Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    @andae23 How bad was the rain over there? It seems a few drivers had problems with that corner.


    @keithcollantine the rain wasn’t actually that bad, the real problem was that there was a huge puddle on the outside of that corner. Also from the place I was standing, I saw that the heaviest part of the rain actually missed the circuit and hit the town north of the circuit.


    I was wandering around the track at FP2, and it was amazing. I walked back and forth between T12 & T9, without looking at the time sheets, my feeling was that RB could be a favourite, they had really good traction out of T9, they were faster on the throttle than all of their competitors. Ferraris had nervous fronts there, while McLarens took a mutch wider line than the others. I didn’t see anyone going through T10 with DRS, but Hamilton was mighty in that corner, mutch faster than any other car I saw (all of them). The rain wasnt so bad, Senna overtook Rosberg on inters, that was pretty nice, Glock constantly running out of the track at T10. All in all, a pretty good day:)


    Arrived at a very muddy track at 8:30 (nearly did a ‘schumi on bruno senna’ at the parking lot…). We didn’t buy tickets for a grand stand, so it was fighting for your spot at the hill at the exit of the final turn. Luckily we managed to get a place on top of the hill with a great view on the final three turns and a part of turn 5. The GP3 race was fun, but I really enjoyed GP2 (I have been following it this season, so thats why). We were already discussing Esteban’s win and Giedo’s free fall, when suddenly Trummer crashed just meters in front of us! The second Porsche race was a bit dull, same goes for the silly drivers parade. Then the grid: we managed to spot Bernie, Norbert Haug, Ross Brawn and Christian Horner (very nice). A bit of confusion at the start of the race with Schumacher (we wrongly assumed he stalled), but then they all got away cleanly. We were able to follow the race very well with the big screen (that we could see only half because some idiot decided to plant Eni-flags there!). All the Kimi-fans, probably everyone except the Alonso-fans, were rewarded with a podium finish, which resulted in a deafining noise when he stepped onto the podium! We hit traffic after the race, so we decided to take a B-road through the vineyard, which was a good call, as we came out in clean air as soon as we reached the next town. In total, we were at the appartement in Budapest at 5 o’clock (not bad I reckon). All in all, I had a fantastic day and a superb weekend!


    Also, the heavens just opened here: a downpoor that makes Canada ’11 look like a light drizzle.


    @andae23 Hey, I see u were at the track too. I want to ask u ,where there a signing session? I asked a man from the staff at the track but he didn’t know and said it might be in the paddock. I hope somebody knows sth about that, or at least some other place one can get an autograph at.


    @yasmin The only one I know about was during the pit walk on Thursday. People were waiting behind a fence on the main straight for the drivers to arrive. I didn’t want an autograph, so I walked past it to reach the pit lane. I don’t know if there were any more sessions apart from that one.


    I saw that but I was running late so I arrived at 6, just in time to pick up my tickets. Never mind, I waited long enough in front of the commentary boxes and caught Brundle, DC and Crofty. :DD


    Hi all!

    Had a great time at the race. Was sitting in Gold 2, right on the finish line in row 22. Went on Saturday and Sunday only (arrived too late for Friday). Man, was it hot! Used a lot of sunscreen.

    I enjoyed the race. Enjoyed watching the gap between Hamilton and the Lotuses slowly going down and back up. Could see the end of the pit barely. Couldn’t really see the action, but was able to time the pit stops for Red Bull and McLaren so I knew if they were getting in and out quickly.

    Saw Bernie and Horner at the Marriott hotel on Sunday night, heading out of the Aqua bar and off in a black, throaty Merc. Some American guy said, “hey, look, it’s Bernie Eccelstone and Adrian Newey.” Loud enough I am sure Horner must have heard, but didn’t flinch at all.

    Captured some video from the race (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqjbun-3seM), as well as pictures and text (http://gregwtravels.travellerspoint.com/379/)

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