Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Going to the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

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    Fugare1 Ed

    Hey Ror

    There have been a few options for race radio & tv over the years…KangarooTV/FanVision was excellent but FOM wanted too much money so they didn’t renew the contract…Nova radio (I think) was OK radio commentary via proprietary headsets but I’m not sure if they’re still doing F1 either. There is local commentary so I would try the bluetooth option and the live app on your phone to follow the stats.

    Parties are varied and it depends what you want to do and how much you want to spend, from the ‘that’s quite expensive’ to ‘sweet holy mother, that’s a mortgage’…
    – Fairmont used to do The Billionaires Club over the GP, I’m not sure that’s still running, there was some amalgamation with Nikki Beach and other party firms, from memory entrance was around 100€ up to around 5,000€ for a table with drinks.
    – Amber Lounge only opens Friday, Sat & Sun, individual passes are 350€ Friday to 800€ Sunday with tables setting you back between 5,000€ and 40,000€
    – Jimmy’z will be open on Thursday but not sure what the prices will be, similar region to Amber Lounge.
    – there might be a few yacht parties going on the Thursday, ours are only on the Saturday & Sunday, expect to pay 200€-500€.
    – SASS Cafe, a Monaco institution and a fun night, don’t go to eat expecting great food, menu will set you back circa 250€ pp over GP weekend and you I wouldn’t expect you to be impressed with it but it’s good fun. Not sure how much it is for entry without eating if there is a charge. Having mentioned charges…be prepared to ignore or not mind the ladies who are there for more than the partying…in case you’re easily offended.
    – La Rascasse, another institution and the party will spill out onto the circuit over the weekend, Thursday will be a little quieter than Saturday/Sunday but still good fun. Along that same stretch there are loads of other bars so you could spend the night along that stretch.
    – Cafe de Paris, Hotel de Paris, etc. and all the venues around the Casino will be busy so you could hop from one to the other if you want to wing it. Be prepared to shell out for drinks around this area though.
    – the rest of Monaco will be buzzing also, so if you don’t want to buy into something you will not be short of places to go, things to do and bars/restaurants to enjoy.

    The Old Town in Nice is good fun too should you find yourself in Nice at some point.

    Hope that helps
    All the best


    Thank you for all the detailed information Ed, it gives me a much better idea of what the options are. I really appreciate it


    Not long to go now ….. can’t wait 🏎🏎🏎🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁


    Ed was pretty comprehensive above (as always) and points out the main spots.

    Jimmy Z’s is not far from the Fairmont (head left up the hill) but we were told its dance music so we didnt bother. SASS bar down the hill but opens late, and as Ed points out ladies of the night will come out near midnight, watch your tab too, run by Russians !

    La Rasscase and bars nears the pits were we spent most time, temporary bars come on the track and its all rock music (we did hear the worst ACDC cover of all time though!!) We bumped into Simon Lazenby and Johnny Herbert for a beer and saw Pastor Maldonardo do an interview…………. for the record he did not crash.

    Have a great time hey- Monaco is more awesome than I ever thought – Go Dan!!!!

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