Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    my wife and i had a great time this weekend at our first grand prix and first time in montreal!

    we found montreal to be a fun city and the people were exceptionally nice, from the public transit people, bus drivers, store clerks, etc… we commented all weekend on how nice everyone was. we spent most of our time in old montreal as it is more our speed than downtown. we went downtown on thursday night and almost got caught up in the protest stuff, but otherwise it was fun, and got to see kimi on stage… the rest of the time was in old montreal, which was nice to walk around, take pictures and eat…

    we did our fair share of trying to spot drivers… we saw kimi on stage, then at his hotel on sherbrooke later… right before that i practically bumped into nico hulkenburg outside of the ritz, he was leaving the hotel and going to dinner, i was looking a the veyron out front and turned around and almost walked into him… we saw martin whitmarsh outside of hotel nelligan, as well as lewis the following night… thought we saw adrian newey too, but wasn’t sure it was him…

    the GP itself was great, our seats were great and the fans were really fun. it was awesome to hear the cars in person and see the drivers on the parade before the race… the screens were good for catching what happens when they aren’t in front of you. and getting on the track after the race was really cool, although i didn’t get out there in time to see the podium presentations…

    all in all a great weekend!!

    Eric Ok

    My photos from the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix

    Montreal Naked Protesters at 2012 F1 Grand Prix


    Excellent photos!


    Great shots! I was also in GS 11 for the race and was on the track for the podium, a few yards from where your photos were taken! You didn’t happen to spot a very tanned chap in a kilt, wearing a Force India shirt by any chance?

    I have been to six other races and Montreal was definitely the best! The race always delivers action, the circuit is beautiful and Montreal is now my favourite city in the world! The nightlife was incredible!

    Well worth flying all the way from NZ! Cannot wait until next year’s Canadian GP!

    Eric Ok

    I went back and looked thru my photos and, sadly, no one with a kilt and Force India shirt. I’m sure you would have stood out. I’ve been to my share of Grands Prix and I concur that Montreal is a city you won’t be disapointed in. The race always delivers some surprises.


    I’m from Canada and Montreal was my first race! It was awesome! However, I’ve been to Montreal many times and it’s still awesome, but no longer a novelty. What were the other six races you attended that you’re comparing Montreal? I’m wondering what race I should attend next…


    I was sitting in GS 11 also and I distinctly remember seeing someone in a kilt and Force India shirt! Didn’t know it was a fellow f1 fanatic!


    hahaha. How could I miss the guy with a kilt. We were sitting close to you in GS 11 section 4.


    Someone has to support Di Resta you see! The McLaren boys get all the support in the UK. Good to see that other F1 fanatics were in GS 11! That was probably the best seat I’ve ever had for a Grand Prix – I’ll definitely sit there each year I go. It’s easy to get onto the track from there too!

    I’ve been to Melbourne (outstanding), Singapore (very good), Silverstone (very good), Malaysia (good), China (average) and India (absolutely appalling!).

    I’d definitely recommend going to Melbourne. The race has a lot in common with Montreal – lovely parkland setting, walls close to the track, plenty of crashes, lots of overtaking, great atmosphere at the track. I think the cities are quite similar as well. Melbourne is a superb event – it was my favourite GP until I went to Montreal. The difference is that, where the GP doesn’t seem to mean a lot to the Melbourne locals, the whole of Montreal comes alive when the GP is in town, which makes it more special to me. Nevertheless, you will have an amazing time in Melbourne!

    See you all next year!

    Bren H

    I am starting to post up my pics from Canadian Grand Prix race day on my blog, check them out at http://www.nlcarblog.blgospot.com.

    I had the time of my life, this was well worth the money and the mob experience just added to the enjoyment for me. I have a couple of videos up on youtube as well. One great one of the start of the race


    and one from the podium presentations:


    Everything is well laid out, you could bring in whatever you wanted to eat or drink, take a seat in the shade if it got too hot, I loved every minute of it. The subway made it very easy to get back and forth, passes were included with our package through Formula Tours. Our seats could not have been any better and we didn’t even get to pick them out, we just picked gold seats grandstand one. All in it cost us about $5,000 including airfare but it was the experience of a lifetime!

    I have more info on the blog if you want to check it out!



    Thanks very much for your contributions here everyone. I hope you all had a great time at the race.

    This thread is now closed and the new thread for next year’s race is open here:

    Going to the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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