Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix.


    I’m researching now on where best to buy tickets, and where to sit too. But, I think probably just buy from the GP’s site.


    I used the official site. They assigned my seat automatically, but I had the option to reject it and try again. I’m not sure how good mine is, but I got the impression you could phone up and request specific seats if you knew what you wanted, or that you could request a swap if there’s still seats available.


    Last two years it was the best race of the season,so I hope eveyone have a good time in 2012,Cheers:)

    Dave Tett

    You are gonna have a blast dude! I was lucky enough to be at this years Canadian Grand Prix and sat in Grandstand 33! Fantastic seats! You get a good look at the cars at high speed and hard braking coming into the corner then the sound of the acceleration so close is awesome! The cars are in your view for about 10 seconds so you also get great picture opportunities! It also has a screen directly in front with a great view! Besides the Senna turn, the next best seats! Grandstand 33 is also where Vettel lost it on the last lap too! We all know how good the 2011 race was so hopefully you get just a good race in 2012! It was the best weekend of my life, atmosphere is amazing!! :D


    Man, I’m pretty excited now and it’s still 8 months away and i haven’t booked anything yet! Should I fly in on Wednesday evening or Thursday evening? Pretty sure to leave Sunday evening.

    Brian Fromholtz

    I have been planning a trip to eastern Canada from Australia and all of a sudden, when looking at accommodation options, found that my plans have put me on a collision course with this event. I have been a fan of F1 off and on since 1960, and for the last 6 or so seasons have watched nearly all events televised here, but have never seen an F1 event live. Unfortunately my wife has booked us on a cruise from Montreal to Boston which sails on the Saturday Qualy day, but I now have her permission to attend practice day on Friday. Whoo hoo.

    So, what do you reckon my chances are of purchasing a ticket for GS 34 for the Friday from someone who may have bought the three day thing, but not attending on Friday?


    @ MRPiGoiL: I’d aim for Weds if you can make it, in case there are events on Thursday. I’ve not been before but it sounds like there’ll be a great atmosphere in the city too.
    I’m arriving a week early to explore some of the rest of Canada, but I’m aiming to be back in Montreal on Weds so I don’t miss anything.


    @ Brian Fromholtz – or maybe buy a weekend ticket yourself, and sell off the Sat/Sun tickets? That way you’re guaranteed a seat.


    This year is my first Canadian Grand Prix and second gp in total. (Australia 2012 was the first). I thought what better way to choose my first overseas gp then the one where the Sunday race is on my birthday.

    Just purchased a 3-day ticket for myself in Grandstand 15, Sect. 1, Row R, Seat 15. I selected the pickup at box office option. I would just like to know where the box office is, from what date can I pick them up and if anybody else has any extra useful tips it would be much appreciated.


    According to this link, last year’s box office was located next to the Jean-Drapeau metro station, which is the nearest metro station to the circuit. I’d also be interested to know when you can pick them up, to avoid queues.



    Yesterday I manged to find on the actual Circuit Gilles Villeneuve site a email contact form. Don’t know how I missed it. Sent them an email asking where and when for the 2012 event.

    I received a reply about 15 minutes ago and it will at the exit of the Jean-Drapeau Metro Station and it usually opens about a week before the race weekend.

    Another question I have for everyone. I’m planning on going to the track on the Thursday to do the pit walk and driver meet and greet. Do you require tickets for this?


    Hi everyone! This is my first post here and what a great forum! I’ve been lurking as l was doing some research into going to the Canadian Grand Prix before booking anything and there is some great advice here. I’ve been to three GPs, Silverstone twice and the Spanish GP in 2006. All three were great races and l don’t think anything can compare to seeing and hearing the sound of a F1 car!

    We booked our tickets to the Canadian Grand Prix and l’m already very excited! We are sitting
    in Grandstand 33, row E, seats 1-3. I am assuming that we are sitting on the edge of the
    grandstand? I chose that grandstand as we can see the cars breaking for the corner so we’ll
    get a good view of them and the TV stand is close. I was looking at Grandstand 22 and 34 but
    it seems pretty busy there and we’ll have our daughter with us so l don’t want her to feel
    overwhelmed. I was thinking of just getting general admission tickets because we have a child
    but it would be really frustrating to travel all that way from Scotland and not get a decent place to
    view the track.

    I am still in shock about hotel prices, we paid £700 for three nights in the Days Inn!!! It’s close to the metro station that will take us to the circuit so very central but we had to drop a night
    due to the price. We are flying to Toronto for a wedding then going to Niagara Falls and we are
    driving from Niagara to Montreal!!! We are stopping overnight somewhere in the middle to break up the journey.

    Really looking forward to the GP! I hope it will be as exciting as in previous years!


    Jenny, when I researched seating for this circuit, I discovered that their seating numbers are not normal. At this track, they unusually start AA as the first row (closest to track) and goes upward from there (so, AA to ZZ, then continues to A, B, C, etc). So you’re like row 30 something. If you want to be close to the track, then you might want to call in to have your tickets changed.

    another tip is that from the track looking at the stands, you count from left to right for section and seat numbers


    Hmmm. I’m in grandstand 33, section 7, row Q. It was supposed to be the best available when I bought it 2 months ago. Does that mean that I’m higher up than Jenny, and is that better or worse? It’s my first GP and I’m not sure what I should be looking for in terms of seating. I imagine there’s still time to change my seat, although I see that grandstand 34 is now sold out.

    And thanks Ryan49056 for your feedback on ticket collection. I’m not sure about entry on Thursday.

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