Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2013 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    Has anyone booked tickets using the official circuit site http://www.monzanet.it I am on the site at the moment and have added my tickets to the basket went through the options to select delivery etc and now i am the stage of purchasing the tickets but there hasn’t been an option to select seats. Is it a free for all at Monza or will i get to choose seats on the next web page?

    Hope someone can help!



    I’ve been to Monza with my son for the last two years and also booked on the circuit’s site. You can’t pick a seat when booking or at least I’ve never managed to do so, but once you’ve got confirmation of your order you can email them and ask for specific seats. I’ve done this for the last two years and got what I wanted both times.

    If you haven’t been before you’ll find it interesting, as unless you’re in the main stand there are no actual seats as the stands are just long benches with seat positions written on them. Add to that, that it seems like they let in anyone as there always seems to be twice as many people in the stand as there should be. We were always having to get people to move out of our seats and it’s really hard work getting in and out as they sit all over the stairways.

    Having said all that it’s a great atmosphere and we loved it. We are going to Spain 2013 but will probably be back for 2014. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.



    Thanks for your reply, big help! Havent been to Monza before but we were at Monaco last year and you could pick your seats for that, thats why i wanted to clarify. Will get the tickets booked tonight for 6B now :)



    If you haven’t already booked i would seriously look at 6c. That’s where we were for the last two years and you’ll see more of the 1st corner from there. You want to ask for tickets as near to the corner as possible.

    sbl on tour

    well thats us booked, went with f1 tickets, the benefit with them over the monza site is you can near enough choose where in the stand you want to go, and theyve none the business in the past, with the monza site it might be a lottery


    I am booked for the race now. Used the Monza site and only problem I had was with the card payment (bank didnt like it first time as they saw it as an “Italian Catalogue Company”, but once authorised it went through second time). Went with General Admission because I always end up walking round anyway to get the best spots and to try and get some good pictures!
    As for accommodation we used casamundo.co.uk to get an apartment just outside Como and will probably train it in from Como each day (they seem to run every half hour or so to Monza).
    In terms of the general admission tickets, where are good spots to get some good views from (for viewing and pictures)? Also read that in parts its possible to get up to the old banking. Would love to get some shots up there!


    Hello friends,

    I’ll be going to my first GP this year and I chose MONZA! I’m really excited about it. For those who have been there before: Where is the best place to sit? I want to see some action while being able to take some good pictures (no fence in front would be great). My ‘last wish’ is to be able to get on the track fast so i can see the trophy ceremony. I am looking at these spots. Which can provide a good mix of these things I’m looking for?

    Tribuna Ascari – 16
    Prima Varianti – 8B or 8A
    Tribuna Laterale – 26B

    Last but not least, I’m thinking about taking my wife and 3-year old daughter. If they go, we would have to go into the general admission area. Where should we sit? (I’m thinking in the entrance of Parabolica) Also, do we need to get there early to secure good spots? What about the noise? I’m concerned she’ll cry the whole time and ruin the experience.



    Get her some decent ear defenders. You can get some good ones for kids. Seen some for girls that are very pink and girly so if she is into all things pink Im sure she would like those. Taking my son with me (he will be around 18 months then) and will be looking to get him some too (although not pink ones!)


    I am going the 2013 Italian GP in Sept, I am having a difficult time finding information on the tickets. Is there any place to find quality, complete, reliable information?
    The F1 site is not great, the people listed on the F1 site to call for help don’t seem to know what F1 even is. I would like to buy the Central Grandstand N-1, but I have no idea if they are worth paying the extra money for. On the F1 site, there is an option for “CENTRAL GRANDSTAND Restaurant” which includes access to a different grandstand, but there is no pricing listed.
    Another member on this site suggested that I go directly to the Monza website, but there wasn’t really any good information there either. I would think that finding out information on $850 tickets shouldn’t be that hard.
    Any help would be great. Has anyone here sat in the Central Grandstand N-1?
    Thank you,


    Just another bit of advice for people not familiar with the Italian system of buying food (basically you do your best to tell the cashier, “Cassa”,what you want, get a ticket then get your food)………the queues for the Cassa were long and chaotic (at the rear of the 1st chicane grandstand), as were the queues to actually get your food, and it wasn’t that great either. Much better to pack yourself up or go to a local supermarket for food and take it with you, IMHO :-)


    I bought my tickets through the Monza circuit website: http://www.monzanet.it/en/tickets/20

    They seem to have the best price, but note the the price is increasing. It already went up 30 Euros from 2 weeks ago when I bought it. The closer it gets to the race, the more expensive they get.

    I was thinking between Ascari grandstand 16 and Tribuna Laterale Destra Settore 26b and I ended up getting the Tribuna Laterale Destra so I can get to the track after the race. My friend sat there last year and loved it. Can’t wait to be there!

    Has anyone here bought the tickets with the print at home option? I have received confirmation but not the actual ticket yet. Thanks!


    printed race tickets will not be issued much in advance so expect them to be received in months time, got this type of reply from http://www.bookf1.com, precisely they told me that 4 to 2 wks prior the event will be sent via DHL express to those booked with them. im from malta and already booked flights and accomodation for this year Italian GP but still undecided where to chose to watch the action at the track!


    Hi all:

    Also looking for advice from old Monza hands for first-time Monza visit . . . namely, best ticket position if one needs to get out quickly after the race (catching a plane from Verona). I am looking at Stands 6, 8 or 22. Experience at other circuits nudges me toward remaining outside the circuit (i.e. 8 or 22) to avoid exit bottlenecks getting across/over racetrack. Does anyone know which stands offer speediest exit? Also, for quick escape, is it better to drive and park or park remotely and train/bus to circuit? (Cost less important than best possible GP experience with this constraint!) Advice much appreciated!

    Mark O’Donnell

    Can anybody help with the camping? I cannot get hold of them for love nor money despite the camping now being available to book (apparently).

    I’m looking at the site on monza net – anybody got any suggestions? Starting to get a bit worried as it looks as though the camping was only available to book from fri – mon, is that right?


    @Anahid Harrison

    I’m not an old Monza hand by any stretch, but I was there last year.

    We were sitting at Parabolica but parked north of the circuit (train your eyes left of Curva Grande on google maps and you’ll see two soccer pitches, that was the carpark). We arrived at about 9am and I think it cost €20 for parking. There wasn’t much traffic so we drove straight into the car park (which we just stumbled upon really) without any problems.

    I too wanted to make a quick exit as I had to be back in Germany for work the next day. With about 5 laps to go we crossed to the other side of the track and made for the exit gate that would take us onto the track for the podium celebrations (got a pic of Alonso with the camera!). Afterwards we walked down to turn 1 for a look around and to soak it all up. From there we headed back to the car and unbelievably there was ZERO traffic as we left, we were on the road back straight away.

    So an option for you might be to sit in the grandstand at the outside of turn 1, which is probably one of the most expensive but has one of the best views. From there you could be on your way 5 minutes after the chequered flag if you want!

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