Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    Thanks John!


    wow…just checked hotel pricing during the f1 weekend in june…up 250-300% per night vs the week before or the week after…might as well fly back and forth from Toronto! wow!….better pack a tent I guess! lol


    I would avoid hotels like the plague on event weekends. Look at sites like https://www.airbnb.ca http://www.vrbo.com/search?q=montreal http://www.wimdu.com/montreal You can rent apartments from owners for peanuts compared to what hotels will charge, plus you’ll get to stay in Montreal’s truly charming neighbourhoods rather than some concrete tourist tower. I travelled around Europe using sites like these and I am never, ever going to a hotel again if I can help it.

    George O’Donnell

    I booked my ticket for the Canadian Grand Prix! So excited now. Gone for the Silver Trio package.

    I’m from the UK and am planning a motorsport extravaganza of a trip. Going to Detroit the weekend prior for their Indycar double header, and then will head to Montreal.

    If you don’t mind hostels, I think they are the way to go. I went to Valencia last year, staying downtown in a hostel. A quick check of prices is £25 a night during the weekend.

    Alex green

    My favourite gp,if you can hold off booking the hotels always come back down in price to a more sensible price level about a month before


    On the subject of hotels if any of you are lucky enough to have tons of points/status with hotel chains, or a relative or friend who is willing to give/sell you some, you can use those to either offset some of the massive cost or get access to rooms reserved for club members.

    My friends Dad was able to offer us sufficient points to get a shared room downtown Montreal, pretty lucky! Proximity to the track is really the issue.


    Myself and two other friends purchased the gold trios package. This will be the first time to an F1 event and why not to the one in my own country lol. I hope it will be a blast even got a decent hotel for relatively cheap.

    Counting down the days for the first practice.

    Andrew Minett

    I wanted to ask if people have taken young kids to the race before? My wife and I are planning on buying grandstand tickets (probably GS33) and need to know if we can bring our 2 yr old son for free or not. The official website has info about children under 11 and General Admission tickets but nothing about our situation. He’d most likely be sitting on my lap so I don’t see an issue but I don’t want to walk in and have a ticket agent get all twisted in a knot about my kid.


    For those struggling to find cheap hotels this hostel is really nice, reasonably priced and in the old town: http://www.lamaisondupatriote.ca/La_Maison_du_Patriote/Accueil.html

    Took about 20 minutes from the door of the hostel to the track.


    @Sunny, I too have purchased the gold trio…heading down there with friends from the office….should be a blast.

    @Alex, are you going to Montreal this year?

    Alex green

    @chen at the moment no ive chosen to go to shanghai instead this year,i usually do 3 flyaways a season and 3 or 4 of the european races,austin will be my other long haul this season
    I f the top bar in the casino is open this year(was closed for reconstruction last year) i always head there after qualy and the race,great place to have a beer or 2 and let the crowd go home,then jump on the free bus or grab a cab into town


    It looks like only General Admission tickets are available for just Sunday. What do you guys think? Is it so bad that I shouldn’t bother, or can I still have a good time?

    lokesh krishnan

    Just now I came to know about this event and is it possible to get the ticket hereafter?? If so, share the complete details. I am very interested to attend this event so reply me as soon as possible. Thanks. vicky shopping cart

    John Ward

    GA on Sunday are fine, if you get there early and get a good seat, the good spots fill up fast.

    Have you checked the home site for the Canadian Grand Prix? A good start to find out about tickets and general information.


    hotels and flights booked for montreal…should be fun…need to hit Crescent street for the weekend as that’s where most of the afterhour activities happens.

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