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    Hi everyone,

    After going to Monza for the 2015 race to celebrate my 30th birthday I’ve been well and truly bitten by the bug! I’m hoping to see a race live every year! :)

    This year, I’m looking at going to Hungry to see the race at the Hungaroring! I’ve never been to Hungry, let along the Hungaroring – so I’m hoping to get a little bit of advice around seating. I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find a great deal on the subject.

    To complicate things, I’m slightly disabled. I use a walking stick for any distance over 100 yards or so. Generally I don’t opt for the disabled seating as a general rule – there’s people that are much more deserving – however if there’s more accessible routes / seats then it’s something I try to take into account.

    Anyway – can people recommend particular seats? The F1 website it’s particular helpful unless you click onto each and every option! Whilst money is obviously not unlimited, I’m happy to look at the low hundreds of £’s (£200/$280/€250) for a Sunday ticket, possibly more if people think the value for money is good.

    Is Super Gold really worth spending an extra £100 above a normal gold ticket? Seems that you’re right in front of the start/finish line in numbered seats with a big screen and in the shade / covered grandstand… Is there a consensus on the value this offers vs. a normal gold ticket?

    Or are all the gold tickets not that great value – such as if the silver or bronze “tier” tickets offer excellent viewing (inc screens)? Is accessibility good generally around the track? I found Monza to be fairly good other than when moving between stands where some parts of the path were off-road. (Bumpy earth tracks rather than flat, smooth pavements).

    Appreciate any tips on seating, accessibility and/or any general tips on both the circuit and/or visiting Budapest overall.

    Thanks in advance!



    Hi Steve,

    Glad to see you enjoyed Monza and your now addicted. We also liked Monza very much. I took my son to a live race some years ago and we became addicted and have kept going ever since. This year will see us clock up our 25th GP.

    Like you we are going to Hungary for the first time so can’t say I’ve got loads of good advice but looking at other sites and doing a bit of research I would say:

    1: look at the Hungaroring’s website they have some really good descriptions and pictures of the views from the various stands. we have chosen silver 4. It seems to be a really good stand and cost wise was more than reasonable.

    2: Not sure where you’re staying but hope its close to a metro line, or the bus pick-up point. It seems whether you take the train or the bus to the circuit there is about 20-40 minute walk to the track. If you’ve been to Mpnza and got the bus to the circuit there you’ll appreciate what thats like in the sun.

    If you read the main Hungarian GP forum there is some other information there. If you need any other info ask and if I can i’ll help.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


    We went to the race last year and enjoyed it so much we booked again for this year as soon as the race tickets were released!

    Steve my initial concern would be accessibility for you if you have a walking disability. Not so much once at the track as getting around between stands and for toilets/food/drinks etc it is quite similar to Monza but as you have probably already discovered, the bus drop off points and the train stations are a fair way from the race track. We travelled by train to Szilasliget then walked to Gate 6 (the nearest Gate to Silver 4) and it was easily a couple of miles and extremely hot on two of the days. We did take a short cut route so the terrain was dried up fields and quite rough underfoot part of the way but you can follow the paved route a slightly longer way around. However, there is a taxi rank at Szilasliget train station (and a great ‘mad Kimi’ bar) and there were always taxis waiting there, so the train and then a taxi to the main entrance might be a good option for you.

    We’d been to Budapest before but it was our first time to Hungaroring and we loved it. Our only criticism would be the lack of toilets (although pretty much always a complaint for us ladies at races). They were kept spotlessly clean by the staff but horrendous queues on the Sunday as just not enough toilets for the amount of people.

    If you do go pack for all weathers. Boy was it hot on the Friday and Saturday, think it was around 36 degrees but then Sunday morning we couldn’t believe it, it was so cold in the wind. As we were in Silver 4 we were really high up with zero shelter from the wind. We dragged our cheap fold-up shower macs out of the bag and put them on as windbreakers, didn’t help much though. Seriously it must have been a good 20 degrees cooler than Saturday. We had a bag full of sunscreen/hats/fans but not a sweatshirt between us! Luckily the sun came out and the wind dropped by the start of the race!

    Mick you’ve made a great stand choice, fab views from Silver 4.

    We are now eagerly awaiting the start of the season this weekend!!!


    Hi Steve,

    I’ve been to the Hungaroring for the past 4 years so can offer a bit of advice. The terrain is very rugged around the outside of the track and would likely to be difficult to walk on. The main entrance is near the first corner and so therefore you can access Gold 4, Gold 3, Super Gold, Gold 1, Gold 2, Silver 2, Silver 1 and Red bull without leaving steady concrete paved ground. Be aware though that the stands towards the last corner (Red Bull, Silver 1 etc) require you to walk up a big grass hill and around to get to them. There is a quicker route behind the stands (on concrete) but the security will not let you use it. I would suggest if you spoke to Hungaroring about your requirements beforehand they would issue you with a letter or something to allow you to walk along the flat way to your seat, which is actually much shorter.

    The others are correct in that public transport is a long way from the track. however, the taxi rank is located directly next to the main entrance. I would suggest sharing a taxi with someone and making sure you use a firm which can use the special access road (only 3 companies) to allow you quick entry to the circuit. We do it most years and can get from the center of Budapest to the track in around 15 minutes, even on Sunday.



    Hope you don’t mind me asking but who are the 3 taxi companies, and how much is the cost of getting to the track.


    The 3 taxi companies are:
    6×6 Taxi
    Taxi 2000
    City Taxi

    It’s important to only use these as they are the only ones able to use the access road. The rest will end up in traffic. The cost is around 9000ft. It did used to be a fixed price but now goes on the meter.


    Ft9000 works out at around £25. Don’t know if anyone is interested in sharing a taxi but if anyone is let me know, its definitely an idea. We are staying reasonably close to the Astoria Metro station on the M2 line. I guess it depends on where everyone is staying and when you want to get to and back from the track.


    Hi Mick! I am travelling in from Budapest every day for the Hungarian Grand prix, we are staying about 20 minutes from where you are staying and would be happy to get a taxi with you. There will be 2 of us if you were interested :)


    Hi Tishah,

    It’s certainly an idea, as otherwise it does seem theres about a half hour walk or so from either the bus or train stops to the track. There are also two of us, my son and I so four in a cab is ideal. We’re getting into Budapest Thursday afternoon so we could meet up for a drink Thursday evening and sort something out if thats ok with you?

    Never been to Budapest before so don’t know anywhere to meet but bound to be a bar somewhere in the middle. Then all we need do is decide if the cab picks up one and then comes for the others or we meet in the middle and go from there.

    Not sure if theres a PM facility on this site (I’ll have a look) but if there is it may be worth taking this conversation off line.


    Hi guys – has anyone tried the VIP seats ? I understand that they are located above the Super gold stand


    They are just the top row of the stand. I would choose the tickets at Turn 1 unless you need the shade.

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