Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    I am new to the forum. I would like to surprise my husband and take him to a formula 1 race weekend for his 65th birthday,2022. I am really not sure of all of the locations. We can go for as long as necessary. Please help me get started on this birthday mission. We both love formula 1 and love Italy, but I’m open to other locations. We love in Vero Beach,Florida. And yes-I rad about Miami. I think I would like to try another place. HELP please??? I have no idea where to start!!!

    Ben Needham

    Hi @Nancy ; welcome!

    Let’s ignore that the pandemic exists and hope that everything is available next year! I have been to the British GP (Silverstone), Belgian GP (Spa) and Italian GP (Monza) and loved them all for different reasons. You mention being based in the US, so you also have fairly closer options in Texas, Miami, Mexico City or Montreal. I’d recommend Monza, for incredible atmosphere, (almost) guaranteed good weather, great food and passionate, friendly fans. You can fly into Milan and there are good options for hotels or camping, depending on your budget.

    When you decide where you’d like to go, I’m sure people on here can recommend specific grandstands and experiences to make it a great trip for you and your husband.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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