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    I made the journey down to Yeongnam for the 2013 Korean F1 GP. There is a lack of information available on how to get there and where to stay. Here is what I learned this weekend.
    Travel to the track is relatively easy. The KTX high speed train and busses travel to the city of Gwangju. I took the bus to Gwangju. The bus station is located at the U Square mall right in downtown. From there you can take a bus down to Mokpo and get on the free shuttle busses to the F1 circuit. Another option is to take transportation right to Mokpo.

    For accomodations, I stayed at the Ritz Motel which is walking distance from the bus station. Across the street from the Ritz Motel is another motel that was said to be “five star”. Not sure if it lived up to that though. I believ it was called the “Full Stay” or similar.

    I sat in section H-a and enjoyed the view. Friends sat in section G and reported the same. Section D had a great view up higher in the stand. And of course the main grand stands were pretty cool too, although a limited view of the action.

    I will post up the names and numbes of my contacts in another post. I don’t have them handy right now. Feel free to message me here for more details. Cheers!

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