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    Fran nelson

    Hello everyone me and my sister are going to Monaco this year but we are in general admission and to be honest paying another £500 ish for a grandstand ticket is way beyond our means,so is general admission as bad as everyone says? Should we try and scrap this and go to a different one,been to Spain,Germany and Belgium,long haul will have to be saved up for. anyone help?

    Caroline Miles

    General admission in Monaco isn’t great and you have to be there at stupid o clock to get a reasonable view. Have you thought about Monza? Ticket prices aren’t too high and plenty of good viewing points although you do need to get there early to grab the prime spots – you may find you can buy a grandstand ticket within your budget rather than GA. Facilities at the circuit are very basic to say the least but the atmosphere is great with the Tifosi even if you aren’t a Ferrari fan.


    Fran- Caroline is correct and GA isn’t great in Monaco. Its basically the hill that goes up from la Ras Cas to the royal castle. Its very steep, crowded and doesn’t seem to be many facilities there. We went and saw the royal castle I think Tuesday before the race and people had set up (and chained in) chairs. It may well be the only theft that takes place in Monaco to steal ones GA seat…. unless you go into certain restaurants or night clubs.

    Monaco is great so if you cant afford a grandstand try the GA and see how it is or maybe try another. From your list above I haven’t been to Germany or Belgium (My next one I hope) but have been to Barcelona. Between T1 & T2 through to T4 or T5 (where the Mercs crashed in 2016) there is a big hill with great views, heaps of food and amenities around that would be great to watch from and a great atmosphere as well. And being a proper circuit viewing is great, although in the right spot at Monaco you can see so much of the track.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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