Going to the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai

Going to the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix.

    Michael Hu

    Delighted to be here and see such a great website. Born & raised in Shanghai, no doubt the 2012 race is must-go for me – for the 8th year in succession!

    Clive Robinson

    Looking to travel alone to the Shanghai race , any advice on where to stay, travel tips once landed , getting to the race etc would be appreciated.


    Hi everybody! My name is Anna. I bought 3-day ticket for Formula 1 in Shanghai,but have no idea where to stay..Looking for inexpensive hotel/motel/guesthouse. The main criteria-it should be close to the track.
    Thanks in advance for help!=)

    P.S. travelling alone, would appreciate to find a company


    Can anyone suggest a reliable ticket seller for Shanghai? F1 travel cant help apparantly.

    Clive Robinson

    Booked through http://www.china-discount-hotels.com/ Xinci Hotel Shanghai only 0.3 km from track,very reasonable.
    Arriving 9pm Wed 11th April into Pudong if anyone wants to share a taxi ! nicandclivey@yahoo.ca


    Just the usual question I guess but what is the best way to get to the circuit. Not sure on where we are staying yet. Metro/bus/taxi. Group of 4 travelling. Any help will be good never been to Shanghai before.


    trains run to the track, u exit out of the underground


    Hi everybody. I am also going to the GP. I am going from Xiamen alone, so maybe some of us can meet somewhere and go together.

    I still didn´t decide the grandstand: B5-8 or H, so I wait for suggestions or people going alone to some of these.


    Anyone know if the subway is running to the circuit on race day? I know it didn’t last year.

    Also anyone know if there is an English commentary available at the track via radio? Thinking of maybe streaming 5 live using a pay as you go sim card in my phone – anyone done that?


    PS My tickets is for B5-8 – not been before, but looks like a great view of the pit straight and turn 1. Excited!

    Michael Hu

    1. The subway is expected to run this year. I’ve got some pre-sold special tickets which are for 13-15 April only. There are some repairs in the station reported, but it’ll be fine I guess.
    2. I don’t know if there is kangaroo tv or sth like that this year. For 5 live streaming online, I think a 3G SIM card in the phone should be ok. Make sure you’ve bought the right model and data package.
    I’m Shanghainese so pleasure to answer your questions:)

    Michael Hu

    @regan – Line 11, Shanghai Circuit Station. Don’t where you live, but checking this interactive map may help you (English available) http://www.exploreshanghai.com/ditie/
    Tips: Get in a metro station and buy tickets first. Round trip costs about 5-7 RMB, depending on where you stay. It’s cheaper and punctual compared to taxi and bus, but better start early in case of the crowd, esp. on race day!

    Michael Hu

    @Crajmaleon – B5-8 or H? I’ve been both and I have to say they both provide nice but different view. For the start and mega T1, B5-8 is perfect. No roof, so could be a problem when it rains in Shanghai (it does! esp. in April). With some extra money, H obviously has got roof. The view of the long straight, heavy braking hairpin and majority of overtaking is also fantastic. Personally I would recommend it to people who is here 1st time, but it all depends on you! P.S. Tickets are now selling fast with the event approaching, so maybe you have to get one from “yellow cows” (ticket scalpers) near the circuit when you arrive… with good price (bargain from 50% off)!


    The Subway is fine on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I would suggest you get other transport. We have a group bus going. Last year the bus was not allowed near the track, but this year we have squared that with the authorities.
    So make sure you can get into the circuit with your transport or you will have a long walk.

    A great group to go with is organized by the owner of The Shed (an Ozzie bar) near Jing’An. He has a bus (or three) that goes on race day. Get in touch now and he can make arrangements for you. They have a food hamper and booze and lots of drunk Ozzies and expats – so beware if you don’t like a lively crowd!

    I have of course bought my tickets officially. But I have experienced how easy it is for other people to get them from scalps at the circuit on each of the days. What happens is sponsors get them. They give them to employees, and then the employees sell them for a few hundred quai. Then the touts knock them out for around 50% of face value. You can get everything from Grandstand down quite easily. We got booze passed over the fence from outside last year.

    The food is crap at the track – and expensive. Take your own.

    The best place to go IMHO (assuming it doesn’t rain) is the first stand after the GrandStand on the main straight. Fantastic finish last year.

    And of course M1NT in town is the place to be after the race. :)

    I am hoping for Kimi’s first win of the season in China! :p

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