Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    The track is easy to find from the station. Follow the crowds . It’s up a long hill / farm track , then accross a campsite/field which brings you to near the entrance gates. I think it was about 600f / £2 return so it’s cheap . You can buy tickets at a kiosk at the station, the queues werent that long. The suburban rail tickets are different from the underground tickets. There’s a help desk at the ors vezer ter station which is specially for the gp


    Just found this

    Train service also exists. The train (called the Gödöllõi HÉV) leaves the Örs Vezér tér station every half an hour beginning at 4:30 a.m., stopping at the train station named “Mogyoród”. Please find the exact timetable at http://www.bkv.hu. The train is not free of charge, costing approx. HUF 365,00 for a one way ticket. (1€ = approx. HUF 270)


    Some more questions:is there a standard hour when drivers are signing autographs?
    What should I have with me?
    What time would you recommend going to the circuit and finally are Euris accepted or should I exchange them before the trip?

    Luis Hernandez

    Thanks Matt, all useful information. That’s a pretty cheap train ticket, so I imagine we’ll give it a go. We’re going to go as early as we can, but hopefully not too early, we need to be sure there is a crowd to follow!

    Also, from what you recall, on the any day from Thursday to Sunday, what’s the deal with bringing in alcohol? At Spa there was no restriction at all, but I’ve seen somewhere that the Hungaroring isn’t the same? Are there shops on the way from the station to the track to lubricate the walk if nothing else?


    They don’t let you take cans or glass bottles in, I got stopped taking a can of coke in. You can take alcohol in if it’s in a plastic bottle I think. (that was the situation at Barcelona). There’s a mini market right next to the station, just turn right when you get to the main road.

    The drivers signing session is usually Thursday afternoon, get there early because it gets packed.


    Hi All,
    I’ll be going to the Hungarian GP too, it will be my first race and I’m so excited about it!! We’ll be on Grand Stand 4. Just trying to get a flag and work out what I will need to take with myself to secure it somewhere/anywhere.


    I decided to go to the Hungarian GP. Do you think it is reasonable to buy tickets online? I can see they are available on various websites, but I am worried that the delivery would take too long.

    Is it possible to buy ticket at the gates? Or should I try to buy online? Can you recommend reliable site with fast delivery?


    You can purchase tickets online, then collect from a ticket collection point at the circuit


    Last year you could take in alcohol but only 1 can each. I passed my second can to a bewildered german man who walked through with it and then gave it back to me!

    Is there anyone on here looking to share taxis to/from the circuit? Last year we decided the train was way too much hassle and the taxis have a special road that gets you to/from the circuit in 20 mins. I think it’s about £30 which is pretty good if shared with another couple.


    Hoping that the race won’t be a procession – there wasn’t *lots* of overtaking and if Pirelli are bringing hard and medium tyres AND they are using a new construction of tyre too … could happen? … Hopefully not!

    re: beer … maybe I just got lucky last year, bags were checked, but took *lots* of plastic bottles of beer into the track … they did some nice fruit-flavoured beers in the supermarket in plastic bottles!
    There were cheap cans of lager available in the circuit, but certainly not as cheap as from the supermarkets!

    Luis Hernandez

    Thanks guys for the tips on alcohol. Will definitely give the plastic bottles thing a try. We had some of those at Spa last year and are actually much lighter to carry around than cans or glass bottles. If it’s not too expensive in the supermarket then at least it’s not as much of a heartache if they get confiscated.

    jason pepper

    This will be our first time to Budapest and was thinking of the bus Friday and Saturday but may look at a Taxi if shared to cut the cost. Staying at Novotel Budapest City if anyone interested in cutting costs on Friday and Saturday

    Franco Bonelli

    Hi Everyone,

    Anyone who needs cheap accomadation should check out airbnb.com
    Really good site for a place to stay anywhere in the world :)

    Also, I am going with my girlfriend and am very curios as to where exactly our seats are.I cant seem to find any seating map online.The seats are Silver 2 Section D.Does anyone have any seating plan for this section?

    And Jason Pepper,my missus is Hungarian and just so you know,take a taxi at your peril.It is the most direct route but they do take the piss big time with foreigners.


    @francobonelli check this out http://www.hungaroinfo.com/formel1/tickets_tri_silber2_en.htm and http://tripwow.tripadvisor.com/slideshow-photo/f1-hungaroring-racetrack-silver-2-view-budapest-hungary.html?sid=102226564&fid=upload_13438128871-tpfil02aw-756 i had the same question with you and i tried to find it out. i have also tickets at silver 2 at the same section (D) !!!!! maybe its in the lower parts of the grandstand as you will see.

    Franco Bonelli

    Thanks Theo!!! Yeah I have seen that video view but we cant see the D section.Anyways they look decent tickets so Im happy!

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