Going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

Going to the 2012 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

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    Discussion area for fans going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka.


    Does anyone have any idea of the ticket prices for Japan 2012? What were the ticket prices for 2011?


    I’ve done a bit of searching.


    This gives a rough idea of what to expect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can buy tickets for Sunday only. I believe you can in Melbourne. I’m planning a trip from Canada to visit some friends in Australia next year. The trip will be with my girlfriend, and on an extreme budget. I’m trying to decide if I’ll go in March and catch the Australian GP or wait until October and hit Suzuka.


    Best seats are R stand or any upper level on the main straight, u can see across to the pits.. cheaper alternative is on the S bends, u can see a great stretch of track. A fri sat sun ticket for say R stand is about 450 USD- – directly on the start line u will pay abt 1,000 USD for the w/end pass.
    Keep in mind friday is actually free…..

    Hotels or Ryoken ( jap small hotels ) near the track are impossible to book. Suzuka circuit has a small hotel that alot of drivers and team principles stay at, u wana stay there? try 2 nights @ 3,500 USD for a budget style hotel that is right@ the track. It has a small bowling alley u may catch a game with Vettel, seriously……guests only may visit….

    Alternate and most common is to stay at a larger hotel think marriot hilton etc in nagoya.

    The bastards dont usually let u book until a few months out from the race and still charge top doller.

    Nagoya is a 1 hr train ride to suzuka. U can catch 1 of 2 train lines. Shiroko station is a 15 min cab ride to the track, about 20 USD for the trip. the other is pretty much called suzuka circuit station and is a 20 min walk from the track..

    U can camp in farms around the track but need permits, **** knows how to get one.

    Ive been going to the japanese f1 for the last 3 years straight, im aussie but my wife is japanese and doesnt like f1 so i usually go alone…..

    always plenty of nice people to chat with, gotta love japanese girls haha…

    The Jap F1 race is much better than Melbourne, ur coming into the final stages of the championship.

    Enjoy yourself


    Just bought my tickets from formula1.com

    G2 stands for me at 150 quid


    nice. once u pass the entrance gates, walk to the rear of the main straight grandstand, turn right & you will walk up past the casio triangle, keep walking, prob about 7 mins, its a nice spot, right on the 130R, super high speed part of the track, you should also be able to see cars doing the right hander before they pass under the bridge, most the mechandise stalls etc are behind the main straight grandstand, there will also be some displays, last year they had a cool bridgestone used f1 tyre display, *tip buy your food early on race day, the line ups are intense. Enjoy dude!


    Hi australian thanks for the info.

    Can I check if the G2 stands actually has seats? I looked at the official suzuka ticketing page; it showed the actual viewing position and it was a patch of grass!


    from memory as of 2010 there are some concrete slab stairs, that are a pretty simple mini grandstand. I wouldnt worry if its grass, if its not suitable u can pretty much sit wherever u want, i mean, move up to the concrete section….. Im pretty sure i will be going and taking my daughter, so will respond later with my Suzuka F1 tips :) best track of the season in my opinion and the whole japanese experience will be awesome for u :)


    Hi australian

    many thanks for the reply.

    am definitely looking forward to it. also looking to how i can reach suzuka on friday in time for P1 as I’ve noticed it’s open to all grandstands except mains. going to try my luck at either the Esses or Turn 1.

    I just came back from Shanghai GP and already can’t wait to go for the Japanese GP!


    With FP1 & 2 u sit anywhere u want except main frandstand, although on past occassions I have sat there in fp1&2……… If fp1 starts at 10am leave nagoya by 830am

    At the behind of the main straiht grandstand, below the Ferris Wheel, there is a pedestrian tunnel that goes under the track and comes out at the end of the S’s, u can sit around there, food shops, toilets, etc, although no shade…..

    I had a look at the spot there u said u are sitting over the weekend, im pretty sure its concrete steps


    I also went to Shanghai last year, man I enjoyed Suzuka so much more………….. Just a nicer place to visit and a real historic track …………..

    John fryer


    Melbourne grand prix, I’ve been told you cant get any access to the drivers is that write??

    I’m going to the Japanese grand prix, but from what I read you have to stay an hour away and train it in, really??

    I want to do paddock club because after 9 grand prix I am still searching the in person autograph of the elusive schumi, my god he is hard to find and locate.



    The is an Autograph session at suzuka on the thursday. Usually about 2pm in front of the grandstand. Additionally drivers usually enter the track via the tunnel which is behind the main grandstand.
    There is a gate there which behind is a tunnel which leads under the main straight and pops up on the other side at the pits.
    You will see drivers coming and going there usually early morning and very late in the arvo. You will catch some austograghs :) if you want


    Hi all
    This is my first Grand Prix overseas/abroad and was wondering if there are concerts or simmilar after the race? What other interesting things are happening off the track?
    Thanks in advance!


    Finally some F1 action after the summer break.

    Definitely looking forward to the Japanese Grand Prix, 3rd GP this year.

    Anybody else at G2 stands?

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