Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    I’ve been to Nurburgring, Silverstone, Hockenheimring and the Hungaroring, and Hungary is by far the best for GA.

    Because it’s a natural bowl, you get great views around most of the track.
    @David Mitchell – I’d say Silver 2, of those two choices.

    David Mitchell

    Hi infernojim,

    Thanks for your reply, Silver 2 is a bit out of reach financially at the moment, only real options I have are General Admission, Silver 1 and Silver 8. I am guessing by the price difference Silver 1 would be best, but was just wondering if it was worth the extra 30 Euro’s or whether Silver 8 is the better deal?




    @David Mitchel,

    If you have to chose between Silver 1,8 and GA tickets than go for the GA tickets. The view you have on from Silver 1/8 is not as good as the what you chose yourselve when having the GA tickets. If you are early you can even place tables against the fence and create your own personal “sky-box”. At Hungaroring go only for grandstand tickets on the straight end. between Sivler 3 and Gold 4.

    David Mitchell

    Thanks Taipan, much appreciated!


    Hi all!

    Just booked my ticket for the GP. Gold 2.

    A couple of questions – I am going to be staying in Budapest. I saw mention of a bus from Budapest. Can anyone give any details? Otherwise, what are the best ways to get to the track?

    Second question – Is there anything on after the race? Concert, track walk, etc. I have been to other races that do this, and just curious if Hungary does the same.

    Thanks all!

    ross bell

    @gregwtravels after the race they open up the track but im pretty sure its just the pit straight only


    Hi greg,

    From budapest the circuit can easily be reached by using the bus. The bus is free and leaves from the Újpest – Városkapu station. Take the metro line 3 to get there. There are also busses going back to budapest but we’re always to late (nice beer-places on the circuit area). We always take the taxi back. The evenngs can be better spent in budapest than around the circuit.

    Ellen George

    Hi, booked our tickets, I have booked them through official f1 site, 2 general admission, they are both under one name though does that matter or is that just for redemption purposes on the day?? not done this way before so just wanted to check, only gave the option to enter one traveller name on the site!

    After reading on here and taking the advice from other posters it seems General admission is pretty good for Hungary, looking forward to it!



    Tickets are not personally identified. This means that anyone can use your tickets. I usually order tickets for more than 10p in one order, all on one name.

    And you are correct, GA is a very good option at the Hungaroring.



    Is there any way to get just friday practice ticket guys? One of my friends can only come on friday,because of work.
    Can not wait now!

    ross bell

    @Andy Rizikov dont think so doenst say anthing on the hungarotickets website but get in touch with them and find out

    ross bell

    anyone got their tickets yet?


    @kangars I think you can also buy a weekend ticket for your friend and then sell it on Saturday morning: always people showing up without a ticket. Anyway, just a thought.

    Does anyone know if you can take some good pictures around the track?


    Just booked tickets for Red Bull weekend. Planing to camp at Camping 2. Anyone been there?
    Is there any wireless free or paid internet access at campsite or track?


    Hi fellow-Hungarian GP goers,

    I’ll be attending the Hungaroring for my first F1 GP – will be sitting in Gold 5. Bought the tickets though GPTicketShop.com & received them this week.

    Very much looking forward to the race & weekend.

    People who have attended before: would you recommend the free bus transfer or rail to get from Budapest (where staying) to the track – I imagine the buses might be quite busy/in demand if free.


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