Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Canadian Grand Prix – buying tickets?

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    Hello fello fanatics,

    I am taking my Dad (the real fanatic) and my brother to the Canadian Grand Prix this year, our first race!

    I have tried to buy tickets at a couple different sites but none allow you to select a seat?? I am nervous about ending up in a bad seat and would be willing to pay to secure the right one however, it does’t seem like an option. In saying that:

    1. Can anyone recommend a quality ticket provider (prefer a Canadian company to avoid extra fees/ shipping)?
    2. Have others had a similar experience re: seat selection or am I missing something?

    I very much appreciate your input!


    Steve Leach

    Hi Jim – I think if you call the Ticket Office 514-350-0000 they can offer several options for seating. I phone after every GP and just order the same tickets every year. They mail them to me, and there is a small service charge. After attending 35 years in row and trying most vantage points, I have found Grandstand 15 (hairpin) to be the best. At least 1/3 of the way up so the wire fence isn’t a bother. Senna corner is pretty good also.
    Enjoy the race! Steve


    Hi Jim,

    If you are still shopping for tickets, like Steve L., I go through the number he referred to – you will find it on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve official web-site. I have been attending since 1988 and have always gone through the promoter, though they do hire out an agency to administer the sales of the tickets, which in this case is Admission, a division of TicketMaster. Regarding seat selection, if you call versus purchasing through their web site, at this point in time they may be able to tell you which seats in which rows have been assigned to you in the grandstand of your selection at the time of purchase.

    My friends and I sit in Grandstand 12, also referred to as Senna corner. Another good spot should be Grandstand 24. GS 15 looks he’d on into the hairpin. GS 24 runs along the exit of the hairpin. Both will give you good views of the braking into the hairpin. From GS 12, you are offered a good view of braking into the first corner. The higher up and further out (sections 4-5-6) you are the longer the view. For example, from our seats we can just make them out as the turn onto the front straight and as they then disappear as the accelerate up and away from turn 2. If you like to get as close to the sounds and smells, GS 24 is physically closer to the track than 12 or 15.

    Hope this helps.



    This is the official site: http://www.circuitgillesvilleneuve.ca
    There are no really bad grandstand seats, and I have sat in all of them for at least one session over the years.
    The grandstands at the “Senna S” (11, 12) and at the hairpin (15, 21, 24) are where the most action takes place. My personal favorite is 24 and right across, 15, is usually all red with Ferrari fans.
    I don’t see them on the site now, but they used to offer ticket packages with different grandstands for each of the three days. I used to exchange tickets on Friday and Saturday with people leaving the site early so I could watch the support races from different seats.
    If you buy tickets one year, you get “first dibs” on the same seats for the next year, but I’m not sure when they release those that are not renewing.

    B. Giggie

    They have 3 packages available with different seats for each of the 3 days:


    You can always wait until 1 week before the event. Always so many seats available and cheaper than face value as people can’t go and looking to sell


    For considering buying tickets, I just heard a radio advert for Shopico.ca that has some tickets half price for limited time.
    I have no affiliation with the site nor do I know if they’ll ship outside of Canada.

    Steven Smith

    The three different grandstands for three different days is a great idea. That’s the option I’ve chosen. A pity other circuits don’t follow the lead and offer similar packages.
    There’s always the touts / scalpers option at Montreal. They are there every time I’ve been over for the race.


    I know the Hungaroring also does this kind of package, also with 3 prices depending on which seat you take on Sunday.

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