Going to the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai

Where to sit and where to watch at Shanghai International Circuit?

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    Keith Collantine

    Where are the best places to watch from at Shanghai International Circuit?


    I’m trying to work out where to sit for the 2012 race. It looks like upper level A of the grandstand at the pit exit end (under the structure that goes ov the track) will give me a view of the start, pits and turns 1 2 3. Can anyone enlighten me? Theres precious little on what looks like the official website as to actual seat locations. The panorama views from the stands on the Malaysia website should be mandatory for all booking websites.


    It’s my first time to go to a GP, so donno what is the best cheap places. I’m hesitating between stand J, B1-4 and B5-8, any advise is welcome :)

    B1-4 looks interesting because it’s the slow down area, but J stand must be nice too as they arrive full speed and have to break for this big turn…


    Due to the lack of solid official info available about Shanghai seating and ticketing I decided not to go. My work life and kids schedules need to be planned months in advance so Shanghai will miss out this year – nice one boneheads. Organisers should take note that if they want to fill seats with paying customers rather than comps they need to provide some information and in a timely manner.


    I’m in stand “H”. I hear it’s the best overtaking corner.

    Thecollaroyboys, this is who I bought my tickets off.


    I think it’s the official ticket site, and I already have the seat number and section. Though it wouldn’t let me pick the exact seat I wanted. Now I’m just waiting on the tickets to be delivered to Australia.


    Thanks Grant. I’ve missed my window for China so aiming at Singapore and Abu Dhabi. China will hve to be next year by the look of it. Can you post any feedback you have on the ticket seller?


    @thecollaroyboys – Shanghai’s never been the best at providing information ahead of time. The language barrier doesn’t help either. You might be better off looking at Sepang or Singapore – both provide information as early as the first week of the New Year. If you really want to go for Shanghai next year, though, once the dates are available, block them off right away, then go here to F1F to look for information and tips. Bookmarking the racing-china ticket page helps, too. I bought my tickets there in 2010, and I got my tickets by courier bang on schedule. They also have a helpful phone hotline if you have any questions, but you will need to be a touch patient with the language barrier and whatnot.

    @widseth – Yep, that’s the official ticket site. And you picked the best spot – not only does H provide you a view of the overtaking corner, if you got the seats at the rightmost edge, you’ll also get a great view of the pit entry and the start-finish straight. I sat at stand K in 2010 (back then, they lumped the H and K stands under one option and you couldn’t choose your seat then either). That provided the best view of the entire back straight – especially nice if you want a nice, long stare at your favorite driver or an overtaking attempt. Be warned, though, the TVs are a bit on the small side in the H/K area, so it may be hard to see what’s on them at times.

    One more thing – you can sit anywhere on the Friday, so you might want to stake out in front of your favorite team’s pit garage in Grandstand A.


    I went last year, sat B1-4 stands and had a very good view of Turns 1-2-3 & end of the pit straights. Remembered one of the Torro Rosso’s wheel coming off at the turns last year.

    This year decided to go one up for Grandstand A-High, hopefully would catch a view of the podium as well. Also probably one of the most affordable pit straights stands on the calendar.

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