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    Where are the best places to get tickets for the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo?


    We’ve used grandstandmotorsports.co.uk for tickets, travel and hotel’s for Spa (where they were happy for us to drive in some days) and twice at Silverstone, and will be using them again next year (2012) for Monaco.

    Reasonable prices, excellent service over email and the phone, and nice people in the hotels afterwards.


    I’ve just bought tickets in the formula1monaco.com site (ACM) off the back off advice of this forum – I haven’t received an e-mail confirmation but the money has left my account – should I be worried??


    I have just booked from ACM (formula1monaco.com) The thing is I just booked. The seats now say booked but I have not been asked about any sort of payment? When do they want the money!? Anyone else had such issues? Thanks.


    I purchased my tickets for 2010 through Formula1.com, they send you a letter with your reservation booking details on it, take it to the GP and collect your tickets from the F1.com, for want of a better word, port-a-cabin. Not the easiest to find but its right near the circuit and had no problems actually obtaining my tickets, plus free ear plugs. (VERY handy at Monaco!)

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Adam

    If you have booked through the ACM web site (this is the official web site for tickets) but not been asked for any payment, I don’t believe your booking has gone through. The web site is a bit hit and miss sometimes, but you should be asked to set up an account and enter your details, you should then received a reference number to confirm your booking. The web site will show seats as booked but it does sometimes take a while to reset if not accepted. If you are not sure what has happened if you e-mail them they are very good at coming back to you.


    How far is the F1 ticket collection port-a-cabin from the harbour? I will be in K stand…


    Going to monaco 2012. Read that Ed offered tickets/access to a balcony instead of regulary grandstands ticket, correct ? How does it works?

    Fugare1 Ed

    Hi Ronnie

    Really sorry for the tardy reply, I have my settings to be notified whenever a new post is added (or so I thought) but there are loads of posts here I didn’t know about so I’ll try to catch up with any outstanding queries. Caroline contacted me to let me know you had some queries for me (thanks Caroline) but I’m only just back into the office having been away…anyway enough of the explanation…

    Yes we have a lot of options in Monaco but let me first say for anyone who was not on the previous incarnation of this thread before you give me a hard time for trying to sell anything that I joined F1Fanatic because I enjoy helping other F1 fans and there was a lot of misinformation about Monaco that I wanted to correct. I have also witnessed and met lots of people who have been misled and ripped off and I want to help others avoid that.

    Options in Monaco include:

    Grandstand – best place to buy ticket only (ie if there is no value add of transfers, hospitality, hotels, extras, etc.) is the ACM (Automobile Club de Monaco) at http://www.formula1monaco.com.

    Restaurants – some good, some bad, some with good view, some with bad view. Benefits are (usually) waiter service, private toilets and food included, etc.

    Hotels – hospitality at some is excellent, others it is OK, view from all is OK. A little like yachts in terms of them being more about the atmosphere and experience than the race view.

    Private Balcony (no catering) – step up from grandstand, more extensive race view from a higher vantage point, cost kept down with the exclusion of catering, drinks, staffing, etc., private toilets, less people, no queues etc. You take your own food and drinks. Located generally on beau rivage so view not as good as a start/finish straight balcony but this also serves to lower the price.

    Private balcony (full hospitality ) – typically on the start/finish straight with open bar, Champagne, catering throughout the day, waiters, FanVision units (Kangaroo TV), ear defender, etc etc etc all included. Fourth floor and above you can see over the trees to the harbour section and the higher you go the more extensive the view (my avatar is a pic taken from one of our rooftop terraces). Below fourth floor you see the start/finish straight, grid, first corner, exit from the pits etc. and perspective depends on which building you are in.

    Private yachts – not the most extensive race view available (you want a 7th floor balcony and above for that) but what an atmosphere, simply electric!!! Vessels over 33 metres’ish are berthed from the exit of the tunnel to Tabac corner and are set back from the harbour wall during race sessions which give a fair distance between you and the track (I personally prefer being on a yacht right up again the harbour wall where you are only a few metres from the cars). Under 33 metres berthed from Tabac corner right against the harbour wall along in front of K grandstands and beyond. Opposite K2 to K4 is my favourite spot for berths as the cars are picking up speed again after Tabac and you see more of the track.

    I won’t post prices etc. here unless other users want me to, I don’t want to offend anyone with what they might feel is commercial activity. If you need more info or want prices feel free to email me directly. If you buy something from us or not it doesn’t matter, I’m happy to help in any way so fire any queries you have and I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction.

    All the best

    Jeff Johnson

    I will not be able to attend this years GP and I have 2 tickets in area K6 seats 12-and 13 for sale if anyone is interested. please contact me by email @ jeffcjohnson@mac.com

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