Going to the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay

First time Grand Prix race @ Singapore. Help!

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    Hey. It’s my first time going to a grand prix and it’s the Singapore Grand Prix – my favourite!

    Have the Bay Grandstand tickets. Does anybody have any tips or helpful info that could make the experience that bit better? Autograph sessions or podium celebrations maybe?

    Thanks! :)

    Alex green

    Bay grandstand is miles away from the poduim so getting there for the champagne will be a no no.There is a pit walk/autograph session the the thursday evening but check the track website for timings etc


    I’ve done 4 Singapore GPs and I’ve never seen the pit walkthrough advertised as a thing. I heard from someone that it was just paddock club people and corporate dudes who get the walkthrough. That or I’m just stupid. Same for autograph sessions.

    I found that Bay has a great view lower down in the stand and right up at the top has a nice air con bar. The seats are a bit uncomfortable though, I’d take a pillow for my back if I was in that stand again. A big plus for Bay is that it’s a lot cooler than other stands as you get a nice sea breeze (if it’s blowing of course). Padang and Pit can be sweltering.

    The only other issue I had with Bay was that to get to the stages and eateries at Esplanade/Padang you have to go through a bottleneck bridge. Not a big deal but it’s the only route and it can get busy.

    I got a three stand pass this year, Stamford, Pit, Padang. Did the same last year with Bay instead of Stamford. It’s a nice couple of combo’s with lots to do. Had Zone 1 tickets for 3 years and I now prefer the zone 2/3 areas but you don’t get the podium and track invasion as you do at zone 1.


    Access from the nearest mall at Marina Square is easy, because with a grandstand pass there should be a dedicated entrance with a shorter queue. Walkabout tickets won’t have that luxury.


    Charlotte I went to Singapaore for the first time last year and its great!

    If you have Bay Grandstand tickets they will be zone 1,2,3 or 4. (I am not sure which one). I think zones 3 or 4 is where the concerts are but they are the lower priced tickets. If in zone 1 you can go anywhere, zone 2 you go 2,3 & 4 etc.

    If you are not in zone 1 on pit staight you wont have time to make the podium. Opposite that is you are zone 1 but have a concert you want to see in zone 4 its a long walk- 30 min easy. I didnt care for the concerts so didnt leave zone 1.

    Also look at your accommodation compared to your tickets. If you are close to the track in zone 1 but have zone 3 tickets you cant access that entry to the circuit- again it can be a walk. Many stay out on Orchard Road (we didnt) so if there it doesnt matter, just make sure you get the correct train in.

    Prices in Singapore are high- more than Monaco on average with tickets and food/drink. But like everywhere you can find great side streets and have a cheap but very nice meal at a good price. We stayed at Beach Road (near turn 1-3) and opposite was Turkish/Chinese/Mexican (and many more) places well priced. We went to Little India- good food but it was crap to be honest (Singapore like all countries have a large gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’).

    Its an excellent Grand Prix you will enjoy, any more questions happy to help if I can.

    Lewis Stroll

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    Lewis Stroll


    Hi all,

    Lewis Stroll

    Lewis Stroll

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