Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2012 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    just to confirm pinkpants’ posts on here re: theticketenterprise. I am one of many fans waiting to receive tickets for spa and after not receiving any answers from any emails or phone calls i made to them chasing up my tickets, i have investigated into this further to discover the ticket enterprise have or are in the process of going bust. If you have beeoked tickets through the ticket enterprisefor any upcoming grandprix and have yet to receive your tickets BE WARNED. You may not be receiving you tickets at all.


    My husband and myself are attending our first grand prix outside of the UK. We are staying in Bergamo and catching the train to the track and have seats at the entrance to Parabolica. Would like a few pointers having never done a grand prix abroad and speaking very little Italian although i am trying.

    1 – Having read the posts re the shuttle buses in Monza i assume we just follow everyone else on the way into the track, on the way back we are thinking about hanging round Monza for food, is the town centre far from the track? What sort of time are we looking at on foot?

    2 – How pricey is the track? Ie programmes, food and water? Just wondering how much money to take with us.

    3 – Having seen someone elses post re “validating train tickets on the platform” i assumed it would be a case of buying and travelling isn’t this the case?

    4 – Do the track staff/officials speak a fair bit of English? As i said, i’m attempting to learn but am not getting very far!

    Many thanks in advance, for any advice anyone might be able to offer!


    My son and I were in Monza last year and are going again this year so hopefully I can help with your questions: –

    1 – Getting to the track is easy. When you arive at Monza station there are posters directing you to the shuttle buses, and its then about a 10 minute bus ride to the park. Once there it is a good half hour walk through the park to the track. The entrance you will go in is at the Parabolica so good for your seats. On the way back you can get of the bus in the town centre (saves a five minute or so walk from the station) where there are plenty of bars / cafes / shops to look around. Its a really nice town and a pleasant place to spend the evening.

    2 – The best way to describe the prices in Monza is “Dam!!”. We were spending 100 -200 Euros a day on food and drink and the programme was 10 Euros. Im sure others may say if you went here or there you could have eaten for less, but when you dont know the area and stay in the main centres you pay the prices. But having said that it was great so take plenty of money and worry about it when you get home.

    3 – The train tickets is not as complicated as it seems. You just buy a ticket as you would at home, either at the counter or using a machine (in English) which is really easy. All you then have to do is put the ticket in another machine on the platform to have it validted (stamped). Dont ask me why but if you dont and you are asked for you ticket if its not validated you can be fined.

    4 – I dont speak a word of Italian, but we managed very well using English and an iPhone with a translation app. The worst think that happened to us was my son asked for pizza and chips and got the chips on the pizza covered in cheese as a topping? So I wouldnt worry to much.

    I have added a link to the local train company we found this really helpful planning journey times to and from Monza http://www.trenitalia.com/cms/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=ad1ce14114bc9110VgnVCM10000080a3e90aRCRD Hope it helps.

    Have a great time, and if you need anything other info will be happy to try and help.

    Colonel Mustard

    Hi All,

    I have been organising F1 Trips for 8 guys over the past 9 years, we have covered nearly all the European circuits, bar Valencia, and having had such a great time last we are returning to Monza next month !

    Unfortunately one of the guys is unable to make it due to work commitments so there is 1 x ticket for sale in Grandstand 6c on Row H which is about ¾ of the way up (It’s the first corner & in my opinion the best in the house), with large TV screen opposite. We sat in the same row last year and saw lots of racing action…. Hence returning this year.

    The ticket is a three day ticket with a face value of 380 Euros (bought at an early bird discounted price with 20% off) It will allow you to visit the pit walk-about on Thursday between 1400 & 1630, experience the practice session on Friday with a roaming ticket, then use your reserved seat on Saturday and Sunday….. This Grandstand was the first to be sold out.

    I am selling for £300 (less preferred postage)

    I could put the ticket on eBay but to save on advertising costs and PayPal deductions I think it would be better suited here for those of us F1 Fanatics that our going to Monza.

    Collection – I can either post via special delivery (at the buyers cost) or will be in Milan from 6th September and at the track on Friday from 0900 to hand deliver. Collection by hand in the UK can be arranged, I live in Berkshire…….. whichever is preferred.

    I can add some pic’s if anyone is interested.

    About Monza 2011:

    We got the train from Milan – no problems and only a few Euros for a return ticket

    Arriving at Monza train station we hopped onto the free bus shuttle service to Monza park

    Bit of a walk to the circuit, but is a good way to get rid of some of the calorific intake from the night before !!

    Food & Drink – Due to being experienced F1 travellers, we visited a local Spar shop in Milan and bought our own “make it yourself” nibbles and made them while seated in the grandstand….. Great fun and all part of the F1 Trip. We did the same with tins of beer and bottled water and saved a fortune.

    All in all – Milan and Monza is a blast !

    Looking forward to Singapore 2013 already !!!

    Andrew Richardson

    Hi All,

    Just signed up to ask this question. I’m going to the Italian GP this year, and I’m wondering whether there is an english radio broadcast of the commentary at the race? I’m travelling over from Australia so I don’t want to bring my ear muffs with a built in radio unless they actually have a radio broadcast to listen to.



    Is it possible to buy tickets in Monza on the circuit on the racing day?


    Hi all, i signed up just now! I am going with my wife to Monza next weekend. We got 3-day tickets for prima variante 8b. I booked everything online and i hope i got a good seat. Is anyone else sitting there? We will be taking drinks and snacks with us from milan as i see eveything on the track site is quite expensive. My only regret is we will miss the Thursay pitwalk cause we arrive at milan Thursday night. This will be my very first GP and im really excited (watching F1 from 1995 and never missed a single race)


    Thanks for the tips Mick, anyone here had experience of getting to Monza from the Milan centrale station, I also wondered how easy it is to get a bus from malpensa airport to Milan as I dont really wanna be paying for a taxi!



    Milan Centrale to Monza is easy. 4 stops on the train, which are regular so no problems. Also Malpensa to Milan is easy. Just get the train from the airport to Milan. The Malpensa Express is 8 stops from the airport to Milan Centrale.



    P.S If you did need to get a taxi because your flight lands really late it will cost you about 65 Euros to Milan.


    Hi all,

    i’m new here :) just a quick one to all who r having problems with TTE – did any of you claimed your money? or any of you received tickets for Monza – i found thread on Belgium GP forum that ppl emailed Spa (official website) and get tickets of them but had to provide ticket booking email.

    did any of you try to sort it that way?

    any advise? cuz atm it left me 2 days before my flight and got no ticket :(

    many thx for all your help.


    fao whoever booked tickets with TTE just get email from their lawyer Maurice:

    Dear sir,

    Thank you for your message,

    TTE indeed arranged witk Monza to deliver the tickets, however Spa confiscated the bankaccount of TTE last friday. Although the amount to pay for Monza was in the bankaccount of TTE, it is now impossible to for the tickets.

    Iam sorry to bring you this news.

    yours sincerely,

    Maurice Bol, lawyer

    BvV Bol & Van Voskuilen Advocaten
    Mr. M.A.D. Bol, advocaat
    Westersingel 88
    Postbus 23192, 3001 KD Rotterdam
    Tel 0031-10-4401111
    Fax 0031-10-4401110
    Email maurice.bol@bolvanvoskuilen.nl
    Internet http://www.bolvanvoskuilen.nl

    but there are few things which r very dodgy – we made contact with Monza and they said some of tickets were released and there are about 200 which were not paid yet but according to email from Maurice none of the ticked were paid for.

    Will keep u updated.


    Well thats it. All packed flight tomorrow 6.20pm from Luton. Monza here we come.


    ok guys signing off – 8 h left to my flight – cu all there!!! good luck with ur tickets (whoever had problems) and will keep u posted if can be sorted with Monza…have a great F1 weekend!!!


    Cheers man, look forward to hearing from you!

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