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Buying tickets for the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    Where are the best places to get tickets for the Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?


    I’ve been following F1 since 1995 on and off, but have been following it intently 2010 and 2011. It’s awesome! Now, I’m planning to go to my first grand prix in 2012. Since I live in Canada, why not go to Montreal! Hopefully, I can go once or twice a year to a different grand prix each time for many years to come, but I guess it all depends if I think the first one is worth it.

    Now, I don’t think there’s really anywhere else to buy “discounted” tickets? I’m thinking pretty much buy full pop from the grand prix website?


    Booked directly by calling Admission.com agent.


    The circuit have got a new ticket offer for 2013.


    A First at the Formula One Grand Prix du Canada 2013:
    Three Days, Three Grandstands, Three Different Views

    Montreal, November 14, 2012 – The Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada announces today that it has put on sale for the first time in its history, special ticket packages that are offering the holder a reserved seat in a different grandstand for each of the three-day event. This brand new product was requested by a growing number of fans and is now offered in limited quantities, in three combinations; Gold, Silver and Bronze trio packages. These trio packages are respectively priced at $485, $449 and $267.50.

    “A good number of fans have been telling us over the last few years that they would appreciate being able to occupy a different grandstand each day of the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada weekend. This is a formula increasingly popular elsewhere and we are happy to be able to offer to our fans these new exciting trio packages as of today, said Fran├žois Dumontier, President and CEO of Octane Racing Group Inc. and President of the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada. For a number of fans, this new product of which we are proud will make the weekend spent in Circuit GillesVilleneuve’s grandstands even more exciting. We must add that if they are ordered now and in the upcoming weeks, our Gold, Silver or Bronze trio packages will make an original gift for the Holiday season.”

    The Gold Trio Package
    Offered at $485, the Gold trio package has for main characteristic to offer a reserved seating at the starting line (Grandstand #1) for the running of the 2013 edition of the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada, Sunday June 9. It is also a unique opportunity to experience the exciting moments preceding the start of the race, when the drivers are taking place in their cars. It also offers the opportunity to witness all the action in the pits during the race. A day before, for the Saturday qualifying session, the trio package holder has a reserved seat in the Hairpin (Grandstand #15) and previously for the Friday program, facing the Concorde Bridge chicane (Grandstand #31).

    The Silver Trio Package
    Offered at $449, the Silver trio package has for main characteristic to offer reserved seating at both ends of the circuit, in the Hairpin and in the Senna corner. Friday and Saturday, June 7 and 8, the trio package holder will have two different views of the action in the Hairpin, having a seat respectively in Grandstand #15 and Grandstand #24. On Sunday, for the running of the Grand Prix du Canada 2013, the trio package holder will be entitled to take his reserved seat in the Senna corner (Grandstand #12).

    The Bronze Trio Package
    Offered at the very affordable price of $267.50, the Bronze trio package offers its holder seats in areas of the track known for being some of the best passing zones around the circuit. Friday June 7, the trio package holder will have a reserved seat in Grandstand #22, at the Hairpin exit. For the Saturday program, his seat is located in Grandstand #31 at the Concorde Bridge chicane. Finally on Sunday, the trio package holder will benefit from a great view in the middle of the Canada Pavilion’s chicane (Grandstand #33).

    As it is a tradition at the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada, each grandstand ticket holder has the opportunity to watch at any moment the action around the track from a giant screen. The Gold, Silver and Bronze trio packages are also a new way for the amateur photographers to multiply their shooting angles and immortalize various views of the Formula 1 cars, as they appear in front of their seat.

    The fans who wish to order a Gold, Silver or Bronze trio package and receive their tickets before the Holiday season must call the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada ticket office at 514 350-0000 or 1-855-790-1245, seven days a week, from 9 am to 8 pm They can also order safely at any moment through http://www.circuitgillesvilleneuve.ca or http://www.admission.com.

    A Canadian Company established in Montreal, Octane Racing Group Inc. is the promoter of the Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada by virtue of an agreement made with Formula One Administration Limited and Formula 1 World Championship Limited (together the holders of commercialization rights to F1).


    I went to Montreal every year from 2000 to 2003. I sat in Gold evey year with the last 2 years being right at the start/finish line. I always bought my tickets thru the circuit’s page. There are always scalpers before you cross the bridge connecting Ile St Helene and the circuit as well. This new deal sounds kind of neat and I might malke the trip next year again after being away for so long! Vic


    Got tickets for me + mate at GS33… Can’t wait to see Vettel bereft at that corner again }:D

    Was planning on getting the Bronze trio seat package but I’m surprised to see they already sold out, even in early january… Does anyone know how many tickets of that type were available, when they sold out, or if there is a staggered availability strategy for those? Even for 2014 it sounds pretty exciting.

    John Ward

    I bought mine 3 weeks ago, tried to do it on the phone and they informed me they were sold out with the 3 day silver package, so I went online and was able to buy the 3 day package in silver, after they told they were gone. Last week the package arrived. Just thought it was strange, person telling something else and then buying what I wanted.
    So you might want to try online………good luck


    Grandstand 33 seats on sale for $199 for the three days.



    The fan who posted this video left some advice on what to do if you have General Admission tickets:


    If you’re not willing to line up by 7am or earlier to get a good spot, just get grandstand seating because you’re not going to see anything. Bring a folding chair for each person, this will save your spot so you can walk around and then come back.


    This year I sat in Grandstand 11 halfway up in Section 4, and had this excellent view.
    Last year I sat inside the Hairpin in Grandstand 34. While Grandstand 34 was cheaper, I thought Grandstand 11 was worth the extra money. The highlight of the weekend was seeing the drivers negotiate the Senna Curves (Turn 1 & 2) through the constantly changing weather conditions. Lots of drivers were finding the limit and making mistakes through these corners throughout practice. Another bonus of sitting in either grandstand 11 or 12 is that you get full access to the entire track, where tickets for seats in the hairpin and only get you access to that end of the track. This gets you access to non grandstand areas outside of the senna curves, along the pit straight, and along the casino straight before the final chicane. I even managed to sneak into Grandstand 2 before the start of the race to get a view of the pits and prerace activities. I would say these seats (Grandstand 1 &2) do not appear to be worth their high price as you only get to see the cars on the straight for about 2-3 seconds per lap. You get an excellent view of the pits, but a poor view of the track. Where in Granstand 34 you get about 10 seconds per lap, and in Granstand 11 you get about 11-12 seconds per lap.


    xlr8r – are the covered stands the hospitality suites?


    The covered grand stands are more expensive. I think they were around 1400$ CDN for the weekend.

    Michael Moran

    Just an FYI for 2014…they have once again made the Trio Grandstand tickets available. Gold, Silver & Bronze Pkg.s with a different GS each day. I was able to exchange my ticket in 33 for the Bronze Pkg. giving me 22 on Fri., 31 on Sat. & 33 on Sun.

    Emma Brooks

    I’ve just looked on the official web site and it says the Gold Trio is already sold out for next years race, I’ll buy Silver if I have to but we do like being opposite the pits and seeing the podium after each race we attend. I might try and call them when it’s their business hours and see if you can purchase the trio gold over the phone.

    Does anyone know if you can run up the track after the race to watch the podium ?

    John Ward

    I just bought the silver trio package for 2014, they called & emailed offering the trio packages before offering to the public, not sure about the Mexico GP for 2014 so went ahead with Montreal again.

    Last year they did open the fence, in front of GS#12 which gives you access to the podium, but be ready and be down at the fence at least 5 laps before the end of the race, before the fence opens up.
    If you’re set on the gold seats, I would recommend calling them direct, I had problems trying to order online last year.

    Good Luck

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