Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

How to get to Hungaroring

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    Keith Collantine

    Share your tips on getting to the track.


    I will likely be staying in Budapest so I can combine the GP with a nice city break. Looks like there is options for train or bus, based on what I found at this site: http://www.budapest-life.com/budapest/hungarian-grand-prix

    By suburban railway (HEV in Hungarian)
    It is relatively easy to reach Hungaroring by public transport. Take the HEV railway from Ors Vezer Square and alight at either Szilasliget or Hungaroring itself, journey time around thirty minutes. The former has a paved walkway to the track, whilst for the latter you will walk over a dusty road.

    HEV H8 – http://www.bkv.hu/en/suburban_railway_schedules

    Leaves from Ors Vezer tere, end of M2 line.

    By bus
    Ticket holders for the Grand Prix can board a special bus laid on for the purpose. The bus departs from the Pest end of the Arpad Bridge, and takes you to the centre of Mogyorod, the village adjacent to the track.

    Train seems the best option, as I assume you can avoid traffic going to the site. But I suppose it could be busy.

    Anyone who has been, any suggestions?


    Hi greg, i posted a reply on the other hungaroring topic. Hopes it helps you


    I ended up taking the bus on Saturday and Sunday. This wasn’t a problem getting to the track either day, or getting back on Saturday, as people are coming and going so the travel pattern is spread out. Sunday was a nightmare, though. Everyone trying to leave at once, and the heat was intense. One fan passed out, and had to be pulled out of the crowd by his friends. People were lined up 10 deep for probably a couple hundred of feet along the road. The buses were stopping in random places, and everyone would just crush in. There were no lines.

    If I go again, I think the bus is fine for Friday or Saturday, but would probably look at another way back on Sunday afternoon.


    I suggest to use the train on the way back next time. The walk is a bit longer, and it is not free, (you have to buy a ticket but it is about $1) but trains go from the circuit at every 15 mins on Sunday, and are a tad bigger than the bus. On our way back, we just missed the first, so had to wait a while, then the trip is about 30 mins back to Budapest – Örs vezér tere.


    I just wanted to post my experience of attending this year’s Hungarian GP. It was the first GP I’ve attended despite being a long-time fan of the sport and was a great experience. This might not be the most exciting post, but hopefully there might be some useful information in there for anyone looking to attend future Hungarian GPs. I’d certainly recommend it.

    Getting to the circuit.
    As our hotel was right next to Blaha Lujza tér Metro station on the M2 line in central Pest, we decided to use the public transport to get to the circuit. This involved a short journey on the M2 line to Örs vezér tere station. Here we could get on the H8 suburban train towards Godollo. The train takes around 30 minutes to get to the two stations next to the circuit: Szilasliget and Mogyoród.

    On the first day we left the train at Mogyoród station. From here the race organisers put on a free bus (if you have a ticket for the race) to Mogyoród town centre. From the town centre we walked for maybe another 30 minutes to get to gate 3 where the Bronze grandstands are at Turns 5/6/7. All in all it took us about 2 hours of travelling to get from hotel to our seat.
    On the second and third days we decided to exit the train earlier at the Szilasliget station and walk to the circuit from there. The walk is straightforward (one straight road, so little chance of getting lost) and took about 35 minutes to get to gate 3. Even faster if you’re going to gate 5 near the final turns of the race track. I think it was a bit quicker to get off at Szilasliget.

    To use the public transport we bought a 3-day travel card for 4150 HUF (about £10). This is valid on all trams, busses and metros (underground) in the city. Ordinarily, you would have to pay for an extra ticket to use the H8 train, but this year at least you did not need to buy this extra ticket if you had a valid travel card and a race ticket.
    I was not bothered by the walking, it was nice weather and a nice little suburb to walk through. Even a couple of cafés and bars on the way if you want to stop and get a drink. The trains were busy, but not so busy that you couldn’t get a seat if you wanted.

    Where to watch from.
    We had Bronze grandstand tickets. From our seats in this stand you can see close-up turn 5 and the chicane at 6/7. In the distance you can see cars go through turn 1 and down the hill to turn 2 and then pick them up again at the fast left hander turn 4. Behind the grandstands there are a couple of grass banks where we sat and got a better view down the hill toward turn 3 – you still need a Bronze ticket to get into this area.

    On Friday and Saturday we also watched from a few other locations around the General admission enclosure. You can get a nice view of the final 3 corners from the GA sections there. This seems to be a very popular place to watch and was probably the busiest section of GA we saw, especially if you want the best view with some shade from the trees.

    All in all, I think this is a great place to go and watch a grand prix. The tickets are cheap. The race and circuit are well-organised. The view from GA and cheaper grandstands is excellent and Budapest is a beautiful city to visit.

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