Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Going to the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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    Keith Collantine

    Discussion area for people going to the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix.


    Going to the Monaco Gp in 2015 for the first time . Sitting at Casino square on thursday , swimming pool saturday , and general admission Sunday. We’re staying in Nice and commuting in each day


    Hi all,
    I’m planning a honeymoon through Spain and southern France next year with better half and would like recommendations on grandstands for the Monaco GP. We’ve been to Melbourne and Singapore together before and had a ball both times. Given the expense involved I want to ensure that we get the best possible seats with the budget available. I’ve been looking at various websites which are selling tickets but I have not found one where it’s possible to see which seats are still available and to choose your seats. I’m looking at Tribune K1 high / K2 high / K3 high for the Sunday, and Casino or T high for the Saturday. How do I actually order a ticket for the high section of particular stand? I did this before when organising tickets for Melbourne and Singapore. If I go ahead and order these tickets is there a risk that seats in those sections (high in K1/K2/K3) won’t be available?? It would be nice to know this before committing my hard earned $$. I’m treating this trip as a once-in-a-limetime opportunity so want to make it special.

    Also, does anyone know of any “cheapish” terrace viewing along the start-finish straight for the Thursday?

    I’ve booked a beach side apartment in Nice so we’ll be getting there by train each day. I assume the train to Monaco stops at / leaves from Gare de Nice Ville. Can someone please confirm? It’s about a 20 minute walk from the apartment.

    We will also be in Barcelona for the Spanish GP 2 weeks before Monaco but will probably go for GA tickets there.

    Comments and recommendations appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Tommy Scragend

    Not been to the GP so I can’t help with the ticket questions, but I can confirm that the train to Monaco calls at Nice Ville, which is the main line station in Nice. You can also catch it from Nice Riquier, which is the next stop along (towards Monaco) and is nearer to the port end of Nice. Takes about 20 minutes from Nice to Monaco.


    I’ve read in the threads for previous years that it’s possible to see what seats are available by using a browser plugin (Silverlight?) on the ACM web site. This does not seem to work now. Does anyone know if this is a new “feature” for 2015 or am I doing something wrong?

    Also, it looks as if Tribunes K1 and K2 have been sold out for months. Right now K3 has about 250 seats but most of the other K’s are above 400. Assuming one can actually select a higher seat and the remaining seats in K3 are relatively low, what would you recommend a low seat in K3 or high seats in K4-6, K7-8?


    Oh yeah, one other question. Forums for previous years have mentioned the Ermanno Penthouse. Does anyone know how to go about buying viewing space in the EP?

    — Sorry. I didn’t realize I could have edited my previous post until I did this one. It won’t happen again.


    First time visit to Monaco but have done British GP several times. I bought a race day package at a Charity event which includes flights from Stansted and transfers but only General Admission. I’ve got options to upgrade to either seats in K or the terrace at Cafe de Paris. Any advice appreciatedn

    Caroline Miles

    Hi Boydy

    You will not get a good view on general admission. The die hard fans for want of a better description “set up camp” on Thursday and on the basis that you are on a day trip by the time you get to the circuit the best viewing spots will be long gone. If it is K upper go for that. We met a couple the last time we did Monaco (2 years ago) who had done the Cafe de Paris and said all they could see were the top of the drivers helmets due to the Armco – there is a first floor balcony but when we sat on the grandstand opposite it was solid so you may not see a lot – more a case of saying you have done Cafe de Paris. For the true F1 fan who wants to see the cars K grandstand gives far better viewing and a huge kick as this is the iconic view of Monaco with its sweeping grandstand round the harbour and the boats in the harbour plus your view of the cars is better. We always sit on K for race day.

    Paul Kaczmar

    Hello. We are going to the Grand Prix this year and have tickets for grandstand T upper on race day. Our friends won’t have the opportunity to get to Monaco for the race but are planning to get in after the race has ended to meet us. The first question is how easy or difficult will that be? Our main question is what goes on after the race? We ideally wnt to hang around and essentially have a fair few drinks and have a good time, is there plenty going on to keep everybody entertained without having to pay silly amounts to get into for instance the amber lounge. We were led to believe that there is almost a sort of street party atmosphere, can anybody shed any light on this? Cheers!

    Jick Magger

    Hi Paul
    To buy a place on the Ermanno Palace Penthouse follow this link
    The Ermanno is an ever popular choice as it has views over 75% of the circuit. For 2015 (as of 16th March 2015) there are only 10 spaces left.
    In 2016, the Ermanno will be closed as there are plans for a massive refurbishment.


    Yay! Well, my girlfriend and I just secured our 2015 qualifying and race tickets general admission for both days. What has surprised me is that despite Monaco being near the richest country in the world, the GP general admission tickets are among the cheapest on the calendar. I was in Monaco a couple of weeks after the GP last year just to walk around and spend the day there, and the place is awesome, and it would be amazing to stand right next to the track, but I know the hill will provide some excellent viewing and we’ll be able to see into the pitlane from there too.

    I have a few questions for those who have been before!

    What races are we likely to see during the weekend? I hear there’s Porsche Supercup, GP2 and FR3.5, is that correct? Sunday is just the F1 race though isnt it?

    After the race, does it get really quiet? Is there much scope for general admission ticket holders to get down to the swimming pool and the Brasserie de Monaco bar? (really good food and their own brewed Monagasque beer there)

    We’re staying in Nice for the whole weekend, and last time was able to get the train really easily in about 20 minutes, but I’m guessing it will be really packed, is it worth getting there super early each day to get in and get a good spot on the hill?

    Can’t wait for this, most importantly for me it’s a great opportunity to drive my new Mini Cooper S down and get a run through the Route Des Grand Alpes, and on the way back we’re driving up through Southern Germany, any particular roads worth seeing on our way there or back?

    Can’t wait!!

    Caroline Miles

    Unfortunately there is a reason the tickets are so cheap. Those in the know get there on Thursday and stake out their spot putting chairs etc up and chaining them to various objects etc. This means that unless you get there very very early the chance of getting a decent view is minimal.

    The trains from Nice are for want of a better description “rammed” and stop at other stations on the way so even though it will be full when it leaves Nice even more people will try to get on – be warned if you are claustrophobic. Depending what time you go back it is hectic and after the race the police have previously kettled people going to the station (that is why we go by boat now.)

    You are correct re the support races but there are races on Sunday morning before the GP.

    We have always gone back on the boat back to Nice after the race so not sure what it is like in the town.

    Heather Warburton

    I am taking my hubby to this years Monaco GP – just a few questions if anyone can answer :-)

    Is it possible to walk the track on the Friday afternoon after the racing?
    Can we walk in the pit lane on the Friday?
    We are planning to go and eat in the evenings in Monaco Ville – does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants? I have done some research and found a few we like the look of.
    Lunches – what to most people do? Would love to just get French bread, pate and cheese to munch on ;-)

    We are staying in Nice, and have tickets in T stand for Qualis and Upper K for the race – I am soooo excited!

    Also if anyone has any great tips on making the most of this weekend I would be very grateful, thank you


    4 weeks yesterday and the wife and I will be IN MC. Should be an interesting race this year..hoping for sun, fun and lots of racing once again.

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