Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    @James Banks,

    Enjoy the evening in Budapest. One (short) nigth and Hungary will be filled with F1 fans…


    Is anyone looking to share a taxi to the circuit. We are staying near Blaha ljuza ter.

    The walk from the station nearly killed me today.



    We will take the bus to the circuit tOmorrow and the taxi back. Sent me a nessage when you want to take a shared taxi back ( 5 persons on the cab)


    Hey Guys, I need a hand;

    Im from Winnipeg Canada (google it)

    I’m in Belgrade for the summer staying with Family. I’m looking to get into Budapest Sunday morning by train @ 6am into Keleti train station, I DO NOT have a ticket yet. i’m hoping to buy a nose bleed section at the doors, I heard you can still do that. (please enlighten me if this isn’t possible anymore)

    Biggest issue right now is getting from Keleti station downtown to the track, I’ve read the posts on here quite well but can’t seem to make out which line (route) to take. I’m not a local and don’t speak or read Turkish so you might understand my problem..

    Before you say, maybe go to Montreal next year, understand that even in Canada, Montreal is very very far for my city.

    I’m looking for some pro-tips to catch my first live race, I didn’t plan this out earlier because I honestly didn’t know how close Budapest is to Belgrade (5ish hrs) until it was mentioned to me, I’m trying to grasp and opportunity.

    Once again, thank you to the people that take the time to read this and respond, Cheers.


    email: nykwhy@facebook.com


    First you have to know that in hungary, we speak hungarian, not turkish, and we have latin letters as in english, german, or any western language, the second is that in Belgrade they have cyrill letters, and speak serbian.

    On how to get to the track. From Keleti, take metro line 2, and go to Örsvezér, thats the final destination, so you cant really miss it. From there jump up to the HÉV (the suburban railroad) and go to Mogyorod/Hungaroring (the train, that goes to Gödöllő), then a nice walk to the track, you cant get lost as nearly half of the train will go there. That is the easiest way, but not the cheapest (2x 320 HUF + 1x 250 HUF), which is the free bus from bridge Árpád.



    Forgive my blatant ignorance, I appreciate your time.

    This is the first stop at Örsvezér?
    Is this the correct intersection where ill be jumping off the ‘2’ onto the HEV towards Gödöllő?
    (Is the Árpád line the one that merges into the M3?)

    Those prices for transit sound very reasonable. Would you know any information on purchasing tickets at the gates of Hungaroring for the GP?

    Thank you for the details, it’s much appreciated.

    email: nykwhy@facebook.com

    James banks


    It is really easy. You go all the way to the end of the red m2 line. Get off the train go through a subway and you come up on the platform for the HEV. There are big notices on the platform telling you which train to get. It is the one to Godollo.
    As far as I am aware there are still tickets available to buy at the gate. Only the box office by the main gate takes card payments. The rest are cash only.

    Joe Doe


    The Árpád Bridge stop is on the M3 line, the Örs Vezér tere stop is on the M2(where you can find the HÉV to Gödöllő/Mogyoród stop).
    You can change lines on the Deák Ferenc Tér stop, where all 3 lines merged.

    You will find a ticket at the gates, but if they are out of ticket, sombebody will sell his own tickets at the gates, I’m sure :)


    @James banks

    Cheers, the red M2 line is a subway line? go upstairs at end of line and catch the line to Gödöllő.

    Thanks for the additional info about the tickets, this will be my first GP event so it was all riding on weather I can get tickets or not, seeing the Canadian GP from what I heard from locals runs about 1500+ at the end of it all, i’m going for under ~200.

    Thanks again, @Bag0 & @James banks.

    (edit: @JoeDoe
    The transit website really helps, Cheers)


    email: nykwhy@faceboook.com


    @Adrian Maftei: thanks for the answer! can’t wait to get there and enjoy the race. leaving tonight from Romania.


    Are the signing sessions every day from 17-18h or was it just yesterday? And if it’s still on, where should I go to get something signed? Is it on the grid maybe? I saw a sign that said “autographs from 17-18”, but it didn’t say where.


    Hi everyone! I’m going also for the first time to F1 race :)) It was my biggest dream and now it’s coming true! I hope the race is interesting! I have Silver 2 tickets and I’ll be going for tomorrow’s qualifying session. I want to ask the same question as @Martin – can we meet the drivers, when and where? Thank you in advance for the info!
    Wishing you all a great expirience at Hunagoring!!!

    Robo nazdar

    Hi people!

    I want to go on sunday to grand prix, but i dont have ticket. I know that there will be box offices with tickets, but will there be enough tickets around 10.00 – 11.00? I mean tickets for general admission. I dont want to go there and then have a bad surprise, you know.
    Also, i´ve heard that is possible to pay in € for tickets there, wouldnt there be any problem with this? If its not possible, how much costs ticket in HUF?
    Own drink and food is prohibited? I´m not a moron, but i have not very good way there, I wouldnt be able to buy food in some village where i have to wait 2 hours on midnight for the train, so i want to bring that with me…
    And the last thing, what place in general admission do you think is the best? I want to see enough of the circuit and also to be not far away from track.

    Thanks for any help!


    @Robo: From http://www.hungaroinfo.com/formel1/index_en.htm
    “There are box offices around the circuit.
    Opening times:
    Monday to Thursday 10.00 – 17.00
    Friday and Saturday 07.00 – 17:00
    Sunday 7.00 – 14.00
    Payment: Cash (EUR or HUF) at all box offices. Maestro or Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) at the main box office at the main gate only.”
    From what I understand you can bring your own food and drink.


    My weekend is already a succes: I saw Schumacher crash right in front of me!

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