Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix.


    I’ll hopefully be making it to this next year and I’d like to book tickets sharpish, I’m just wondering where the best silver seating area is for overtaking spots? All I’m getting is at the end of the main straight at the moment and that’s all gold seating.

    ross bell

    hi, going next year, first corner seats booked, flights booked, hotel booked only thing i need now is car hire. i would like to talk to others going.


    I was going to go to this last year as I was organising a stag do but the couple split up and in the end i had to opt for silverstone. But the official hungaroring website has 25% off early bird tickets at moment.

    (I presume its the official website)


    By the way about 6 weeks before the event the website started offering 2-4-1 tickets on the GOLD 2 grandstand which made it a hell of a bargain. It is late to hold off but you never know.


    I’m going. Just decided as can’t get over to Spain this year. I will be booking flights at the end of the month for the 24-31 so I can see Budapest aswel.

    Any body driving? Would be happy to chip ib!


    Hungaria rocks. I’ve been 3 times – 2006, 2007 and 2009 – Button, Hamilton, Hamilton in terms of the winners :-)

    Camping there is the way forward, it’s normally hot, and you get loads of Polish, Finish and German / Austrian fans there, who are all really friendly and up for drunken party times after the race.

    In terms of places to watch, the great thing about Hungary is that even with GA tickets, you can get loads of good spots around the whole circuit because it’s set in a natural bowl.

    We’ve been in the Silver stand before the start / finish straight before (was the Red Bull stand in 2007, but not sure if it’s still branded that way), and it’s a good section as you can see the whole final section, which starts with a good overtaking point at the end of the back straight.

    Such a great place to watch a race though, regardless of where you sit. As always, be sure to take advantage of the free reign you get on where to watch the Free Practice sessions on Friday (not the Super Gold down the main straight, but apart from that, anywhere you like)!

    I’m toying with Austin this year, but come July will still be tempted to go to Hungary. My first F1 experience, and has a special place for me as a result.

    My top tip is to make a holiday of it. Budapest is a cool city, but it’s also really centrally located with Hungary bordering a lot of countries, and lots of cheap-ish international trains and stuff.

    In 2006 we had a night in Bratislava before the GP weekend, then 4 nights in Budapest over the GP weekend, before going to Brno in Czech Republic for 2 nights afterwards.

    Then in 2007, we camped over the race weekend from Weds to Monday, and then got an overnight train to Krakow, Poland, where we had 3 days.

    Then in 2009, we again camped before heading over by train to Llubljana in Slovenia, and having a few days exploring the capital as well as Bled. All great trips, not too pricey and really turns your F1 trip into a proper holiday with F1 thrown in for good measure.

    Enjoy yourselves, whatever you do though! :-)

    ross bell

    anyone been to the pit walk, how bus is it? and how long will it take to drive from hte cuty to the track on raceday?


    Indeed i have. Its quite busy, particularly around the big teams but you can usually get to see cars etc if you are patient.

    Distance wise when I’ve taken taxis to the circuit it takes around 30 mins to an hour dependant on traffic.

    ross bell

    @infernojim nice, i want to be at the front so will probaly leave budapest quite early, i heard the entrance sued is entrance 8?


    Have to confess that i don’t remember which entrance it was. i didn’t go to the pit walk in 2009, so we’re going back to 2007 for my pit walk reminiscences….


    Last year the entrance they used for the pit walk was the one nearest turn one. The pit walk was VERY busy, but we were lucky enough to see Jenson Button in his garage, so if you’re patient, it’s definitely worth it.

    ross bell

    @Jack yeh i will go ot the pit walk anyway i went to the belgian one last year and you couldnt move past the big teams so i hope to get abit closer this year


    Why don’t you go for Gold tickets? The tickets prices only differ app. 30 euro. I have been to the F1 at the Hungaroring for 5 times already and always stayed in Budapest, which I will do this year as well. There are free busses driving from Budapest to the circuit and back and if you want to pay a taxi you pay about 40 euro per cab.

    David Mitchell


    Going to be in Budapest for the week of the Hungarian Grand Prix and looking to buy some tickets. Don’t have much money and had a look at the website and the two possible grandstands are Silver1 and Silver8. Anyone been to either of these before? If so, which one is better? By the looks of it you get a better view from Silver1 of the straight after turn 5 and Silver8 seems to just have a view of Turns 6 and 7. I am leaning towards Silver1 but was wondering if anybody had any better advice? (or whether we just ditch the grandstand and go for general admission?)

    Any advice would be much appreciated. :)




    Hey guys!
    This will be my first ever GP :) Excited! qucik question. We are still students and cant splash out big money yet :( We’ve been looking at General admission tickets. Whats the view like? or is it worth paying a bit extra and get Silver ticket?

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