Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2012 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Italian Grand Prix.


    Hi Keith, I have been lurking on this site since I found it about a year ago and now decided to actively participate. Great Job on this site btw.

    I am planning to go to the GP in Monza which will be my very first time attending a F1 race, but I have no idea were to start with accomodation, tickets etc. I will be flying in from Frankfurt ( As luck would have it my work is sending me there on that weekend. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.



    @chapor I’m sure you’ll have a great time, it’s a fantastic place to watch a Grand Prix.

    For more information you can see the other threads in this forum and there’s loads more information here.



    This will be my first time going to the Italian GP (I have been to Silverstone and Spa previously), however I have always used Page & Moy to book a package, because I find it easier and less hassle. However this year they have stopped doing F1 tours apart from Monaco, so I am looking for any recommendations from anyone for any other companies (UK based), that do similar tour packages.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi folks

    Had my first gp at Spa in 2010 and went to Le Mans for 2011. I’ll be driving to Monza from Ireland taking the ferry from Rosslare to Cherbourg. I plan to stop off in Paris and Lausanne along the way. I bought (from the link on f1.com) a general admission ticket and a grandstand ticket for Saturday at Ascari.

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Richie

    Select Motor Racing, Grandstand Motor Sports, Motor Racing International all do packages, however, depending how confident you are as a traveller, Monza is easy to do on your own.

    We have stayed in both Milan and also on Lake Como (Bellagio and Menaggio) and the transport to and from the circuit is excellent. From Milan there are free trains on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Milano Centrale station to Monza station. They get very busy, but all part of the experience. From the 2 resorts in Lake Como, you take the ferry across to Varenna then catch the train to Monza. At Monza station there are free buses to take you to the circuit. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that the buses stop in a nominated parking/drop off point which is about a mile walk into the circuit itself (Monza park is massive.) Not too much of a problem going into the circuit, but coming back the queues are quite long, but very organised.

    Only downside to Monza is the toilets – we met a couple a few years ago who said they had been to festivals, so no problem – even they admitted they were probably the worst they had experienced ! Also if it rains, beware, as it is in a park it turns into a swamp.

    Love Monza as we can combine a holiday in a beautiful part of Italy with an F1 fix!


    Hi guys,
    After watching F1 for 30 odd years and having never even heard a full blown F1 car operate in anger, my family have bought me a ticket to see the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.
    As such, and with a view to getting as much out of it as possible, I intend to stay at the circuit. Does anyone know if there is an official camp site in Monza or do we need to stay outside the circuit.
    Any info’ would be much appreciated.

    Ryan Williams

    I will be attending the Italian GP this year with my Dad, as a final Father & Son trip before I head off to Uni. Any tips on where the best place to sit is? We’d quite like to catch the start of the race, but would also like to see quite a bit of track action, not just the occasional drive-by on the start/finish straight. We were thinking the exit of Parabolica, is this a good idea?

    Thanks :)


    In other posts around the group, @andrewtanner was nice enough to post his experience from his trip to Monza last year, and he did actually say the parabolica is a great place to stay at.
    My father and me are going this year too, but not as a “last trip before uni”. If all goes to plan, maybe we’ll meet somewhere :)


    Monza is just great! wherever you guys will sit will be a great experience. But to go down to the facts, @ryanwilliams and others discussing location, location, location: Parabolica gives you a great view either to the entrance or the exit of it, not both. It may be difficult to tell from tv footage but that corner is tight and even sitting way up and central on the grandstands you cannot see the straight in front and at the back of the pit lane. Still a great location and if you sit at the entrance you can see the exit from Ascari and possibly a lot of overtakes (like the one on Webber last year).
    I was at Ascari last year and maybe because that’s the first grandstand I ever spotted an F1 car from am I so fond of it. But still great place to pick. I booked early (february) so got first row as well.
    Prima variante (or first corner, it keeps changing name) is a great spot though a bit pricy. It’s also the first to go sold out. Totally worth if you want to experience the thrill of seeing all the cars getting there at the same time after the start.
    Anyway remember that if you have tickets for the weekend you can go on all the other grandstands on the Friday and for GP 2 and 3 on Saturday so you can check out other areas as you like.
    @Caroline Miles as for toilets if you can afford a bit of a walk there usually are clean toilets within the shopping area. When you are at the Fangio statue go left towards Ascari for 20 meters or so and you will see a sort of caravan in an internal area and a sign that says “tram toilets”. Those ones are taken out of trains and put there for the occasion, cleaned on an hourly basis and open to the general not-VIP public. Worth the walk!
    God, my first post was about toilets!


    Don’t worry @katia I’ve seen worse first posts!

    I would indeed still recommend Parabolica for the race. It was nicely packed, but you could see everything you wanted to and it of course gives great access to run up the main straight after the race to join in on the post-race celebrations beneath the podium!


    I was in Monza last year and am going this year. I always camp at Silverstone and have also done so at Spa, but I would book a hotel for Monza as the track is so close to the town and there is so much going on. Its a great place to eat and drink at night. You can find good places to stay just outside the main town, somewhere like Desio. Just chesk there is a train line close to the hotel. Booking early will keep the flights and hotel costs down.
    As for a place to watch from, I walked the track last year and sat in most grandstands at some point to watch. Pick one near a chicane or corner for the best views. The Parabolica was indeen a good place to sit, but I preferred the first corner Alta Velocita 6c. Really good views of the first corner and plenty of action especially at the start of the races.

    Wayne Whitaker

    I’m currently deciding on what stand to sit in. At the moment I’m favouring one of the Alta Velocita 6 stands . I’ve just done my seat for Spa, Eaurouge Gold 3. This will be a pretty memorable trip, with a stop in Mulhouse between Brussels and Milan to see the car museum.



    I sat in Alta Velocita 6c last year and have booked same again this year. Thought it was a pretty good seat. Although Tribuna Seconda Variante is also a really good view.

    Eau rouge Gold 3 is a god stand. was in Spa 2010, but take really good waterproofs and pray for sun.

    Good luck.

    Wayne Whitaker

    Thanks Mick. What’s the food like at the track. I’m used to Melbourne where the food is fairly good, Singapore which is good in places, Japan which is OK and Korea, vile.

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