Going to the Mexican Grand Prix at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Mexican Grand Prix: Your pictures and video

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    Did you attend the Mexican Grand Prix? Share your pictures and video from the race weekend below


    Hey all,

    Here are a few pictures of my experience at the Mexican GP. I went there with my dad who has assisted at least one GP in each of the periods in which F1 was in town. He was saying how he used to camp all weekend with his high-school buddies and just barbecue and watch the races all weekend! I guess times have changed :) anyway, here are a few pictures, videos and thoughts on the Mexican GP 2015

    (Disclaimer: It was my first GP so I have no way of comparing it to anything else. All prices are in GBP adjusted to PPP with nominal in brackets):

    Best way to get to the Autodromo is by metro. Its fast, straightforward, safe and cheap. A one-way trip anywhere in the network is 0.42 (0.20).

    On Friday and Sunday we were sitting down on the curves after the second straight. It was a lovely section with plenty of curves which unfortunately did not translate into a lot of action. We were sitting right in front of the Bottas-Raikkonen melee and we also saw when Sainz missed the corner and had to cut trough the grass just to later give the spot to Perez. Here are some pics and videos of those seats:

    Our seats for Friday and Sunday. Please ignore the white support van that got in the way of my panorama shot!

    Raikkonen's wrecked car!

    Through the circuit there were plenty of areas for chilling. There were some minor music performers and plenty of opportunities to spend money. To give you a taste of the prices, a double Whopper (all food came from chains such as Burger King, Domino’s, Starbucks and local ones like Sushi Itto, El Califa (tacos) and Fisher’s (Sea Food)) was 9.17 (4.35) which was more or less the cost of a beer too. Not too expensive if you earn in GBP and spend in pesos, so come next year!

    On Saturday we were on the main straight. Here are a few pictures of the seats there and some food and entertainment areas available:

    Panorama of the whole straight from our seats. We were on the sixth row of Main Grandstand 2. That roof covered the whole grand stand

    Food and drink area. You can see a small concert stage in the background. Also note the ominous couds that made the track stay cool most of the weekend

    All in all it was a great experience. There were plenty of people and the atmosphere was one of true celebration. Needless to say, also a place to see and been seen if you are into that kind of thing. Being racing fans, my dad and I arrived before doors opened and made the best out of it. There was the Masters Historic Race and Mexican Formula 4 as preshows. The weather made it possible to have a great experience without it being to cold or too hot. There was a lot of security around the perimeter of the Autodromo. I would say there was a cop standing every 10 meters around the whole circuit of the perimeter. Another thing that was nice, was a shuttle service available for free that would go around the circuit to deliver people to their respective entrances. I would say all in all it was a very well organized event. Next year I am thinking about going to the stadium section since it seemed to have an electric atmosphere.

    If you need any help planning your trip next year do not hesitate to ask. I am a bit ashamed that I didn’t offer this help in the forums before, but please ping me if you need any information.




    I couldn’t get the image embedding to work so I made an Album in OneDrive and made it available for everyone to see:


    Let me know what you guys think!


    Start line crash during the F4 support race this year:


    Here’s the incident which earned Vettel a penalty in tall-o-vision:

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