Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2013 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    Michael Moran

    I hadn’t bought tickets for the trip from Fiumelatte to Monza yet as I wasn’t sure exactly what time I would be going, thinking the tickets were time specific. But when I bought the tickets for our trip from Fiumelatte to Sestri Levante, noticed the regional tickets for the leg from Fiumelatte to Milan were good for 4 hrs after the scheduled time. I was more concerned about the timing of the return trip from Monza, but having a 4 hr window will give me enough flexibility to go ahead & purchase ahead of time so I don’t have the hassle of trying to buy tickets there.

    Mark O’Donnell

    Va bene! The phrasebook is out!

    We’re ferrying to Dunkerque early on Weds morning and going Lille / Namur / Luxembourg / Metz / Strasbourg / Mulhouse on the Wednesday with an overnight at the appropriately named F1 hotel at Mulhouse Airport.

    Camping booked at the Autodromo – been finalising the list of bits to take! I’ll be in a white Golf (AK11 WUL) and a grey Halfords tent for anyone camping at Biassono.


    Also staying at the Autodromo campsite on the outside of the 1st chicane.
    i have grandstand seats in 6C inside the circuit and need to know the best entry point from this campsite?

    Also hoping to get to the pit lane walk on thursday and assume would use the same entrance?

    Any good/bad experiences with this campsite and any local bars and restaurants in walking distance?

    Thanks for any feedback, Graham


    Whoooohoooo! I am traveling all the way from San Francisco (US) to Monaco. We have a 2 week Italy vacation based around the race weekend. We are staying in Lake Como during the 4 day race weekend, with 3 days in Venice before and 4 days in Rome after. We are so flipping excited, can’t wait to get caught up in the whole F1 experience in Ferrari Land. I have a few questions though.
    1. We have tickets in the grandstands directly across from the podium. Where do they open the gates to rush the track, I’m hoping it’s close to where I’m sitting?
    2. I’m bringing all my best camera lenses, are there any good places around the track that I can take photos from on Friday & Saturday. Maybe the closest spots you can get to the track?
    3. I must find a way to sneak onto the old track and bank. Any info on how to get there, and when to do it over the 4 day of racing would be very helpful.
    Thanks everyone, I’ll be happy to post a link to all the pictures I take over the weekend for everyone to download when I get back home.

    Michael Moran

    You took all the questions I had been thinking about…lol!

    Where on Lake Como are you staying? We’ll be in Fiumelatte, which is just outside of Varenna. I’ll be in the 26B Grandstand.

    We leave Austin on the 5th and staying in Fiumelatte till Monday morning & then heading to Sestri Levante for the rest of the week.

    Hopefully someone will have answers to your questions!

    sbl on tour

    point 3, try to do the banking as early as possible, have been on it a few times at parabolica after the race
    in 2004 I ran the lot after the race, got on at the first chicane and kept going until I got to the parbolica, excellent stuff it was too, (ran at the bottom of the banking and not the top!)



    My daughters and I are also staying in Como for the race weekend (having camped at the Belgium GP two years ago they were not keen on camping again so a hotel was needed !). How are you getting to Monza each day as I haven’t decided whether to drive or catch a train ?

    Driving from the UK Wed late afternoon with an overnight stop in Dijon, before hopefully getting to the pit walk on Thursday.


    Milan to Monza on a train then bus is very easy and cheap (as in like 2 Euros). Very easy to get to, very good weekend. Will be brilliant again. I am hoping to do same as last year and camp and get up at 5 for race seats, stay up till midnight on the campsite and wait around paddock for driver signatures!

    Michael Moran

    Andy…..I’ll be taking the train. The condo we are staying in is next to the station. Looking forward to not driving for a week!


    What is the best grandstand for saturday? I was thinking at 6c (first chicane at the inside), 8b (outside of the first chicane) or Ascari. But I really don’t know what to choose.


    We are staying just outside of Argengo. How is parking near/at the track? Would it be easier to drive to a train station and go to Monza that way? If so, what train stations would get me there easily? Dont want to have to walk too far as will have my toddler son with us as well.
    Another thing, the schedule on monzanet says the track is closed between 1 and 3. Is that no entry at all? Was hoping to go sneak into the banking in the early afternoon on the Thursday before the signing session as it is more likely that we will manage to get through.

    Morgan G

    going to Monza- my first F1 experience. I’m studying abroad in Florence this semester and will be going General Admission on Sunday; morning train to Milan, evening train back to Florence (my first day of classes is the 9th) might miss post-race reveling to get home; oh well. Planning to take the free shuttle from Milan Centrale to Monza. Have read the parabolica is a good area to aim for for GA seating. Any other tips?

    Mark O’Donnell

    Dont think there is anywhere else to go but parabolica is there? We’re sitting at Ascari…..

    Mark O’Donnell

    Well………..its our turn next!

    3 more days at work then I’m Monza-bound – simply cannot wait!

    Michael Moran

    I’ve got 8 more working days prior to leaving next Thursday. Bag is packed & camera gear is ready!

    I’m going to be catching Bus 221, instead of the free shuttles once I get to Monza….anyone know if the buses are clearly marked? Would hate to end up somewhere other than the track!

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