Going to the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang

Going to the 2017 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang International Circuit

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    Ok @evilhomer, u have paddock pass or tribune ticket holder? As stated in the event program, the friday morning pit lane walk is for paddock club where else 18.30 is for tribune ticket holder. As for drivers appearance I still haven’t heard any so far. Will update as soon as i’ve some news.

    , it’s for tribune ticket holder only as u know it



    OK guys, just got back from collecting my tickets today. As expected, there’e lots of works going on at the welcome ctr.

    Back to the questions :

    1) Pit lane walk : As per stated in the event programme, paddock club session is on Sat morning (I don’t think they, the ticketing staff hv any clue why or shouldn’t it dictated by FIA or the team/driver). As for tribune ticket holder, it’s gonna be 18.30 and strictly for tribune ticket holder only. From my past experience, please do it fast before it’s getting darker even you could snaps some cool pixs during dusk!

    2) I didn’t came across any news about drivers appearance yet!! (it’s kinda weird too) TBH there’re not much hype for this years MY GP maybe bcoz of this finale GP thingy i don’t know. But it’s sad to end staging GP like this.

    3) No programme flyers yet! I’m shocked too, otherwise i’d hv share with u guys here.

    4) For those who are looking for Parking pass(es) they’ve stopped selling it online but they’ll open up booth starting Friday to sell the passes.

    That’s all for now folks.


    Teddy Indra

    Finally, the elusive Spectator guide is up on Sepang’s website.


    It took over two and a half hours to get back to KL Sentral from the track.
    Am I just spoiled by having been to races with easy trams in Melbourne, or did something go wrong today?
    The shuttle bus from the circuit to the station was nearly an hour in itself.

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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