Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2014 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    Hi everyone,

    Me and my good lady wife are driving down on Wednesday 3rd September and stopping near Lecco on Lake Como as part of our honeymoon.

    Really looking forward to the weekend now!

    Has anyone stopped up in Lake Como before? I’ve been in touch with our campsite and we can get the train down from Lecco (30 mins).

    We have tickets for one of the ‘grandstands’ on the Parabolica.. I’ve been reading we should take cushions!!!


    Ben Needham

    We have general admission access for all three days. Does anyone have any experience of this?

    Any good spots we should go to view from? Is it easy to walk the circuit? What time should we get there on the Sunday to ensure ‘front row seats’?

    Can’t wait. We did Spa last year and it was amazing.


    So, drunk in the pub today, booked tickets and flights to Monza. Now I need to figure out where to stay and how to get to the track. Haven’t seen Milan before, so thinking of staying there. Figure something near Milano Central is the right choice – but willing to hear other options. I assume we can get to the track each day by train (going Fri, Sat, Sun).



    Re camping, got the below info back from the internal campsite guys:

    EXTERNAL CAMPSITE (GP Village, Lesmo curves)
    This campsite will operate a payment on arrival system (first-come, first-serve). No bookings in advance will be taken for this campsite. Prices will be as above.

    All prices are charged PER PERSON.

    – Prices for bringing your own tent(s) are:
    up to 3 Nights = € 100
    4 Nights = € 110
    5 Nights = € 120
    6 Nights = € 130
    7 Nights = € 140

    – Prices for bringing your own motorhome/caravan are:
    up to 3 Nights = € 120
    4 Nights = € 130
    5 Nights = € 140
    6 Nights = € 150
    7 Nights = € 160

    Roberto Fratelli

    Hey Greg, i think we need to go out for beer sometime so i can book a few races for 2015, LOL!

    I´ve been at monza in 2012 and can share my experience. I came driving from Venice and stayed at a hotel in Assago, just outside Milan to avoid high fares and the ZTL zones:
    Royal Garden Hotel
    Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 20090 Assago Milano, Itália
    +39 02 457811

    It´s a very good hotel with a good restaurant. The only problem is that it´s located in the middle of a highway, so you can only get out by car (they have shuttles, but i didn´t use)

    The drive from the hotel to to track can be made in less than 20min at Saturday and even Sunday, if you get up early… i parked the car just outside the Parco di Monza at Viale Cesare Battisti street. Just make sure you park before the Biasono Sign because the officers were ticketing the cars on that city ( https://www.google.com/maps/@45.619928,9.274943,3a,75y,41.75h,91.54t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s6r5fJPwCcAJIjG0nvSJ5bA!2e0 )

    Good Luck!


    Ann Law

    We booked our tickets direct with the circuit http://www.monzanet.it Very easy to do, but our bank charged us £25 to transfer the money to their Italian bank account :(

    After reading horror stories of grandstands with bench seats, we have booked seats in 26C. On google maps they look like ‘bucket seats’ – fingers crossed for a seat with a decent view! Tickets arrived in July.

    We contacted the internal campsite at Biassono in June, but no response. I wasn’t surprised as other people have had difficulties in the past. So, I emailed the circuit, who added us to the list for when they started taking bookings. We received an email from the campsite on 1 Aug offering us a pitch on receipt of payment. This was much easier to pay as they have a UK bank account.

    Ferries are booked and we set off in our little blue VW campervan two weeks today, spending time in the Lakes first. Give us a wave!


    Hey Guys,
    Im planning on flying down solo from Denmark on the Thursday. Gonna camp at F1 camping. Pre errected tent and matress for around 150 quid. Only going to get a general admission ticket for now as its my first time down there. Can always get and upgrade there (lots of tickets seem to still be available.) Hope to bump in to some fellow F1fanatics so I wont spend the weekend totally alone :-P

    Alex Brown

    My first Grand Prix (finally!) and I’ve a question…

    Are there times that grandstands become ticket only? As in, the grandstand is general admission until half an hour before race-start? Bit of a reach, but there you go.

    How is access to the track? Is it possible to get in through the golf course to the east? On the track maps we’ve got, there are Ingressi E and F on that side of the track (on one map) and then only F (named Ingresso del Golf) on another. Any consensus?

    Probably more questions to follow.


    @xaverri We’ll be sitting in 26C as well! I’m hoping to get onto the banking at some point over the weekend. Where is there a good place to get through?


    @Ann Thanks for the tip to email the circuit for their internal camping. I’ve done now too after not getting any reply sending several emails to their camping-email adress. Hopefully we can reserve a spot now too, I prefer having facilities and at least a bit of security instead of taking one of the “illegal” camp sites by the circuit.
    Haven’t heard any horrible stories (thankfully!) about seating, so hopefully we’ll be swell in 26C!

    Seems like more people are picking that one!

    I have no idea, I haven’t been to Monza before and it’s all very new to me too. This makes it a bit more exciting :) I’m sure someone else in the forum has been there before and can tell you about this.

    As for all the other questions regarding hotels, public transportation or general ticketsale/views, I hope people will all answer you! I wish I could edit my first post again and add all the information but sadly the forum won’t let me :/

    Cya @ Monza!!


    Hey @splittimes – I’ve not been to Monza, but based on my experience at the other tracks, on the Friday and Saturday you can get into most of the stands without a ticket. On the Sunday I think it’s shut down right from the start, so you can’t get into the stand without the ticket.

    Ben Needham

    I’ve just returned from an unbelievably superb weekend at Monza! A group of 11 of us left the UK on Wednesday night in a mini bus and enjoyed a few drinks, stunning scenery and very little sleep, while arriving in time to set up at the Camping F1 site on Thursday evening (we missed the pit walk!).

    While the weekend was brilliant for a number of reasons, I’ll stick to the racing part of it for this in order to advise (/insist) that you go next year!

    There were roving grandstands on Friday, and we made use of them by sitting at Variante Ascari for FP1, before shifting to the first chicane for FP2. The weather was excellent (except for a brief shower), and it was stunning to see the cars throwing themselves at the first corner shining in the sun. The tifosi were obviously keen on the Ferrari’s and it was slightly infectious! (There seemed to be more support for Kimi than for Alonso…).

    For Saturday we managed to set up on the exit of the first chicane; building our own grandstand from wood we found in the park. This left us with a sweaty, satisfied and hungry team; with a great view of the cars through the first corner, and a sneak peak at a couple of screens to see Hamilton take pole. The Italians were surprisingly very keen on Hamilton and we were joined in our support for him by many of our fellow spectators!

    On Sunday – we realised that our Saturday set-up would likely be sieged early on by another group of fans, so hastily came up with a plan B! One side of our campsite ran from the exit of the pits up to the first chicane, so we craftily parked our mini bus at the fencing the night before. A leisurely start and a bit of a climb later – we were sat on top of it, in the sun, a cold beer and nibbles accompanying a stunning view of 22 cars piling into the first corner. We were a little disappointed that Hamilton wasn’t first, but it made for a lot of excitement seeing Rosberg being reeled back in again. At the end, the gates opened and we ran to the podium celebration; an incredible experience to be a part of the famous tifosi.

    We had our own twist on walking the circuit once everything had died down… being a tad naughty, we had borrowed some shopping trolley’s from Lidl, and took them onto the circuit, staging our own race around the entire circuit; one sat inside, with another as ‘the engine’. Our laptime of 1hr:03mins wasn’t quite fast enough for pole though…

    It was truly amazing; for so many reasons, and I cannot reccommend it enough; it’s a must for all F1Fanatics – and at £80 for an early bird (January) three day ticket, it’s a steal compared to Silverstone!

    We spent an additional £300 each on travel, camping and food and lived handsomely on Italian pizza’s and (possibly a few too many) beers.

    …needless to say, work is a little bit tricky and dull today!


    An epic of epic proportions. Thanks for sharing @ben-n!


    @ben-n Thanks for the input. I’m going next year but will be choosing the pre-erected tents as I’ll be coming from South Africa and definitely won’t be carrying a tent around just for a few days use! Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun and I hope mine will be too>

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