Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2017 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    No worries Keith.

    the main grandstands are in 2 parts, the higher seats have a full seat where as the lower half has benches. For example the grandstand at the first corner is 8a (seats) and 8b (benches). Where did you want to sit? The smaller stands are usually benches.


    @brawngp The first corner could be great (unless they go on with their plans to rebuild that section) but I Googled that grandsand and seen this:



    The picture is taken from where the seats begin. They go pretty high up.


    Sorry Ive just been looking at my pics from last year and I remembered it totally wrong! Your right its only the main straight that has seats with a backrest. This website shows it quite well.


    Thanks for the info. Not good for me. :(


    This will be my first ever grand prix live! That being said, i have no idea which part of the circuit is the best for live viewing. Having seen it on TV, i know all the corners have something to offer but would really appreciate if someone could recommend the best places.
    The one thing i am sure of is, I prefer a high speed corner to the main straight. The 3 spots that I had in mind were the exit of Parabolica (23a/23b), Ascari(Not sure which stand) and end of main straight (6a/6b)


    They all sound good spots for you @fdrtu, 6a/b isnt that fast but alot happens there. 23a/b are quite good, you cant really see the corner but you get to see them slow down for the pit entry. (12) Ascari Tre is a great place to sit. Are you going general admission or booking a grandstand?


    Hi guys! Going to this year race, and decided to take my chances with the general admission. Last year I was in Baku, and generally hated the grandstand experience. The good ones were way too expensive, and the one I could afford – meh, a stretch of a straight, with cars going by too fast and nothing happening. (Needless to say, I should have gone to this year’s race instead). Anyway, walking along the track I thought that I could see much more stuff from general admission areas. Hence trying it this year at Monza.

    I know that a lot of local fans will be there quite early to take the best spots. Any tips on where those best spots are, and how early should I get there to be safe?


    Hi @zimkazimka imo your best off on the inside of Paraolica. Your really close to the cars there and because of the angle of the corner you get a great view. There arent many screens for GA but there is one right at the exit of the corner but you will have to get there very early as it fills up fast.


    Hi guys!
    I’m going to this year race with a general admission ticket.
    I need some information about what happens after the race:
    1) is it possible to assist at the premiation in front of the podium? if yes, how to get there with a general
    admission ticket?
    2) how long does it take to reach Biassono-Lesmo station from the podium? I need to catch a train at Milano-Centrale station at 18:15 , and I’m a little bit warried I won’t get there on time…
    Sorry for my bed English,
    thank you for your answer, Gianni


    1) yes you can, but you will have to run, like I did last year. As I was in first variant when doors opened.
    2) you probably have 15min walking. but the sunday a lot of people take the train there, so you may consider another 30min waiting

    Micke Källman

    Anyone experienced how frequent and steady the shuttle bus traffic from and to the official P-spots is? Does it run smoothly and frequent even hours before and after the race? I’m living at a camping 30km north (track camp was over booked) and as I guess it would be awful to drive around by myselt without any knowledge of the surroundings I found the official P-spots with shuttle would be the least exhausting alternative. Comments anyone?

    George O’Donnell

    Some news for Milan based people:

    This tweet says that there is an F1 drivers parade with 13 F1 drivers, happening on Thursday at 1830, in Piazza Castello. You can take a metro here. I’ll try and get out of work early and make it to this event, although my Italian is very bad! It says they have historic cars and I suppose they don’t speak Italian…

    On the topic of the Milan Metro, if anyone is taking the Metro to a train station, and then taking the train from Milan to Monza, I’d advise people to not buy tickets on Friday morning. You can buy Metro tickets any day beforehand. The reason is that if local people have a monthly travel card, they will have to top it up on Friday morning (if they haven’t done so already) which leads to much larger queues at the ticket machines on the first day of the month.

    Micke Källman

    Sitting in my tent hoping for the compact rain will end.

    Was at the thursday event yesterday (in more or less tropical dump weather).

    I lined up for the pit lane walk and wisely followed the advice from a young italian fan next to me. Just stay put, he said. The late comers will suffer… At that time a decent que of some hundreds where there and it was around 2 hours before the gates to pits opened. As an experienced rock concert visitor (with a stubbard mind) I held my stand. The big advantage was that we could walk through the full pit without any problem and did get a good look of all the garages. Later the walking area was totally crowded and outside the Ferrari pit totally blocked. All the lae comers eager to see anything.

    Anyway, the pits had prepared their appearances. Some of the cars was worked over by engineers. A lot of wings, extra car bodies etc. was exposed in front. And the Ferrari garage had a bit more of course :).

    A couple of drivers (later was some assambled autograph session with all present drivers but skipped that seeing the crowd in the pit lane) was in garages. I saw Kimi, Hülkenberg and got a nice close up of Palmer instead of an autograph (some of them did autograph writing at the pits). Anyway, my experience of the pit walk was far better than it was for those who didn’t line up 2 hours before – if you ever will be in this situation you should follow the advice to que for 2 hours :).

    The atmosphere as such is great and I have to mention that an icon like Alonso suddenly sat at a bench right in front of me with some friends. Glad to see that people gave him the respect of NOT (surprisingly enough) hustle him with getting close and taking selfies. Had some bad luck there as I just had trouble with the big sausage sandwish and dripping mustard. Had no chance of even touch my camera to get a nice pic. When I finally could wash my hands he was gone…

    Bad news today is that compact rain all day is expected. As I drove for 14 hours wed-thu I had to take an extra nap today and will miss the first training session. Will drive my 30km for the second 14.00 and hope the rain stops. To me an extra obsticle as I use a big lens and exposing a camera in heavy rain (and everything else you need) is a bit of a pain…

    Was also informed (my italian friend from the que) that on race day you better take your stand around 8.00am if you aim for the better ones. Today is not a problem I guess, not that many will go for training sessions in rain. Tomorrow it might be some bad weather as well, but probably a bit more people. Racing day will be sunny so I better get up around 05.00am in the tent that morning to plan for a as-perfect-as-possible-experience.

    Shot some photos yesterday. Was walking around the different sections and the old banking. Would pass some here if I could but pics are in RAW-format right now and not light enough for web-use. Perhaps when I get home.

    Turned out to be some dairy here (hope you don’t mind) but it was easy enough, sitting in a chair in my tent with a macchiato beside and rain on the roof. Nice to have a un-stressed morning and slept well after those around 1200 km last day ;).

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