Going to the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang

Going to the 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit

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    Alright, I’ll chime in here. I don’t often post on here, but I’ll see what I can do to help out.

    Going to the 2014 Malaysian Grand Prix and it will be my third visit in a row.

    It’s a bloody long way from KL to the track on public transport. Think two hours each way and much, much more on the way back to KL after the race. In 2012 we decided to take a taxi back, but in 2011 it took us five hours to get from Sepang to our hotel. If I can recommend anything it’s hang around a bit after the race, drink a couple more beers and get a taxi. It might cost you $50, but if there’s a few of you it’s not much each and it’s a whole world quicker.

    I’ve been in K1 and it offers a great view. Unfortunately in 2011 the race was a little unexciting at the first corner and there’s only one big screen on the exit of T2 quite some way away. You’ll need binoculars if you want to see anything on that. Better yet, take a DSLR and get a shot of the screen every now and then; zoom in on your camera to see because at that distance the small shakes in your hand make it impossible to read what it says on the screen.

    As for K1, the best spots to see the action are obviously the closest. The front row is just the place to be in a dry race.

    If it’s not a dry race, prepare yourself for the soaking of a life time. It’s humid, so you don’t dry out until you get back to the hotel and get a change of clothes and have a shower. If you want to be at the front (which is good because you can hang your national flag over the edge, for anybody so inclined) you’re going to want to take with you a heavy duty waterproof poncho. The $5 ones the dodgy vendors try to sell you out the front of the track just won’t do it – trust me, I made that mistake.

    I was on the hill next to K1 last year and to be honest it really is quite a good spot. Food is close, drinks are close and you get a very good overall view the run down to T3 and beyond. If 2014 is anything like last year, the guards may forget to close the gate between the hill and K1 so you can go and watch practice and qualifying at T1 for no extra cost.

    I’ll warn you though, there’s very little shade on the hill and Sepang is not a place you’re going to like being stuck in the sun. Taking an umbrella would be advised; as would taking lots of water; and lots of sunscreen; and a fan; and anything that can keep you away from that sunlight. My family and I haven’t nicknamed areas of the track “The Cauldron” for no reason. It’s little short of a sauna.

    I don’t believe you can leave luggage at the track. If you turn up with it, it’ll be searched through and (if they let you in) you’ll be lugging it around all day with you.

    On the plus side, the spectator zones are completely open on Friday and you can go anywhere you please around the perimetre of the track. I did a sort-of track walk (around the outside) on Friday last year and my brother and I barely saw another person the entire time. It’s an experience you’ll probably like to take up.

    KL is a place very happy to party. Food is cheap, drinks are cheap and the people are generally very happy to accommodate you in their restaurants and bars. There are many interesting areas to visit and on the Grand Prix weekend the city really does embrace the sport, with displays dotted around the central areas and Codemasters F1 lap-time competitions set up in certain areas.

    But be careful.

    KL is a city with plenty of people who are financially strapped and not everybody is going to be as straight-shooting as they may be in your home town. Last year my father was dragged down a street when a couple on a motorbike attempted to steal his camera bag. They didn’t get the bag, but we needed to visit a clinic to get patched up and it really put a dampener on the whole weekend. Keep your valuables hidden, don’t walk with your back to the traffic and any bags or backpacks you have should, if they’re hanging off your shoulder or hand, not be held on the side of the road. Above all, try not to walk down dark alleys in less-populated areas of the city like we did. I can’t imagine we’ll be making these mistakes again.

    Enjoy the weekend and stay safe. Don’t worry yourself too much about the mild dangers posed in the city and if you try to stay in good areas there’ll most likely be no issues. In 2012 we had no issues whatsoever, so I’m hoping 2014 will be an exact repeat.

    Be vigilant, but above all enjoy yourself at the track. It’s a magnificent venue.

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    Hi, everybody.. I’m a local KL guy who never missed a M’sian GP since 1999. If any of you here need any help / assistance / query while in KL / Sepang I can be contacted at +60166792979 via WhatsApps/Viber or twitter @awizul (my avatar is a picture of me wearing Red Bull shirt) or email awizul@yahoo.com. I’ll help as much as I possibly could during the race weekend or even if u’re here for vacation etc.

    Welcome to Malaysia!

    Alex green

    Another excellent time in malaysia,just a pity the race was a bit boring
    On my way to Bahrain via dubai for a few days,How did everybody get on??

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