Going to the Monaco Grand Prix at Monte-Carlo

Monaco photography advice request

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    Come next Monday my wife and I will be leaving to Nice, for the Monaco GP.
    She’s the one really into F1, I am just a regular on/off viewer.
    As such, I could not bring myself to buy an expensive ticket for me, for the race day, Sunday.
    We just bought double tickets for the practices (Thursday, we have tickets for the roof of “Le Caravelles”)
    Now, the thing I’m really into is photography and this trip will double as photographic opportunities bonanza, I expect…
    Since, I am not going to the race, on Sunday, I´ll be dropping my wife and then just roam along the non-closed streets of Monaco for some shots.
    I am thinking there must be some spots where the race action can be peeped into, even from publicly opened places (…after all we’re talking of a race inside a city, here…).

    Can any of you provide advice on such possible locations?

    Thank you!



    Thank you, but I am all good in what respects to photography, itself…I’ve been doing it for quite a while. :)

    What I really need are “Monaco during the race” usual attendants opinions, with “out of the race but peeping into the race” location pointers.



    ross bell

    im pretty sure you will be able to get a vantage point, the monaco track rises and falls quite considerably so you will be able to find a vanatge point also i know of hardy fans watching for free from clinging on to the steep banking that over looks rascasse

    Caroline Miles

    You will get some fantastic shots on Thursday from La Caravelles – a lot of the F1 press use it because of the amazing views. Your chances of getting any shots of the race on Sunday without a ticket are slim to zero. Gone are the days when you were able to view the track from certain locations without a ticket. They put up screens/barriers and if there is a slim chance you can see on to the track whilst they are moving cars around etc, they do not allow you to stop, you have to keep moving.


    Thanks everybody…! :)
    I guess I’ll have to do the scouting myself…(…if the weather allows it. There’s a forecast of rain for the race day…)
    I’ll report back, for future photographers use, if I find any significantly good spots.


    I’m going for the first time, adding to my photography portfolio, trying to go pro in motor sport, Monaco seems to be a hit and miss place, because you’re nearer the cars, but too near and they are to fast, the backdrops are barriers. Saying that, I’m on a yacht on Thursday and Friday, Caravalles on saturday, and a very good seat on grandstand K, over looking the pits and swimming pool exit chicane. I don’t know what to expect, because TBH, the videos on youtube from peoples experiences are pretty terrible!

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