Going to the German Grand Prix at Hockenheimring

2013 German Grand Prix Tickets

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    I’m planning on going to Germany with my girlfriend next summer, either for her 21st birthday or for the German grand Prix a month earlier, depending on price. Does anyone know when tickets will go on sale, and roughly how much it’d be for a general admission ticket?
    Thanks in advance.


    At present it isn’t certain which of the two tracks will have the race. It’s supposed to be the Nurburgring but they’ve got some serious financial problems. I asked the FIA about it a couple of days ago and they couldn’t say. There’s a WMSC meeting next month by which time it should be resolved.


    Awesome, thanks. Do you know roughly when previous tickets go on sale?


    Any news on the tickets?
    Does anyone know the price of the Mercedes Grandstand (4a) in 2011?
    How is the parking at Nurburg? Busy? Tickets?


    Tickets go on sale Monday Feb 4th.
    Prices start from €89 for GA.
    Pricelist is available on Nürburgring site.


    Guys here is the thread for the Nurburgring:

    Buying tickets for the Nurburgring

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