Going to the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai

Going to the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit

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    Leaving Melbourne in 6hrs for Shanghai, have tickets for both Sat and Sun, will check back when I arrive if anyone wants to meet up :)


    Does anyone know what frequency the circuit commentary is on?

    I’ve been told 94.0 which it quite clearly isn’t. My Chinese is rubbish, so I have no chance. Oh FanVision, how I would’ve loved to have you this weekend

    Alex green

    got told by a sales lady of the headsets yesterday that there was only english commentray today (raceday) as was going to get one for the girlfriend,that was in the tented village before you go through the ticket check point


    @thenorthernlights247 To be fair, even if Fanvision stuck around, they probably wouldn’t be in Shanghai. It was one of the races that was initially dropped from Fanvision’s list at the start of 2010 (presumably due to poor sales).


    Cheers for the comments.

    Alex, I ended up picking up a Fandio No.1 headset anyway. It seems I’m collecting radios now ha

    Journeyer, oh ok. I didn’t know that. Bernie REALLY needs to sort this out though, it would be good if there was one standardised device at all races, or open radio frequencies that are made available. (like they were in Melbourne).

    Alex green

    Girlfriend said the commentary was about a 50/50 English Chinese so not to bad
    Thought it was well handled on the metro as well coming back into the city we queued for maybe 15mins then onto the platform then on a train and we managed to get a seat,just had an Italian on west Nanjing road and I’m ready for bed as a day of tourism awaits


    A question for anyone who went this year, did they allow fans onto the grid after the grand prix for the podium ceremony? If so, did/would they only allow those fans from the main grandstand?

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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