Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Where to stay near Hungaroring?

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    Where are the best places to stay if you’re going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring?


    Same Question. Me & a friend are flying over from the UK to Budapest. Two options are:-
    Camping near circuit or in a hotel in Budapest, both cost the same!

    Camping Pros – No Travel Hassle, Good Atomsphere.
    Camping Cons – Expensive, questionable showering & toilet facilities?

    Hotel Pros – Clean Shower & Toilet, Good nights sleep!
    Hotel Cons – Less Atomsphere, Travel Hassle – 1 hour trip via free bus.

    So got to make a decision. On the other hand I have Super Gold tickets, so I got a special parking pass, so anyone driving from Budapest to the Circuit that has space for 2 could be an option or maybe splitting a taxi fare!


    I suggest a hotel as a hungarian. I’ve never tried campings, it could be good fun, but as you mentioned, I’m not sure about the hygene facilities. A hotel is definately more comfortable.

    I cannot mention any particular places, but try to search some “Zimmer frei”-s in the city of Mogyoród – which is the nearest place to Hungaroring. I guess there are some cheap ones too – and maybe you could take a walk for the track, if you find a nice place. (cut cost on taxi)

    Gareth Jones

    I and four friends will hire an apartment in the city centre. The place looks really nice and works out as £20 per eve each. We booked through http://www.budapestholidayservice.com/

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