Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2012 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    To be fair didn’t eat that much at the track but the usual track side food was on sale. Nothing special but ok. In the main we ate outside the track, as Monza is only a short bus ride and there are loads of good bars and resturants. So if like me you are partial to Italian food its a good place to be. The track may not offer the best racing but for location, weather, food etc it ticks all the right boxes for me. Looking forward to going already and have got Silverstone first.
    The only dowside is I thought Italy somewhat expensive especially at the track. Some stalls were trying to charge up to 8 euros for a small bottle of water, it was cheaper to drink beer.
    You never know if you end up in 6c we may end up having a beer in the sun.

    Dean Bufton

    Has anyone driven to and parked at the circuit? Probably driving in from Bergamo. Are the car parks secure and well organised? Any ideas on prices etc? Thanks for any help and feedback.


    I have just booked this as a surprise for my boyfriends 30th and i am having a little bit of a meltdown at the price of accomodation now! I would like us to stay as close to all the action as possible, Im not bothered about noise particulary and i think it would be good to be in walking distance from the track.

    I am looking at camping but can only seem to find a site with pre-erected tents… is there anything that you can book and take your own tent? I have seen the preerected tents on the camping F1 site, from what i can tell this is a walkable location or am i missing something!

    I am totally new to F1 so be kind, i have taken a gamble and booked 6C and i have noticed someone elses post states that they have been there before and are going again so I hope I have made the right decision!

    Any pointers would be massivley useful to me, thanks!



    6c is a good stand, was there last year and will be this year. Cant help with the camping as have stayed in hotel. As Monza is close to the track its a good idea to be able to get into town for the evening. Try some of the small hotels, b&b’s near train lines. My son and I stay in Desio, only a short train ride from Monza and then a free bus to track. Its really easy the cost was reasonable and you’ve got access to the town for the evening.

    Whatever you do have a great weekend, and we’ll see you in 6c.

    Wayne Whitaker

    I’ve just printed off my vouchers for 6C.
    We’re staying in Milan ( Hotel Cavour). Compared to commuting to Suzuka from Nagoya last year this should be OK.

    Chris Hallam

    Does anyone have any tips on General Admission vs. Buying grandstand tickets? Going to Monza for the first time on a road trip from the UK this year and trying to keep cost to a minimum without missing out on the action



    Have to say I would get a seat. The GA tickets tend to be in the least interesting spots and as the track runds through a wood you can’t see that much. The grandstands are all positioned on all the corners and the main straight so a lot more to see.



    If you want to camp near the circuit, there is a site right next to the track at the end of Via Santa Maria delle Selve. We stayed in hotel in Milan for last year’s but are camping this year. It’s supposed to be quite lively at night!

    Luke Payne

    Hello all,

    Myself and a group of 5 friends are going to the Italian grand prix this year, and we are hoping to camp at the circuit. However I’ve found very little info on it regarding how busy it gets and whether it’s safe and secure etc. As we all got a bit worried that it might be really busy we are flying out on the monday before the race to get a spot, but now I’m thinking we might be going too early and we will either be on our lonesome for 4 days or even worse- the campsite won’t even be open. Any help and tips would be much appreciated to put my mind at ease so I can get really excited about going to my first grand prix abroad, and first in general for my friends.
    Many thanks


    For those going to monza and wishing to camp, they are now taking bookings for camping. I emailed through the official website(campmonza@alice.it) and they returned a booking form. It had to be a minimum of 4 days to pre book it but at least takes away some of the doubt whether you will get into the site or if it is full. Didnt even have to pre pay as is pay on arrival.


    I have finalized all my hotel bookings and Grandstand tickets. I am going with a work colleague and we have grand stand tickets for 6A and we are staying in a Hotel in Milan. I found that the hotels are reasonably priced. After all, all I need is a bed and a shower since I do not intend to stay cooped up in the Hotel room in Italy. First time Italy, first time F1 in the flesh… I am officially excited.

    Btw, how difficult is it to get onto the old banking? I definitely want to get there somehow…



    We got on to the old circuit last year, but only on the Thursday; you could slip down the side of 6C. On Friday/Sat/Sun they had erected barriers to prevent access. It’s a pretty amazing feeling and the gradient is surprisingly steeper than I imagined!


    Tickets arrived today, nice. Thats Silverstone in 3 weeks and Monza in 11 weeks. Well looking forward to a couple of great weekends.


    Tickets arrived today!!! Alta Velocita 6A.

    About the banking, will they remove the barriers on Sunday after the race? That will be the only time I will be able to get there…

    sbl on tour

    monza , no matter where you go it will be great
    1999, slept in car behind parabolica, watched race from inside parabolica, big screen behind, met an english couple who stayed up all night and kept us seats (general admin), back row of stand, walked track after
    2004, camped with mates at site behind lesmos, (eye opener!) watched race from second lesmo, again big screen , slept on stand night before, magic, great atmosphere, 95 % italian, few germans, no brits at all, no offence but that was pretty good, food stand in the woods at second lesmo which helped in the wee early hours, watched practice at ascari, mind blowing, again waked track, also ran the old banking, got on at the first chicane and kept going, met my mates at the parabolica
    2006, drove up from nice on the saturday, slept in car at lesmo campsite, watched race at the 200 m board from the parabolica, again , big screen, stand was 95 % ferrari, rem this bloke in an alonso shirt came into his seat, cripes he was brave and he got STICK, lovely sunny day, rem thinking “life doesnt get any better than this”, again walked track, drove back to france sunday night, just followed the setting sun out of milan and back on the autostada
    enjoy the weekend, get round the circuit and watch out for those ghosts of racers past, monza has it all

    in 2006 it did say you couldnt stay within the park at night, but this was clearly not so, the key is to get there early and rough it with the locals,

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