Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2013 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    This is my first GP and we’re staying beside the Milano Certosa station on the S5 line.
    Can any recommend a route to Monza by train from there? Also what are the appropriate train tickets to get to travel to/from the circuit Thursday to Sunday? Are there tickets valid for the weekend are only day return tickets available?

    Michael Moran

    Best bet would be to go from Certosa to Garibaldi Station to Monza. Travel time is around 30 minutes. If you can figure out how to register on Trenord(took me a few tries & an internet translator…registration site is in Italian) you can actually book the tickets online & print. You don’t need to validate the tickets & they are good for a 4 hour window from the time you specify when you purchase them. That way if you are running a bit late, you can still catch the next train. Just one less thing to have to deal with prior to boarding.

    I did this for my trip from Fiumelatte to Monza & having the 4 hour window for use enabled me to get the return tickets also, since I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get from the track back to Monza Station.


    This will be my first time at Monza and I have started to worry about my return flight. I am supposed to take off at 7.00pm Sunday night from Linate. I know the airport is pretty close, but I imagine it will be a bit chaotic after the race. Is it at all possible to get to Linate in about two hours straight after the race? Thanks.


    Hello Guys.
    My flight company just chaged flight back from Bergamo on Monday morning to Malpensa Monday morning insted.
    We have already prepaid Hotel in Bergamo and will be staying there Thursday to Sunday.
    Since out flight is at 0645 and there is no public transpotation early enough we have decided to stay at a Hotel close to Malpensa on Sunday. But, since we need to move our laguage from one hotel to another, I was hopin that there is a place somewhere to store the laguge on Sunday morning and just pick it up after the race.
    I have heard that there are lockers for rent at Milan station??
    could someone confirm that please?
    It is a small detour for us on SUnday morning but if we have to then..
    Bergamo to Milan station, leave the laguage, then train from Milan to Monza instead of direct train Bergamo – Monza.

    Or does anyone have another clever idea?
    We are open to suggestions.

    Michael Moran

    Good morning Mirza!
    There aren’t lockers at Milan Central, but there is a manned baggage drop. I believe it is 5Euros per bag each 5 hours and max weight is 20kilos. Since they check bags like at the airport, give yourselves a bit of extra time in case there is a line. Maybe rent a car in Bergamo, pay for parking at the track and then drive to Malpensa after the race, turn car in & go to hotel. You could leave bags in car at race.

    Nigel Law

    Alpharooms cocked up my Hotel! I book for the Hotel Mirage Viale Certosa but was booked into a different Mirage miles away from anywhere! So managed to get into Residence Villa Odescalchi by the garibaldi station. Leaving Wednesday and arriving at Linate, then heading to Monaco for 24 hours and back to Milan refreshed for Friday morning :)
    We are bringing fold up chairs with us and these will also be our beds for the Saturday night near the track! Don’t fancy getting to the track so late all the best GA places are taken. See you all there :) Can’t wait. Come on Jens…..

    sbl on tour

    nigel, if youre kipping at the track suggest you bring a tarp or something similar, showers are forecast, plus tape to seal off your patch

    Nigel Law

    Hi Sbl on tour, thanks for the advice. I’ll defiantly bring some tape and some form of a cover! Just checked 3 forecasts and all different, but i will go with the one that says 28c and sunny :) Fingers crossed


    Is there any way that anyone knows to pay for parking at the track for the full weekend in advance? Spotted it is around €20 on a post earlier on (assume that was for one day) and was wondering if they have weekend parking passes or anything as will be going Thursday-Sunday so thought might be able to save a bit of money that way. Either that or its drive to Como then a train from there (which works out about €25 a day I think – although that is without parking there) so trying to figure out whats best. Cheers

    sbl on tour

    right were off in the early hours tomorrow, going via maranello and modena
    we will have the sbl on tour flag with us, so give was a shout, its an ulster/northern ireland flag with the names of ni drivers and the places weve been

    Mark O’Donnell

    Yep, setting off this evening at about 10pm! See you all there!


    Setting off tomorrow for our first ever GP, will look out for sbl on tour guys, we will also be carrying an Ulster Flag ;)

    Staying in Bergamo and sitting at the entry to Ascari On sat/sun can’t wait, camera gear all ready to go, spare batteries and memory cards :D

    Nigel Law

    We are also leaving tomorrow & bought poncho’s today just in case! Might have a look at the Ascari chicane too, my chairs are at the ready! Have a fab weekend :) PS If you see someone dragging along a suitcase, its me :D Full of drinks and some food.


    All packed and ready to fly in the morning! Still no idea on parking for the weekend mind you. Anyone point me in the right direction? Staying just past Como and will be driving in every day so if someone could please let me know it would be appreciated (maybe by buying a beer at the circuit even ;))

    Michael Moran

    Don’t know if this will help at all & no idea on cost or where these lots are, but this link shows all the parking areas.


    And this link is for a map that shows some of the parking areas.


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