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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix info and Tips

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    Hi All

    Im from South Africa
    My wife and i plan on going to the 2014 Malaysian GP.

    We have been to Istanbul in 2011 and Monza in 2012, both amazing F1 experiences!

    I have found quite a lot of useful info here, but I have a few specific questions for the experts :)

    1- I want to sit in the K1 grandstand. What are the best seats to be looking straight down the start line and pit lane?
    The seats also need to have good shade or covering for rain, is the breeze better the higher up you are?

    2- Where is the best place to stay for the F1 weekend?
    In KLCC and use the trains to Sepang?
    Is there an F1/party atmosphere in KLCC over the weekend?

    Or is it better to stay at the airport hotels for quick access to the circuit.
    I know the atmosphere around here will be non-existent!

    3- When are the autograph sessions held?
    I have read that its normally held on the Sunday before the race at the welcome centre.
    Is there a pit lane walk for 3 day grandstand ticket holders? I did this in Monza last year, it was awesome! Got Schumi’s autograph that day!

    4- After the race, are you allowed to walk on the circuit or go to the start straight for the podium celebrations?

    Thanks in advance :)
    Hopefully see a few of you in Malaysia!


    @abi –
    Hi mate- I am also going to Malaysia GP for the first time next year so cant really answer your specific question regarding sunshade and wind etc. A mate (friend) of mine went over for the Moto GP in 2011 and said the circuit excellent for viewing. There are a few circuits (Melbourne as a street circuit is one) where you see little of the track really. Malaysia apparently is awesome for track viewing.

    My mate said the main grandstand in between both straights and the hairpin is great to see them around the last corner onto the main straight, and you see all pit action or course, but easy to head on the other side and see them around half the track- apparently great viewing both sides!!

    We looked at KL city hotels or at the airport. KL to the track is about 45min normally so maybe a bit more race weekend (??) but we decided a close to track option better. We are staying at the Sama Sama hotel at the airport grounds but there are heaps around and compared to Austalian standards the accomodation is very cheap. There are some luxury hotels in town but depends what you are looking for.

    Look forward to hearing some other tips for the trip!!


    sorry, I’m novice on this :D
    actually I’d also like to go to Malaysia next year as my 1st F1 experience. from Indonesia major cities, there are often airfare promo tickets to there, so it encourages me. but the question is when is the date?
    last article on 2014 calendar said 21-23 March… but I guess I’ll wait until the fixed date released.



    Yes correct mate, 2014 races are not fixed yet but we took a gamble that it would stay the same and booked a good hotel near the airport. Usually the early races are the same (this year thrown out a bit by a possible change to the opener- Bahrain maybe?) but the Sama Sama will book out REAL fast when its all confirmed. Worst case- I am off to KL one week before or after the Grands Prix LOL!


    Hi Garns & javanese

    Thanks for the comments.

    I too will only book once the dates are confirmed. im just looking to get as much info as possible to get the most out of this trip.
    The dates that i have seen around are 28th-30th March tho, and i see they are the same in the draft calender published on friday.
    I want the dates to be confirmed soon, so that the planning can start!

    Hopefully i can get tips from the guys and girls that have gone to Sepang in the past.


    I’m keen to go to Sepang next year too, will most probably be driving up from Singapore. I’ve subscribed to the email notification thing on the official website, so presumably they’ll be notifying me once tickets go no sale (which should be in a few weeks’ time?). Looking forward to sharing information and tips with fellow race go-ers!



    Yes the 30th is now confirmed mate, they did push it back a week , so go ahead and book when you can.
    We were able to change the hotel for very little but the “penalty” for the change in flights was almost the same as what we paid for the flights!

    We had friends that missed the Sama Sama on the original date, but snuck in on the change before the teams book it out!

    I have not done it but the train from the track to KL city is apparently pretty good if you want to party in town.

    Madi Murphy

    Hi @abi5
    I went to the 2012 Malaysian GP so can answer a few of your questions.

    We sat in the grandstand at turn 1 – I think that’s the K1 grandstand. I’m not sure which block we were in but it was on the right-hand side of the stand. We had a fantastic view down the main straight, plus turns 1 & 2, and we could see some of the straight from turns 3 to 4. I would definitely recommend these seats to anyone.
    Regarding the shade – if you’re too close to the very front or very back of the grandstand, you will get wet if (or should that be ‘when’) it rains! We were sitting about halfway up and kept dry. I wouldn’t say there’s more breeze at the top, really… I don’t remember there ever being any breeze at all :-/

    We stayed in KL over the race weekend. It is such a great city and well worth visiting! Some places really get into the F1 spirit, and the ‘local’ teams are bound to have promotional activities/events – we went to a Petronas-sponsored event where we saw Rosberg and Schumacher, and a Caterham event with Kovalainen, Petrov and Van Der Garde. There was also some kind of party near KLCC where we saw heaps of F1 people, but the only one I can remember for sure is Alonso. But suffice it to say, there will be lots going on to keep the F1 party going!
    It is really simple to get from KL Sentral train station to the track. You can buy a ticket for the whole weekend, then you get the train to the airport and shuttle bus to the track. I think it took about an hour. On the Sunday evening we had to queue for the bus for a while, but other than that it wasn’t really too bad. It was much easier to get between the track and the city than some other races I’ve been to.

    I’m not sure about autograph sessions as we didn’t go to any, but I remember seeing people queuing on the Sunday morning so it was probably then!
    I’m also not sure whether there is a pit lane walkabout. One thing about the Friday at Sepang is that it’s open admission, so regardless of which grandstand you have tickets for, you can sit wherever you like. We took the opportunity to sit in the main grandstand for a while so we could see directly into the pit garages.
    I’m afraid I can’t remember whether people were allowed onto the track after the race – sorry!

    One more thing: Sepang is very strict about not allowing you to take food or drink into the circuit, even bottles of water. So make sure you take plenty of small change as you will need to buy lots of drinks during the long, hot days!

    I hope you have a fantastic time. Malaysia 2012 was one of my favourite GP experiences ever. Enjoy every minute :)


    Thanks Madi Murphy!!!!
    This definitely helps alot.

    Do you perhaps remember or have a copy of your seat numbers? If yes please let me know.
    We will then be staying in KL for the week of the F1, we dont mind the queue after the race, we normally roam around the circuit for about 2 hours in any case.

    Thanks again Madi Murphy, i really appreciate your help.


    Hi All!
    The early bird prices is shown up: http://www.sepangcircuit.com/news/formula-1-2014-formula-1-petronas-malaysia-gr
    anyone going? consdering price, where exactly the good place to watch?
    @abi5 @garns @czhihong @ladym


    Hi @javanese

    Thanks for the heads up. Yes i see pearly bird prices are out, but tickets are not on sale yet.

    I will most likely go for the K1 grandstand.
    I however read somewhere that with K1 tickets you are not allowed entry to the Mall area?
    Can anyone confirm this?
    What usually happens in the Mall area on the Saturday and Sunday of the F1?



    I tried to make a dummy booking earlier and it’s already on sale, I guess.
    Mall area is only available for the main grandstands and the tower. K1 is a bit separated from that regard.

    a bit short of money, I’ll look for general admission. maybe K2 hillstand, which pretty cool spot to watch cars in fast corner. but if you guys have recommendation for the sweet spots of Sepang, I’d like to know.


    doann villa

    Hi everyone, im from the philippines and will watch the malaysia gp on march… Its going to be my 1st f1experience and i wanna make the most of it. Is the autograph session is free? And the after party? I would be happy if i can meet someonefrom here there at the circuit… Are the ticket on sale now @ 50% off are for the 3 days weekend race? Thank you.


    Hi doann!

    1. Autograph session is free to Grandstand ticketholders. But be warned, not everyone in the line will get an autograph (F1 drivers stick around for 15 minutes maximum). So if you’re after a specific driver’s autograph, get in line early. Think on your feet, too – autograph schedules are subject to change.
    2. The after-race concert is also free to Grandstand ticketholders.
    3. Yes, the early bird promo is on until the end of the year. I recommend you buy from the circuit website directly. :)


    Hi, I am also planning on watching the Malaysian GP, it will be my first time. I watched F1 last September in Singapore and it was awesome! I want to see the pit stop action and the pre-race grid preparation so I am looking at getting the Crystal Main Grandstand seat, does it have a good view? I am going alone so if anyone wants to adopt me for the race weekend that would be great!

    Doann – i hope we can meet each other on the circuit. I’m also a Filipino working here in Singapore.

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