its right at the line/grid, that’d be fab! :)


    Sent them a message on Facebook to ask…

    Hi Grace,
    The disabled viewing platform is directly across from the start finish line, so you will have great views of that and a screen on the side of the paddock, so you won’t miss a thing! We hope that you and your son have a great weekend!

    Sounds fab! :)


    If you use this link (http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2013-Formula-1-British-Grand-Prix/?tab=2013_bgp) and select the international pits straight grandstand (not the disabled viewing area) click on info and when the window opens select band 5 seats. If you scroll through the pictures you will see the disabled viewing area at the very front of the stand. It is right on the main straight and you will see the race start. Hope you both have a fantastic GP weekend.

    I took my son to Silverstone for his first race when he was 8 and he hasn’t missed one since, and he’s now 21. Once you’ve been once it becomes addictive and you can’t wait for the next year. You best start saving………………..


    Wow thanks for that Mick thats right on the line eh? :D
    Yeah im kinda worried he’s going to want to go every year!
    Thankfully my ticket was free as his carer but it still cost £354 for his ticket and parking then theres 4 nights hotel and the diesel down from Scotland….think we might look for cheaper seats if we go again! lol
    Thanks for your help! :)

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