Going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

Going to the 2017 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

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    I am thinking of travelling from Australia to the 2017 Japanese GP.
    At this stage looking at Grandstand B2 Upper for three days.
    I have some questions for people that have attended previously or can answer from their knowledge of track etc.

    First of all, I understand there is no English commentary, has anybody used the F1 app or any other ways to pick up English commentary at Suzuka. I plan on getting a Japanese data sim card to use while visiting, what is the mobile phone coverage like on race day. Some tracks seem to struggle with the high amount of data usage which could affect the English commentary.

    Secondly, has anybody experienced sitting in B2 Upper grandstand? How do you rate the seats/view?
    Is there any other sections that I should think about?
    Have you used the Friday free roaming pass to check out 130R, Degner, Dunlop etc? What is it like getting around to these places on the track?

    I plan on staying at Nagoya and travelling to the track each day, I take it this is what most people do?

    I looked at last years schedule, there does not seem to be much in the way of support categories..What are your thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your responses..



    Hi Wade,

    We went over from Australia in 2013 and you wont be disappointed, its fantastic!

    We were in the Paddock Club so have TV monitors and commentary in English but you are correct is saying around the circuit is not. Not too sure on an App but maybe try the Official F1 App (I think the premium version may have commentary, but not too sure).

    We didn’t go to B2 but did go to the Esses and that was awesome, do yourself a favour. Did plan to do to 130R, hairpin etc but Suzuka didn’t have any under or overpasses that we could fine so you need to fully walk around the circuit and its a long way to walk around, so that was a bit disappointing really. We got to the Esses at the start of FP1, watched 1/2 then headed back. You cant do more that a few corners each session due to the distance to walk. (Maybe steal a golf buggy :)

    We stayed in Nagoya and got the train each day then there is a short bus ride of 15min to the circuit, then a good 10 min walk from there, they certainly don’t drop you at the front gate. We stayed at the Hilton in Nagoya, very nice but pricey but we done most other accommodation on the cheap so that was fine and splashed out a bit. When you first get to Naygoya go to the main train station and book your morning and return tickets for each day. You have to determine what time you would leave the circuit, which I didn’t like, but if you miss it you just get the next one and they are ok with that.

    Also when you get to the train station in Suzuka book and pay for all three days for the buss then, that will save you a heap of time on Sat & Sun. It took us over 2hours on Friday from hotel to circuit, then Sat & Sun just over an hour. I read before we left that the trains are chaos, they weren’t, but we left pretty early each day. You may even see a driver or two on the train, we had Pedro De La Rossa in our carriage.

    There are hotels in Suzuka if you don’t want to commute each day, but they are very hard to get in to. Most drivers stay at the Suzuka Flower Garden, you cant stay there unless you are in team but look out for the many thousands of fans looking for the drivers leaving, its pretty cool. (Senna used to take a chopper as he was so popular he couldn’t get into the circuit, TC from BBC told me that). If you do land a hotel near Suzuka just have a closer look, one we almost stayed at was a Japanese “love hotel” that could be hired by the hour- we skipped that one LOL.

    We tried and tried to get a sim card and Japan being the tech capital of the world that doesn’t seem too hard. Well it was and we gave up in the end and didn’t have phones and just Skyped the kids on the laptop. They wanted us to sign on a deal with a new phone etc. My wife speaks Japanese so it wasn’t a communication issue they just didn’t have them without buying a new phone, grab something here before you go, we spoke to other Aussies and they did that and had no issues.

    You are correct that there isn’t much else on track apart from their Porsche Cup and maybe GP3 …….. I cant remember but only 3 categories including F1. Its funny as in Melbourne I am sure you know on and off track entertainment is awesome, I was walking to grab a bit to eat a few years back and ended up watching Tony Hawke on a half pipe! You wont get that in Suzuka.

    Depending on where you fly in to if you are coming from Tokyo its roughly 2 hours on the bullet train to Nagoya. Or you and fly direct to the international airport at Naygoya if you are doing the race first. We did 7 or 8 days around Japan before the race then flew out the next day. If you have a few more days try Kyoto, smaller city with many shrines (too many shrines LOL) but a great place to stay. We are heading back this year (not for F1 :( and spending a fair few days in Kyoto.

    The Japanese people are great and a very nice culture, if you don’t speak Japanese at all they even appreciate if you try a few words. You will find younger people in larger cities will tend to at least speak some English while older people or if in smaller towns are less likely.

    Hope that helps somewhat, write back if you want some more info- go DAN!!


    Thanks for all the fantastic information!

    Sorry about the late reply, I have not logged in for a while.
    The tips about the train and bus tickets will be very beneficial.
    I know what you mean about Melbourne, we are spoilt for what it is as an event, the on and off track is amazing!
    We are planning on staying in Japan for a total of 3 weeks, so looking forward to it very much.

    I find it odd about the phone situation, I would be very keen to hear if anybody has travelled to the race recently and can provide a update on getting reception and English commentary at the track?

    Also if anybody else has tips about walking around the track, track vantage point experiences or any other general tips regarding the GP weekend.


    Hi guys, we would like to find some info on the C3 seat.

    1) Is it a numbered seats? How do we choose our seat? Can we do it online or by contacting the circuit? We went through the Gootickets website but we can’t seems to be able to choose our seats..
    2) How does the upper C3 view like? Can we see any big screen? Will our view be blocked by the fence? We’ve seen some photos / videos but still unconvinced by it.

    In return if any of u guys wanna know about Malaysian GP u guys can either contact me personally via awizul@yahoo.com or tru ‘Going to 2017 Malaysian GP’ Group.


    Laine Baker

    @Wade – you can now purchase a SIM Card at Nagoya airport in the arrivals area. It’s not that cheap, but it’s available. http://www.centrair.jp/en/whatsnew/sim_vendor.html

    There is no English commentary at the track – it’s all in Japanese, both over the PA and via the headsets you can rent.

    Does anyone know about the ticket situation for “early bird” access to Suzuka? I received the e-mail from FOM that tickets were now available, but I only am seeing the family seating + paddock club sections being available, nothing for the general grandstands.

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