Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    Oh amazing adcode, you’re just one section away from me but in the same row! I find that row DD was the best because our view is just above the fences so that they don’t obstruct the view of the cars. Rows AA to CC have this issue. The one issue you may face is that you will be further away from the track itself in Section 1 and the angle might be a bit awkward, but you’ll still have a good view of the cars barelling down into l’epingle and accelerating out. You won’t really be able to see much of Casino straight though.

    Walking around won’t be an issue, the place is open if you want to check out the view from different areas of the track. The only restricted areas are the actual grandstands themselves.


    Alright, so I just moved within range of this GP (Syracuse, NY). Am I too late to get tickets? [Next year I could do this one and New Jersey without a plane ride. Woohoo!]


    Hi there,

    Just got my ticket for Canada this year and cannot wait!! I opted for Grandstand 24 in the end after watching some onlione footage. Anyway, I’ve been to a number of GP’s and the some, including the British, allow roaming grandstands on Friday/Saturday which is brilliant to get other views of the track. I don’t think the Canadain one offers this. If anyone is interested would they like to swap Friday/Saturday tickets for different stands. I’m quite keen to get an aspect from stand 1/2/12 on either of these days if anyone wants a day at the hairpin. If anyone is interested please email me at captainfurious@inbox.com. I’m coming on my own so can only do single ticket swaps!



    Edgar Madrid


    I would have love to swap with me but I have me and a buddy so I would need to be able to swap two tickets.



    My buddy and I are attending the Montreal GP this year and it will be our first one. Unfortunately, I only found this forum after we booked everything. We don’t arrive in Montreal until 14:00 Thursday and after reading the posts here I fear we will miss the off track action/events. I’m sure there is more stuff that goes on throughout the weekend, but what I really wanted to experience was the driver meeting/pit walk (if it’s accessible, I have had a hard time finding info on this bit but have seen some coverage of this event) part someone wrote about earlier. Does anyone know what time this usually happens? If it is in the evening then we might be able to make it as we are staying quite close, but if not we may look to change our flight to arrive a day earlier


    Hello again fellow formula1 fanatics. I’m soooo excited for this year’s race. It’ll be my third in a row and have opted for grandstand 34 this year (have done general admission before – wouldn’t recommend it & grandstand 12 last year – excellent!) I’m gonna wait to book my hotel as they are quite pricey (the rates were way better 2 months ago, but I procrastinated and lost out, oh well, I’ll sleep on the streets if I have to…lol) As I always go alone, and obviously with only one seat, swapping tickets is never convenient, but if anyone is interested in a swap for practice/quali, I’m game. I’d love to check out GS 1/2(across the pits) or GS 33.


    Redbullgirl, hope you managed to get to swap tickets for GS 1/2. I was there last year in GS 2 and it was awesome. After to going to previous GP’s sitting at great parts of the track for overtaking etc I will always push the boat out now and get a GS opposite the pits. Seeing the teams and all the chaos just before the race as they line up on the grid, for me, you feel so much more part of it.
    p.s. I will be going to GP’s this year (haven’t made up my mind yet which one’s) and on my own :-( so if you or anyone else going on their own and would like to meet up that would be great. Let me know.


    I’m also going solo, and will be in GS 33, though I’m wondering if I could/should phone up to see if I can upgrade to GS 1 or 2 for my first ever GP.
    Accommodation is pricey for the weekend, although the Candlewood Suites Downtown still have suites for around £600 for a week vs £1150 for 4 nights. Hard to imagine they’d penalise people if they left before the week is up?
    eta: the suites are £512 pw via Hotwire UK


    hi everyone, this will be my first F1 GP race and I can’t wait. Just got GS33 section 3 row NN seats. I think its gonna be dead smack in the middle of the grandstand. No idea if thats good or not.

    I was considering altering my plans a bit to arrive thursday instead of friday so that me and girlfriend could do the “open house” thursday morning and hopefully get autographs and see the cars up close. Anyone have any input as to whether its worth an extra hotel night ($130)??


    Question: Are roller blades allowed instead of walking? I’m not thinking of it for the crowded race day, but intent is for the other days with less people such as on Friday to go around the circuit to spectate at different sections.

    Edgar Madrid

    kicking my self in the butt that i didnt know about the open house and being that close to the f1 cars after booking all my tickets / hotel and room.

    I think I might have to do it again next year so I can get close for I dont think any other track allows that sort of thing.


    Question #2: For Thursday – do we need to pre-register to visit? Or limited first-come first-serve? Or pretty much as long as we have GS tickets, we can go on Thursday? I can’t find details about this. Thanks all!


    This is just a follow up to my post on page two – but I strongly suggest for those who have not booked their accommodations yet to check out sites like homelidays.co.uk and vacationrentals.com and similar sites you can easily find by googling ‘apartment rentals vacation montreal’ or somesuch. Personally I find it’s the only way to travel now. It’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper than hotels, you stay in fully functional apartments in the real atmosphere of the city, you deal with people instead of companies. That’s my two cents worth anyways. Hope you all enjoy the city – after three years away, I’m looking forward to moving back in the autumn – it’s really a great town.


    For everyone that’s asking about the Thursday Open House, it is SO worth it if you can make it! The pits open at 9am and basically you haul ass to the track in the morning & they have buses to take people straight to the pits where you can walk around, see the garages, meet with the pit crews (and the drivers!!) and experience the atmosphere. A lot of the drivers do their track walks at this time as well, so it’s certain that you’ll run into a few coming back to the pits or while you’re going around on the bus.

    Of course, starting at around 11? the drivers start their Autograph session, but they rotate the drivers every 10-20 minutes or so. The line gets /long/ for that but a vast majority of the drivers do make it out for this autograph session. You can stay until noon when the pits officially get to work with race prep.


    Thanks Duchess. I’m arriving on Tuesday evening so Thursday’s a definite for me (+ a good opportunity to pick up my tickets from the box office).

    I managed to cut my hotel bill down even further – 7 days at the Candlewood Suites for £470’ish, booked on hotels.com via quidco (for the cashback).

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