Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Monza or Milan? Help please!

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    Allen Taylor

    Today I got a great surprise for my 50th birthday, my wife has treated me to weekend tickets for the Italian GP! Although we have visited Italy in the past, we have never been to this part before. Can anybody help us decide whether it will be better to stay in Monza or Milan? We are arriving Thursday before the GP and leaving the Tuesday post the GP.


    I think overall it would be better to stay in Milan if you plan on using your spare time to have a look around (and you should!): as you know there is Expo 2015 until October, and though that is on the opposite part of the city it is easily and quickly reached using the underground. The Autodromo is no more than thirty-five minutes of driving away from the city centre, and if you’re trying to keep costs down and look for a place less downtown you might get closer if you go North-East.
    Of course you could stay in Monza and then travel to Milan rather than the other way round, it’s down to what you plan to do!

    Caroline Miles

    We have stayed in Milan and also on Lake Como. There are trains from Milan that were free over the race weekend when we last went which go into Monza and then free buses to and from the circuit back to the train station. Trains are pretty rammed back after the race if going to Milan – we have stayed in Bellagio on Lake Como and taken the ferry across to Varenna where you can get the train into Monza and then pick up the free buses not too far to travel but a lovely location about an hour away on the train.


    I have gone to Monza every year since 1993, and by far the best hotel for enjoying the GP is the Holiday Inn Nord – Zara. Hotels in Monza tend to be extortionate, but with this place you get spacious rooms, the flexibility to go to Milan or further afield with ease and at a agreeable price. That is not to say its cheap. I have a rolling agreement with the hotel, because it suits my need to be at the circuit early perfectly. But there are plenty of great hotels to suit a variety of budgets. My only tip ia that Monza Town is very expensive, and offers a level of access to the circuit that the outskirts of Milan can matach…unless you fancied walking of cycling to the track.

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