Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    Hello everyone,
    i was at hungaroring last year, was something like a last minute decision to go there, but it was great. I only saw sunday race, but it was enough. Probably the best place for general admission is above the last corner and in the start of finish line. I was also at the opposite straight, but it was too much sun there and i was sunburnt after one and half hour :D so i went a little back, somewhere in the middle of general admission area is a little place with big trees – the only one on the track with the shade. I will go to this place during practices if it will be too hot this year (last year was 36 celsius, definitely too hot). But I hope it would be a little colder.

    For transport i reccomend you usinge metro line 2 (M2) to Ors Vezer Ter and from there on the train (HEV) which is heading to Godollo. Train is pretty big and goes often and you will avoid traffic jams. On the way there is easy to find seating place, on the way back it will be full (everyone wants to get back to Budapest immediately…) but still its faster than car/bus.

    For accomodation, there is plenty of hotels/hostels in the line of M2, so your transportation will be easy. I´m personally going here: http://www.hostelbudapestcenter.com/informations.html (sorry for advertisement, if its not allowed pls delete) looks like good and cheap option.

    For sightseeing, Buda castle area is a must, especially castle itself and Mathias Church. But there is plenty of great building and attractions all around the city center. I personally want to get a ride on a fireman car, with its tank filled with beer :D

    Hope this will help someone, if you want to know something else, just ask, if i will be able i will answer.
    PS: If you will see totally drunk, naked and sunburned people, theyre 99% finnish, so dont blame Kimi ;-)

    And I have one question also – is it possible to buy weekend tickets also in thursday before pitwalk in the box office at the circuit?

    Luis Hernandez

    Thanks for the information Robo. Me and some friends are heading to Budapest for the race and that’ll be useful, especially the bit about public transport, actually sounds quite easy. Have you used the free shuttle bus? I read something about it but not sure how busy it gets or if it gets stuck in the same race traffic.

    What’s this about beer fire engine though?! Sounds interesting. Got any details?

    Sadly I can’t answer your question about being able to buy a weekend ticket on the Thursday, but hopefully someone else can help you out


    Agree with all of Robo Nazdar’s comments.

    I went to the HungarianGP for the first time last year and am going back this year (just booked flights and hotels actually) – my plan is to stay in the Erzsebetvaros, Pest area close to rail links and use the HEV train. We used the HEV last year but didn’t actually bother with the shuttle bus – walked up a hill (steep & v/ hot but with lots of other fans) & through the campsites to the track.

    +1 for the drunk finnish spectators comment –> all v/friendly though!

    Flights seem to be booking up – I have actually added an extra day before and after because flight times were so much better so will fit in some sightseeing (and bar-exploring!).

    Last year we used the Gold 5 grandstand which was good to see cars leaving the pitlane and heading into the first turn. This year I have gone for the Red Bull stand (NOT due to any team allegiance though!) for a view of the final turn.

    My main tips for anyone interested:
    If you are going on the pit walk on the Thursday aim to get their EARLY. We arrived at the advertised time and there were already queues up the hill from the track and the pitlane was very overcrowded!

    If you plan to walk from the HEV station to the track pack something comfortable to walk in!!

    Try to get around the bars in the Pest area – some very cool ‘ruin’-style bars to spend some time in if you have a day or 2 spare.

    I have some photo sets on here from the trip I took last year (a row or 2 down for Hungary 2012) http://www.flickr.com/photos/_chrisuk/sets/

    Sorry for such a long post but hopefully something useful in there!


    I have not tried the shuttle bus (as i had better to use metro just at the train station (keleti)), but from what i´ve heard its totally full bus with 40 celsius and stucked in a traffic jam. This could be an option maybe on friday/saturday or if it wouldnt be so hot.
    I will find more about that fire engine tour! :D on our hostel page it says that they have connections with sighseeing companies and this just one of many options. I will send them an email and will inform you.

    It will be boring without all those people going there! Its great we have a grand prix here and we can see this. I actually want to get drunk on thursday, as a friend of mine has birthday, hopefully we will be able to wake up for practice :D


    Thought I would give this thread a bump as I received my tickets from GP Ticketshop for the Hungarian Grand Prix today. Very much looking forward to it!

    Luis Hernandez

    Really starting to look forward to this now too. We made our plans months ago and hoping it’s all going to work out ok!

    Have looked at the train as an option Christopher since you mentioned it, looks a decent alternative to the shuttle. How much does it tend to cost? Also, is the track signposted from the Hungaroring station? Scared of taking it to the pitwalk on the Thursday and getting lost!


    I received my tickets 2 days ago too and started investigating where to live and how to get to the track. Ended up putting a map with a all locations together, which you can find here: http://rso.lv/hungarian-gp

    During my investigation I also stumbled upon a few links, which I found useful. I’ll list them here in case anyone else wants to find out a bit more about travelling (hope Keith doesn’t mind):
    All these links are also in the description of the map.

    That’s it for now. Off to book flights and hotels! Hope it’s not too late…


    ChristopherF1, Morpheus – are you guys from Hungary? I have also ordered tickets from gpticketshop but mine still didnt arrive (i´m from Slovakia), they are listed as “paid for” on their site. Just want to know when i can expect them


    @Robo nazdar, I am in the US and I received my tickets last week.

    @ChristopherF1 , I’m also in Red Bull (NOT for team affiliation, but because it looked like a great seat for the price). I looked at your pics from last year, they are great. How did you get the shots of the podium? Where is the podium at the Hungaroring?

    @Morpheus, thanks for the map in info!


    @bjoy re the podium photos:
    The start-finish straight of the track is opened after the chequered flag and you can go onto the track to stand in front of the podium. We went down onto the track and up to end of the start/finish straight to watch the interviews (with Placido Domingo of all people last year!) and celebrations.
    Could also stand and watch the teams congratulating each other etc.
    We watched Sky filming interviews with the McLaren team and stood watching into the garage for a while.

    Also went for Red Bull g/stand for price, a lot cheaper than the grandstands either side but with an almost identical view … from what I could tell anyway!


    Hello everyone!I’m going to the 2013 Hungarian Gp and i really could use some advice on which is the best place to watch the race with a general admission ticket.That’s the 1st time i’m going to attend a gp,soi am very excited but a bit lost as well..
    So,don’t hesitate to share with me any tips that you think are important!
    Thank you!


    @ChristopherF1 great, thanks for that info! i also can’t wait to fight the crowds on thursday and get some driver pics… i agree with the RB tickets, i sitting right between silver 3 and silver 6, but cheaper?? works for me!

    @Anastasia , this will be my first time to the hungaroring, but from everything i read it is one of the best, if not the best circuit on the calendar for GA tickets. The track is in a natural bowl, so anywhere you go, you should have a nice view. From what I gathered around grandstand silver 2 between turns 11 and 12 is good, but show up early and stake out a spot.


    I’ve been to Hungary 3 times in the last 7 years (2006, 2007 and 2009) and it’s easily my favourite track to watch at live, even though on TV it doesn’t always deliver great races. Whenever I see it on TV I want to be there – I’ll be jealous of you all in a few weeks time, though I am off to Monza, so can’t complain too much! :-)

    It was especially awesome when Kubica was around with all the CRAZY Polish fans invading. You still get a lot of Finns over though and the Kimi love is high (which I approve of).

    Don’t miss out on the roaming possibilities on the Friday –


    Hi guys, I went to the Hungaroing last season (2012) and loved it. I caught the train to the circuit. It takes about 30 minutes from the city centre and another 30 minute walk from the station to the circuit (uphill on the way there, downhill on the way back ). There’s a shop near the station, get stocked up on water and food there. I’d advise against a taxi. We took one on Thursday to the driver signing session. We we’re stuck in traffic for ages, in the end we got out and walked ! . The pitwalk gets very busy, advise getting there early if you want autographs. The one in Barcelona is a lot better.

    Budapest is a fantastic city , probably the best one I’ve been to on my travels. Went to one bar (Morisons) where it was 3 pints for 500f (about £1.60 ), and the food is amazing

    Luis Hernandez

    Hi Matt,

    Just wondering, how much roughly was the train, and how do you know what ticket to buy at the station?!

    Also, how easy is it find the route from the station to the track, especially on the Thursday?

    My friends and I are considering using this on the Thursday at least, if not the whole weekend and just want to make sure it’s not going to be too expensive, or that we don’t end up lost in the middle of a field somewhere between the station and the track!



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